Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'


Le champignon magique Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher est apparu à la fin des années 80. Ses origines sont inconnues, mais celles de son nom sont évidentes : les chapeaux ont une coloration dorée et l'effet peut vous enseigner de nouvelles perspectives. Vous pouvez espérer plusieurs récoltes: il faut juste un peu d'eau.

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Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher' : enseigne de nouvelles perspectives

Le champignon magique Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher a fait sa première apparition sur le marché à la fin des années 1980. Son origine, et la personne qui l'a découvert, restent inconnus, mais ce qui a entraîné le choix du nom est assez évident. Les chapeaux ont une coloration dorée et ce champi peut vous enseigner de nouvelles perspectives.

Les kits de culture de champignons hallucinogène "Fresh Mushrooms" contiennent uniquement 1200ml de seigle colonisé. Ce kit est prêt à être cultivé dès sa réception, pour cultiver vos propres champignons magiques il vous faut juste un peu de patience.

Manuel de Fresh Mushrooms

Contenu :

  • Boîte de culture de 1200ml
  • Sac de culture
  • 2 trombones

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Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher' - Fiche Technique
Volume 1200ML
Marque Fresh Mushrooms
Variété Golden Teacher

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Avis (1321)
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    Petit culture, mais facile à gérer

    P. M.

    Nach 4 Wochen nichts zu sehen
    Habe 2 Sets bestellt, b+ und dieses, aber bei dem hier kam gar nichts, schade!

    M. J.

    Wie immer super schnelle Lieferung.Das Kit ein Traum . In weniger als eine Woche schon die ersten Pins . Alles in allem auch ein sehr guter Ertrag für den 1.Flush . Bin sehr zufrieden . Sehr gerne wieder

    T. E.

    Easy to harvest
    The kit grow fast, the first 3-4 days you didn't see any mushroom and then in other 3-4 days they are growing and you need to harvest them. That's a problem too, because you forgot to watch the mushrooms they take the madure state and open the head realising the seeds, then you lost the possiblity to make an other cultivation, but in the time lapse of month I could harvest them 3 times.

    A. C.

    I had a lovely time
    My harvests were small - about 4 grams dry on first flush, and 2 mushrooms on 2nd. It seems to have stalled there. I stuck to the plan, clean room protocol and and that. HOWEVER I don't mind, because the mushrooms themselves are the loveliest, scrunchiest feeling ever, and. I live in England so maybe

    J. H.

    Grow kit arrived and the substrate was already shrinking in the plastic box which caused mushrooms to grow on the side of the cake on both first and second flushes. Got 12g dried mushroom from first flush but had to remove cake from box to harvest all the mushrooms increasing the chances of infection. Second flush is growing now so will see how that goes. Product was good. Took a 3g dose and got some nice visuals

    L. C.

    Easy grow, fantastic results
    First time using this, but followed the instructions and had three great harvests and a relaxing week

    P. D.

    Great growing kit
    No issues at all. Just follow the instructions. Great customer service. G.L.

    G. L.

    I've been waiting for 1 month and still nothing
    years ago the kits always worked and I had no problems growing excellent mushrooms but the last two times it has been a total disaster. perfect temperatures, optimal light conditions and everything sterilized but nothing comes out, I've been waiting a whole month!. I am deeply disappointed by Zamnesia which I thought was a serious site, I don't know what happened to this shop, more than 50 euros wasted

    M. M.

    This is the second kit from zamnesia. I had 300g of the first flush. Absolutely over the moon with this as I had a mckennai grow kit and only got 76g. I will always buy from zamnesia now and not just for the free gift

    J. B.

    Zoals gewoonlijk
    Altijd goed ik zweer op Golden Teacher!

    F. Z.

    Great product
    This was a replacement kit for a defective one. Before I go any further I’d urge anyone who has any problems with zamnesia to get in contact with them before leaving a bad review as there customer service is second to none and they will do there best to sort your problem for you. The kit was great , harvested 300 wet grams. Yet to try them but can’t wait. I’ve had good experiences with my previous purchases. Thank you zamnesia

    M. S.

    Prodotto di ottima qualità, servizio clienti impeccabile , se avete qualunque problema loro cercano una giusta soluzione, e vi danno le giuste informazioni.

    M. C.

    Was easy enough.
    I'm new to thus, but followed instructions, with heat mat, on the website and got about 10g dried from the first flush, and another 10g dried from the second. I was hoping for a bit more, but it is what it is. Delivery and service was excellent.

    G. P.

    very good
    Very good kit so far. The first harvest was however not so generous. Everything else brilliant

    D. P.

    Livraison rapide et parfaite. Bon produit efficace avec bon rendement

    S. C.

    10/10 160g wet first flush, mega easy
    10/10 extremely easy to do, first time grower of shrooms ever and first flush ive got 160g wet which should dry to like 16g? Anyway yeh extremely happy with that, i didnt use the heat mat, i just left in a room where i had radiator set to 23 degrees with curtains open plenty of indirect sun light and its worked an absolute treat. I went to work away wednesday, before i left there were like 10-15 tiny tiny shrooms, i come back today on a friday, 2 days later and Booooooom whole bag absolutely rammed out fat mushrooms couldnt believe my eyes. 10/10 zamnesia are the don daddas, big up zamnesia

    T. G.

    Failing kits
    I am really disappointed. I could not get any harvest. It looks like the company kept sending me failed kits. I followed the instructions literally and the mushrooms where never developing on their full size. After I bought the first kit I told them and they sendt me one after another failing kit. The same happened.

    I. G.

    Absolutely easy
    Swift delivery - very discreet. Lovely product - so easy to set up. Flushes really quickly - about 10 days first time, then a week each time after harvest and cold shocks. A must for beginners and those after a reasonable, high quality and reliable stress free harvest.

    R. M.

    Exquisite all round
    Extremely happy with everything! Delivery was great, online instructions were perfect and the final product is outstanding. Highly recommend to anyone.

    C. M.

    Golden teacher
    Kit arrivato in condizioni perfette peccato che abbia fatto un solo getto,raccolto dopo 9 giorni 170 gr freschi.

    A. D.

    Mushroom going well until
    The mushroom we’re going well, until fortunately they became unsightly.

    C. T.

    Aucun flush
    Je suis un grower plutôt expérimenté et la box zamnesia de Golden Teacher n’a jamais abouti sur un premier flush… Je connais pourtant bien le process et m’interroge sur les conditions de stockage et d’expédition des boxs… aucune mousse blanche n’est apparu je me doutais que la récolte allait être infructueuse…

    B. O.

    don’t see where i am going wrong, everyone else’s is working. i have a heat mat too but keeps aborting. not happy. would love a replacement

    L. E.

    Very good yield
    Good yields and potent shrooms!

    T. N.

    Fun Guy
    Great product, a fair price and amazing customer service. All In all i can't fault anything. ;)

    C. B.

    Que buen servicio tienen los amigos de Zamnesia, producto limpio, rapido, confiable, seguro y con resultados garantizados. Además un servicio post-venta buenísimo. Lo recomiendo a 100%

    B. V.

    Top genetic
    Grows with proper storage after 1-1.5 weeks, I managed 4 relapses without any problems

    S. S.

    Funghi Golden Teachers
    Considerando che è la prima volta che acquisto un kit per la coltivazione, posso dire che sono rimasta molto soddisfatta. Ne ho acquistati due, uno purtroppo non è mai realmente partito, l’altro perfetto per ora due gettate modeste, provandoli non sono troppo porti il trip è gradevole. Il manuale per farli crescere è molto intuitivo, consiglio comunque di osservarli tutti i giorni perché indovinate un po’: crescono come funghi!

    A. I.


    A. C.

    Not my first time
    i've bought other kits before and i know how to use them, but this one has failed its mission. 50€ thrown away

    N. C.


    P. S.

    Nice first harvest….
    Flushed well on first fruiting, now trying for a second. Got 15g dried of which they were quite slim stemmed compared to others I’ve seen but maybe the cooler temps….

    S. E.

    First time grower, successful
    I sprayed a little bit of water once underneath between the box and the bag, even tho this is not in the instruction but I had to keep the humidity high somehow. After about 4 days I could see the first pins, after that it only took 4-5 remaining days for the harvest (the first spores already came out). The trip kicked in about 20 minuts after eating the dried shrooms and lasted for about 6 hours. Nice kit, second flush is growing right now!

    C. K.

    Lovely trip, 2 decent flushes . My fault it spoiled probably would of got another flush with more care handling ...defo better dry

    L. B.

    Best Kit!
    So simple so easy, I bought kits like this before from other companies and they were rubbish. This kit is exactly what you’re looking for. A Muppet could grow this kit… and I know that because I am one LOL

    J. B.

    Mehr als nur Enttäuscht
    Habe mir das Set bestellt, war sehr schnell angekommen. War top verpackt und konnte gleich losgehen. Beschreibung studiert, Hände gewaschen, und Handschuhe an. Und dann warten...warten...warten... Habe mit einer Heizmatte zu meiner optimalen Zimmertemperatur hinzugefügt. Nach mittlerweile über 35 Tagen gebe ich es auf. Außer erbsengroßen Köpfen passiert nichts. Warte doch,... Schimmel bildet sich mittlerweile. Echt enttäuschend, mit dem Geld hätte ich, was Besseres anfangen können. Sehe das es Halloween Angebote gibt, werde aber mit dieser Wut erstmal nicht mehr bestellen.

    L. E.

    This is my favourite mushroom, so easy to grow, so many lessons and so profound.

    Q. Z.

    Mein einziger Kritikpunkt ist das keine Anleitung oder ähnliches mitgeliefert wurde und ich nicht direkt wusste was ich machen sollte. Da es aber sehr simpel ist wenn man einmal weiß wie man alles vorbereitet und man es eigentlich nur in eine lichtgeschütze Ecke stellen muss und die nächsten 2 Wochen vergessen kann, ist das kein Problem. Danke für die Möglichkeit diese Erfahrungen machen zu können.

    T. H.

    The best
    Meilleur des kits sur le marché, avec un investissement dans un tapis chauffant, un thermometre/hygrometre et des gants en latex, avec un peut d'attention journaliere vous pouvez recoltez 300 a 400gr Bon kit je recommande

    P. B.

    Too service
    Really quick delivery, straight forward growing for a first time novice, currently waiting in my third flush, will be buying again in the future 10/10

    A. B.

    This is my 3rd fresh mushroom kit and all three worked fine with about 150 - 200g fresh 1st harvest. But after the 1st flush I got no more than 1 or 2 little ones. Customer service is brilliant just a shame about the mushrooms

    M. B.

    Not the best boxes
    I bought three boxes. One box was good but the other two boxes unfortunately not. Only one flush with very few shrooms.... My last orders were comparable, About 50% good quality.... Customer service and delivery always great

    A. R.

    Awsome strain
    Nice strain. Easy to handle and grow. Love it

    T. J.

    First Time Growing
    Delivery service was excellent the parcel arrived before ETA Regarding the process The preparation was as easy as it could be open the tub

    S. S.

    Molto facili da far crescere grazie alla semplicità del Kit. Un po’ lenti a partire ma nel giro di una settimana sono sbucati i primi spilli e dopo qualche giorno erano pronti per essere raccolti. Gli effetti sono ottimi per chi è alle prime esperienze con i funghi. Per chi cerca un trip più visivo e intenso consiglio una specie diversa

    M. M.

    Meh yield but worth it
    The delivery was really fast, kudos to Zamnesia for that. Real easy to grow but primarily only got small clusters in the corners that would grow. Bought 3 kits and have managed to get an average of 15 grams (dried) over 2 flushes, per kit. On my third flush now and everything is looking swell.

    T. D.

    Got close to 1 dose on the first flush and none on the second, temperature and humidty where checked the whole time and I even bought a heating mat to help. Terrible GrowKit will not be ordering again.

    C. U.

    Perfekt wie immer

    C. M.

    I got the first batch, looking like the next one is coming also. These boxes are really easy, especially if you’re a busy person I recommend fresh mushroom boxes since they are so easy to grow.

    E. B.

    One Good One Bad
    I bought 2 Fresh Mushroom Golden Teacher kits on the 2+1 offer only to be disappointed by only getting two packs due to limitations in shipping more than two packs every 90 days to a UK address, I did however receive a small discount. When I opened the packs I noticed they were slightly different colours. One was visibly darker than the other. I had my suspicions that one was contaminated but went ahead and started them off none the less as I didn’t want the hassle of returning it. Low and behold it was contaminated and produced a pretty poor batch and didn’t successfully produce any more batches. ( it just turned into a black mush) Where as the other kit is currently on its third batch. Both tubs were prepared at exactly the same time and care was taken as always not to contaminate myself so I feel I was sent one good and one bad batch 5 Stars for tub 1 & 1 Star for tub 2

    R. M.

    Très bien.
    Sur chacune des trois boxes achetées , j'ai déjà cueilli deux cycles, j'attends le troisième. Merci!

    C. M.

    Useless customer service and 0 instructions
    Essentially wasted £42 on this kit. No instructions came with it which I think is ridiculous. Shrooms turned black as I didn't know when I was supposed to harvest. Customer service refused to send me a replacement and told me 'i should keep an eye myself of when to harvest'. I was watching them daily and did not know they were ready to harvest. Google searches said it would be 3 weeks, but they turned black before this. Raising a chargeback. Waste of money and customer service are no help at all

    R. W.

    Works perfectly
    I ordered multiple sets by now and only one did not work for me. All the others worked perfectly and I got good yields. (Fyi I also use a heating mat)

    N. M.

    Great kit!
    Very easy to grow, with almost no maintenance needed. Waiting for the third flush now. R G

    R. G.

    Mr chip
    Had a really good crop on these , just starting my second

    J. P.

    tutto ok
    tutto ok non ho avuto problemi se non per un errore mio, comunque 2 flush e forse in arrivo la terza.

    E. S.

    Molto meglio di altri siti
    Arrivati in tempi brevi e senza problemi come contaminazioni etc... primi flush molto consistenti dopo soli pochi giorni dal avvio perfetto non ce altro da dire

    A. G.

    Grew really well, will be buying more

    G. G.

    Very good
    I also tried the McKenna type but this type gave me a more intense trip.

    D. A.

    mr irrevelant
    super fast growing

    L. L.

    Just follow the instructions
    First harvest of FM kit yielded 140g wet after generous trimming. Very easy if you follow the instructions. No misting or cycling air. Lessons learnt for future would be to move from step 3 to step 4 and 5 earlier as mycelium was growing round the base of some stems suggesting lack of air flow during fruiting. Also grew so fast the caps flattened and one released spores whilst i slept (in about 6 hours). Grew it in a windowless office using LED ceiling light - cycling about 12 hours as a time. Delivery to harvest was just under 2 weeks - pins up around 7 days. Just follow the given instructions and trust the process...

    C. D.

    Für das erste mal super direkt nach geordert

    N. L.

    Tutto bene
    Ha prodotto circa 100 grammi la prima volta, poi 30 e altri 30 freschi..

    M. C.

    Mushroom grow kit
    Having order these at the begin of Sept and after x2 failed delivery attempts zamnesia quickly dispatched a third which I can say were delivered promptly. To early to say if they will grow or not however zamnesia has excellent customer service and I'm really please with there quick responses in resolving any issues.

    D. C.

    Schon das 2te mal zum ernten.
    Wächst supaschnell*-*

    V. F.

    Zamnesia is the best
    I have been growing my second order, pins have started showing up only after a few days. They provide super clear instructions and the final result is top quality. Keep up the good work! :)

    Z. P.

    Work wonders, price too steep
    As mentioned, great grow kit. Very simple to use but the price is a bit too much.

    I. H.

    Gutes Set. Nicht so viel wie erwartet, aber lehrreich!
    Habe gesehen das andere deutlich mehr raus geholt haben als ich mit diesem Set (siehe andere Kommentare), aber dennoch bin ich relativ zufrieden für den ersten Gang. Hab das Kit jetzt gespült nach Anleitung von Zamnesia, mal schauen ob es beim zweiten mal noch besser wird. Jedenfalls war die Wirkung sehr zufriedenstellend. Habe direkt nach der Ernte etwas über 2g gegessen, allerdings nur leicht was gemerkt. Dann einige Tage gut getrocknet, dann mit 1,5g nochmal probiert und heilige Scheiße, das war eine Erfahrung! Habe am Anfang nen schwierigen Start gehabt, am ganzen Körper gezittert wie bei Schüttelfrost (es war eigentlich nur etwas kühl), aber nach dem ich mich dann ordentlich aufgewärmt hatte ging es mir nach etwa einer Stunde dann recht gut und ich hab ne Menge Gedanken Chaos in meinem Kopf gehabt und angefangen Grün-Lila Farbimpulse zu sehen. Ziemlich beeindruckend für so eine angeblich kleine Dosis, also jedenfalls meiner Erfahrung nach. Allerdings auch auf nüchternen Magen mit nem Schluck Multi Vitamin Saft runtergespült. Wirkung trat nach etwa einer Stunde ein, dann war die darauf folgende Stunde ziemlich unschön und die darauf folgenden, etwa 3 Stunden hingegen sehr lehrreich und angenehm. Bin dann irgendwann so halb eingeschlafen, aber mein Kopf war sehr aktiv am Arbeiten. Das anfängliche Gedanken Chaos hat sich dann "etwas sortiert" und wurde klarer und Strukturierter. Am Ende des Trips war ich erstaunt, was ich alles über mich selbst und diverse andere Dinge gelernt, entdeckt und erstmalig verstanden habe. Da wurde mir auch klar warum die Teile übersetzt "Goldene Lehrer" heißen... Weil Sie leicht golden aussehen und sie einem eine Menge beibringen können. War sehr lehrreich die Erfahrung. Muss ich nicht unbedingt nochmal so krass haben, aber alle paar Wochen oder so kann das im Leben schon beeindruckend sein, da man irgendwie viel anders sieht und verarbeitet in der Zeit. Also allzu häufig werde ich das nicht machen, aber wenn ist der positive Mehrwert schon deutlich spürbar. Das hat ein Kollege der auch gekostet hat so auch bestätigt. Er hat rausgefunden das er weniger kiffen will und stattdessen das Geld in Dinge investieren möchte, die er immer schon mal machen oder erleben wol