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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'hawaiian'

 4.5/5 (197)

    worth a try
    Tried the Hawaian once. Great shroom. Big flush and fast growing also.


    11 giorni neanche, perfetti e velocissimi


    Très bonne variété !


    Good product !
    I purchased the Supa Grow kit. It came very promptly and discretely. I did not follow the instructions to the T, as the laid under by bed for about 5 days before I started it. (I suspect I should have put in the fridge for this period). The first flush came within 2 weeks however and managed to get 150g wet, which came out around 15g. The second flush I got around 7g. I did get good support from the sellers and they answered all questions and gave me a couple of things to try. I am happy with how many I've got the kit, but Im certain I could of gotten more if I started it straight away. Ive not had more that 1g of this yet, as this is a very nice 'sociable' amount to take. Im sure it wouldnt take much more to take you to higher realms. Will buy again in the future, totally dependent on how long my yields last! Thanks again Zam for your service.


    Advice and review
    This is my 10th kit and I've tried many different type of shroom and this one are amoung the best! When you get the kit just follow the instructions it's as simple (and the heating support is worth it!)! Dry them with a air dryer or a fan in a dark and temperate room (NOT EXCEEDING 50° Celsius) About the shroom trip I strongly advice to be in a good mood and very good setting (good music, confortable environnement etc). You must not eat 4-5 hours before the taking. I advice taking 2-3g of dry mush (don't take just on big, try to diversify size). Put the mush in a glass countaining lemon juice and water and stirr while breaking it down a bit. Then chew them for 1 minutes to shred it totally, finally drink the lemon juice and swallow it all! Effect should appear 20-30 minutes after thanks to lemon juice (and be stronger). It last around 3-4 hours Blasting trip every time, perfect and soooooo gooood time Sorry for my English i'm French!


    Very fast growing!


    Fast shipping! Nicely packed but disappointed by total yield. I got 4 flushes which were pretty weak and only amounted to about 300 grams fresh. I was expecting 2x to 3x more. Still nice shrooms! Thank you.




    des champ quoi ;)
    ça remonte a loin mais faut le dire on a tapé des sacré crises de fou rire avec ces petits champ, a voir ce que les mckennai vont donner


    Livraison plutôt rapide. Mais ayant suivi scrupuleusement le protocole,ayant été particulièrement attentif à l'hygiène lors des manipulations(désinfection, gants et masque stériles ), et ayant placé le kit dans les conditions idéales de luminosité et de température je me retrouve au bout de 8 jours avec un substrat colonisé uniquement par des tâches de moisissures bleues. Je n en suis pas à mon coup d essai et ai toujours eu de bon résultats avec des kits d autres marques.

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