Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'


Le champignon magique Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher est apparu à la fin des années 80. Ses origines sont inconnues, mais celles de son nom sont évidentes : les chapeaux ont une coloration dorée et l'effet peut vous enseigner de nouvelles perspectives. Vous pouvez espérer plusieurs récoltes: il faut juste un peu d'eau.

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Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher' : enseigne de nouvelles perspectives

Le champignon magique Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher a fait sa première apparition sur le marché à la fin des années 1980. Son origine, et la personne qui l'a découvert, restent inconnus, mais ce qui a entraîné le choix du nom est assez évident. Les chapeaux ont une coloration dorée et ce champi peut vous enseigner de nouvelles perspectives.

Les kits de culture de champignons hallucinogène "Fresh Mushrooms" contiennent uniquement 1200ml de seigle colonisé. Ce kit est prêt à être cultivé dès sa réception, pour cultiver vos propres champignons magiques il vous faut juste un peu de patience.

Manuel de Fresh Mushrooms

Contenu :

  • Boîte de culture de 1200ml
  • Sac de culture
  • 2 trombones

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Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher' - Fiche Technique
Volume 1200ML
Marque Fresh Mushrooms
Variété Golden Teacher

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Avis (1016)

    2 kits bought and although we followed the wrong instructions with one Zamnesia helped all the way. First flush around 150g wet on both and some monsters. We even named one the “noob” it was enormous. The only downside was the side pinning after first flush as when you follow the instructions it makes the cake smaller than the tub creating the perfect place to grow. Saying that the side pinning harvest was around 100 g. Plus side to all this was I forgot about one box and looked and it pushed another 40g. All in all a great bunch of harvests (3) and a coffee jar getting filled with dried mushrooms. The other plus is due to the defect Zamnesia sent another kit for us. Customer service are top notch.


    Amazing support
    I’ve ordered this kit, at first everything was fine. After the fruiting stage started it stoped without a reason. After I informed the support team of zamnesia they offered me a new one without any charges. Of course I recommend zamnesia for everyone who want to grow mushrooms.


    Golden teacher fresh mushroom box
    As usual, Zamnesia have pulled off an incredible thing. This box on the first flush gave me 160g wet and onto the second now, it’s a nice quick and good fruitier. I would recommend this grow box all day long. Thanks again for being awesome Zamnesia


    Great product decent yield
    I first bought a different grow kit from the same brand but it was defective. I did however get a refund the same day I messaged customer support, great service I must say. This grow kit worked like a charm with a heat mat and natural light. After about 10 days the first pins appeared and 8 days after that I harvested the first shrooms (about 40g fresh). They were really early so there are still a bunch that are almost ready. I expect to get at least another 100g fresh shrooms from the first flush and I'm pretty happy with that. Not quite like the picture but


    Wery good


    Tolles Zuchtkit!
    Die erste Ernte war super ergiebig. Zwar nicht so viele Pilze, wie bei manch anderer Box. Aber dafür waren die Exemplare wesentlich größer!


    Happy ending but learning
    We got some good quality heads, the first ones were collected a little too soon and now we know that they can grow bigger than you expect. Comparing with others like Mckennaii they may have a bit of a different effect but still experimenting. You will get two or three good harvest for the price of the kit. Good luck a dn enjoy the tripppppi!!


    It sidepinned


    Algunos cultivos de contaminan rapido
    Este es mi cuarto cultivo, y he aprendido bastante sobre el cuidado minucioso que hace falta a la hora de tratar estos kits: Primero un lugar sin ventilación si vas a abrirlo o a sacar el pan para quitar las setas. Indispensable limpiarse bien las manos y brazos con jabón, los brazos también porque debemos meterlos si sacamos el pan. Desinfectar después las manos con agua oxigenada y alcohol incluido los guantes que nos pongamos, y cuidado con los guantes porque si tocas otra cosa u herramienta o la mascarilla, hay que volver a echarnos alcohol en los guantes (a veces pongo musica relajante para hacerlo lo más tranquilo posible y tener mucho cuidado). Pongo hasta velas alrededor para eliminar contaminación cercana. Sin olvidarnos mascarillas e incluso a veces me pongo algo en el pelo, e intento nunca tener la cara o cabeza encima del kit, intento manipularlo en la distancia con mis manos como si fuera una operación de quirófano y yo soy el especialista. Recomiendo mucho estos kits pero parece ser que este ultimo que he tenido, me ha dado solo una cosecha, es una mala suerte, y después vi que estaba paralizado y por debajo descubrí que apareció moho verde de la muerte, que por mucho que cortes e intentes aislar la parte saludable del pan, se acabó, he lidiado ya antes con él, es imposible y es una batalla perdida, debes tirar el pan directamente a la basura, por eso con este ultimo kit he tirado el dinero completamente y no se porque ha pasado, quizás es una lotería, quizás cometí un fallo, un día tienes un kit que te puede dar hasta 3 cosechas y otro solo 1 y por culpa de la contaminación ya puedes decirle adiós, por eso simplemente pongo 3 estrellas, pero es depende de la suerte que tengas, quizás vosotros tengáis mejor suerte, pero cuidado siempre con la limpieza, así te durará más, nunca dejéis de limpiaros las manos, cualquier descuido puede llevar la cosecha a la ruina.


    Lov it
    This was my first try to grow shroomz and it was more than just perfekt. I used a heat ped, which let the thos big boiz verry fast. First flush I had some big chonky Boyz and some "smal" ones, second flush the same. I guess I hat 5 or 6 flushes in total and round about 50g dried shrooms. I can really recommend this product :) Thank you Zamnesia team, u are gorgeous. I hope the outdoore grow kit is in near future again for purchase hehe

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Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'