Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'B+'


La variété de champignons magiques Psilocybe cubensis "B+" est très populaire pour de bonnes raisons. Les belles parties fructifères produites peuvent atteindre 30cm et le nom "B+" se réfère aux effets. Avec ces kits il est possible de récolter plusieurs fois (4 fois étant le minimum si vous ne faites rien de stupide) et il ne vous faut qu'un peu de la patience.

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En savoir plus

Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'B+' : Fidèle à son nom

Une des raisons derrière la forte popularité de la variété de champignons magiques Psilocybe cubensis "B+" est la production abondante de magnifiques organes fructifères pouvant atteindre une taille de 30cm. Une autre raison de la popularité de cette variété de champignons magiques est qu'elle fait honneur à son nom, car le "B+" n'est pas juste une coïncidence, mais plutôt une référence à ses effets. De plus, la nausée pouvant potentiellement se faire sentir durant la montée des effets est moins prononcée que dans les autres variétés.

Kits de culture de champignons hallucinogène "Fresh Mushrooms" ne contiennent pas d'agents de remplissage : ils ne contiennent qu'un pain de 1200ml d'un substrat colonisé à 100%. À moins de faire quelque chose de vraiment stupide, vous devriez voir au moins 4 cycles de croissance!

Manuel de Fresh Mushrooms

Contenu :

  • Une boîte de culture de 1200ml
  • Un sac de culture
  • 2 trombones

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Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'B+' - Fiche Technique
Volume 1200ML
Marque Fresh Mushrooms
Variété B+

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Avis (392)

    Communications with this shop are excellent, there were no delivery problems, instructions on the website clear and concise. Product was/is absolutely tremendous! Will definitely order again.


    I would've given one star but I did get a single flush out of my fresh shroom kit for some reason after the first flush I cold shocked for a second and the second didn't bother coming.. I followed the instructions to a tee. Finger crossed the super grow kit on the way does better


    Brilliant kit! Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I am ordering again right now.


    Very productive first flush
    Big mushrooms and good amount for the first batch. Good variety and waiting for the second flush to happen! The only problem I see with this kit it's that the plastic bag is quite small, also has holes all the way to the bottom so the water goes out through them.


    Amazing 🤩🤩
    The kit and the instructions are easy to follow and you will get at least 2 flushes, excellent job !!! 10 / 10


    Pas le bon produit
    Dessus car j' ai commandé des B+ mais j'ai reçu des mckennaii. J'adore les mckennaii mais je voulais tester les B+


    Good Crop but Weak Effect
    I,ve had 2 large flushes so far but the effects seem very weak. using the same dosage as golden teachers it was just enough to elevate my mood. when harvesting I noticed very little blueing of the stems. I will go back to golden teachers or try a new variant.


    Had hoped that the yield would improve from the minuscule 15 grams fresh after the first flush but no. The lid was also a bit open when the package arrived.


    Good quality fruits, good kit for a beginner, be careful with side pinning
    First time for me. Overall easy to use according to the instructions. As the cake contracts it is prone to side pinning, even placed in the cardboard box. I ended up letting it fruit outside of the box for the second flush, although adding plastic bag on the sides of the cake itself to prevent air from going in may be a better solution. The first two flushes not perfect but I'd say it is because humidity, temperature and CO2 are less controlled with just the bag in a room. As a result caps tend to open early on the majority of the fruits but all in all still got 8g dry on the first flush (with a lot of small fruits) and about 7.5g on the second. If it keeps fruiting for some more flushes it will definitely be a good yield for the price and low effort. Haven't tested full potency yet but on a MD it seems very promising :)


    Great yield and effect
    B+ mushrooms are ideal for beginners. Great yields, but some tiny mushrooms were around the edges of the grow kit, even though I have followed instructions and had them placed in paper box so the light can´t reach the sides of the grow kit. Effects will deeply connect you with nature, and universe. Visuals are mild, everything breathes, saturated colors, in higher doses more warping, you can see the world like you were underwater. Great strain, I would reccommand this to everyone! Thank you Zamnesia for these mushrooms, they´ve changed my life for the better!

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Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'B+'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'B+'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'B+'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'B+'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'B+'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'B+'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'B+'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'B+'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'B+'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'B+'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'B+'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'B+'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'B+'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'B+'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'B+'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'B+'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'B+'
Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'B+'