Kit de culture Zamnesia 'McKennaii'


Psilocybe McKennaii est la plus récente offre de champignons magiques par Zamnesia. Ce qu’il n’a pas en taille, le McKennaii le compense par ses quantités et sa force brute. Il sera certainement un favori pour les fans de mycélium avertis.

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Petit par la taille mais prolifique et puissant, McKennaii répond à toutes les attentes du fan de psilocybine

McKennaii, le kit de culture développé par Zamnesia, amène l’univers entier devant vous. La force des composés de cette variété vous stupéfiera avec des régals visuels et des maelstroms psychiques. Si vous êtes un cultivateur et consommateur débutant, allez-y doucement la première fois. Si vous êtes un voyageur expérimenté, vous allez planer et être très satisfait.

Facile à cultiver, le McKennaii est leur variété la plus rapide à se développer à ce jour. Ce ne sont pas les plus gros des champis, mais ils sont prolifiques. Une fois consommés, les petits chapeaux qui ressemblent à une carapace de tortue de mer vous feront naviguer sur les océans du chaos avec aplomb et jovialité étonnée. Chaque kit donne un minimum de deux cycles de culture (maximum cinq).

Manuel Kit de Culture Zamnesia


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Kit de culture Zamnesia 'McKennaii' - Fiche Technique
Volume 1200ML
Marque Zamnesia
Variété McKennai

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Avis (526)

    Seulement trois champignons ont poussé
    Seulement trois ou quatre champignons on poussé, 40€ pour ça je suis très déçue


    Be patient
    Postage to UK quick: arrived in 7 days. Used good hygiene: gloves, mask etc. only started using heat Matt when first pins started showing (just because growth was slow so bought it and it arrived then) No signs until day 7 very light mycelium patches, barely visible. Did increase slowly overtime but not thick or very visible still. So maybe expect this and be patient that mushrooms will grow eve without much mycelium. Day 12 first pins. Then continued to get more from there. Day 18 harvested half. Other half Next day 19. Mushrooms seemed to have stunted growth. First flush Dry grams: 9.54grams cracker dry. Small, hoping second flush will be bigger. The key is patience with this kit. Overall happy. Haven’t taken yet so can’t give a trip report. Started second flush couple days ago! 4/5 because haven’t taken yet and don’t know how many flushes will get and grams etc.


    Not as good as it used to be
    Received a half colonized kit with poor packaging and weird instructions. No box anymore to protect the sides from light and instructions said to put water in the bag which I had never had to. Had two flushes with another kit before I even began to see something and even then it's really weak, growing slow and really poor quantity. I am really satisfied with the customer service's response though. They were great and comprehensive and sent me a voucher so I could get another one from fresh mushrooms in replacement.


    kit not good
    the kit was not good. firm no birth froze. performed like other kits taken on other sites. where there have been excellent collections.


    Doesn’t grow
    This is the 3rd kit I’ve had from Zamnesia, and none of them have produced anything. I’ve followed instructions exactly. Each time I’ve asked for advice, they just send another kit and don’t give any advice. It’s a never ending cycle.


    strong and many doses
    It is probably one of the strongest cubensis u can try. Overdoing it can lead to a lot of negative states but taking it in the right doses can give euphoria and calmness.


    Entäuschende Lieferung
    I ordered 2 Kits wich arrived in short time, but there were only one clip for two bags of plastic and one of these bags had an hole on the bottom, so it was totally useless. I would have prefered to not get a "mystery suprise bag" with a stupid grinder I dont need, but maybee a funktional bag with a reserve one to be able to use the kits easyly. I mean I payed almost 100 Eus, and they cant give me the needed plastic bag or enough clippers?


    bonjours à tout les fans de mycélium, cette fois ci,mon kit Mc Kennaii a eu du mal à démarrer environ 1mois . Cependant, après l angoisse de ne rien récolter les premières têtes d'épingles sont apparues,et maintenant prolifèrent plus que les derniers. Donc ,je recommande fortement Zamnesia à tous ceux et toutes celles qui aiment voyager par delà les barrières de notre psyché


    Buon servizio
    Buon servizio, il pacco è arrivato un giorno prima della data pronosticata. Nulla da eccepire, prodotto di qualità!


    Just follow the steps and you will succeed
    So, this is my first time doing it alone,and first time means still learning a lot! I love the customer support service, they are amazing helpful with their support,I failed my first attempt going with a fresh mushroom kit mc kennaii,so they gave me a voucher to buy a replacement. So I went for a zamnesia grow kit because had a lot of success with the GT kit in November, so why not just stick to the same to get to succeed again?! For some reason the bag leaked one day, may be the cat that went by it,as it stood in one of the stair shelf on the wall. When this happened,i had finished arranged a self made fruiting chamber and installed a daylight bulb set on timer in a another small closet room, so I was planning to set the kit when ready to fruit in there ,it was right before pinning,so I got worried for contam when suddenly needed to get the kit from the leaking bag into the chamber,all of a sudden. But it went well, the support gave me reassurance,and contacted me days after to check in. And it all went well. BUT i struggled som days having steady temperature in the beginning,so the colonising was slow,and many premature going into fruiting,but it went into pinning within 36 hours, so no contam, and everything good I guess. One thing that was conserning me, was I think I had to much water covering the bottom of the chamber. Making it to high humidity for good fruiting. The first fruits that got their veil teared,were very small . And I noticed,after extracting excess water in the chamber,the fruit bodies that are showing today are more good looking and as they should be , as the humidity has been drastically been changed over the couple 3 day's. In the start the lid had huge drops,now it's only tiny tiny mist drops, and it seems I got the right environment to have more dense and bigger fruitbodies growing.looking good now, at the end of the first flush. I've been harvesting them carefully picked those that stand together and letting the immature ones stay for longer, that has worked well, as long I don't touch the ones I leave ,and go very ,very ,very carefully twisting them of. I pick immature ones that are getting touched when picking those that are ready. So far this has worked fine , as it hasn't grown evenly first flush, and it would be stupid to pick all in one's when the first was tearing her veil. So I'm happy, making the experience on when you follow the steps,and don't use more water than told, it will be a successful growing love it. Looking forward to the next upcoming flushes,it looks like those will be surprisingly good and better than the first

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Kit de culture Zamnesia 'McKennaii'
Kit de culture Zamnesia 'McKennaii'