Kit de culture Zamnesia 'PES Amazonian'


Considéré comme provenant de la jungle amazonienne, PES Amazonian propose une expérience psychédélique comparable à celle des chamans et chercheurs d’âmes. Acclamé pour sa taille et son chapeau exotique avec une tétine prononcée, cette cubensis propose une vitesse de colonisation ultra-rapide.

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En savoir plus

Zamnesia - PES Amazonian: Déclenchez les prouesses spirituelles des chamans de l’Amazonie

Si vous souhaitez mettre le doigt sur la puissance chamanique des habitants de l’Amazonie, alors cette psilocybe cubensis exotique est le choix idéal. Avec sa tendance à provoquer des sensations de joie et un désir de se laisser et de danser, son bourdonnement physique vous mènera vers un voyage spirituel comme pas deux. Connu pour son chapeau large, bien en chair et comportant une tétine, PES Amazonian se développe vite et atteint une grande taille.

Ces kits de culture sont composés de perlite (pour la rétention d’eau), de pain de seigle colonisés, et de vermiculite (pour la couche d’enveloppe). Les kits sont prêts à l’emploi dès l’arrivée devant votre porte, vous n’aurez besoin que de patience et d’une fine pulvérisation d’eau chaque jour. Bien que les rendements soient faibles, au moins pour les premiers rinçages, cela semble en valoir la peine, car vous récolterez des PES Amazonian dont seul le ciel semble être la limite. Après quelques rinçages, vous récolterez entre 400 et 600 grammes de champignons frais et fruités.

Les kits de culture de champignons magiques de Zamnesia sont cultivés par nos propres experts mycologues internes et contiennent du mycélium en très bonne santé. Chaque kit donne un minimum de deux cycles de culture (maximum cinq).

Manuel Kit de Culture Zamnesia


  • Un kit de culture
  • Un sac de filtration

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Kit de culture Zamnesia 'PES Amazonian' - Fiche Technique
Volume 1200ML
Marque Zamnesia
Variété PES Amazonian

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Avis (220)
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    PES always work for me
    I’ve tried a few and PES are the easiest to grow and are strong. Zamnesia support are awesome too

    N. W.

    Received safe and sound
    Received my order about and hour ago and started it. Happy with the items and packaging now it's just a waiting game and someone that's very impatient this is going to be challenging but enjoyable

    Z. L.

    zamnesiani super disponibili,il prodotto mi e arrivato difettato ma hanno subito mandato una nuova spedizione tutto a carico loro,gentilissimi e bravissimi ,siete i migliori ragazzi

    R. U.

    Ein flush kam relativ gut, danach war aber Ende. Alles nach Anleitung erledigt, hygienisch gearbeitet, daran hat es nicht gelegen

    F. A.

    Just bought another one
    The package arrived damaged, so I didn't expect to have some result. I followed the instructions anyway, and after few weeks I been able to harvest a huge amount of mushrooms. The second harvest was good too, even if some part of the kit showed some contamination. I kept the humidity high, and some more start to grow, but I had to go in holiday, so left the kit alone outside (UK, September) for one month, and the kit was still producing. They was very strong too. Just bought another kit, I hope wasn't just luck with the first.

    A. D.

    Amazon pes
    Second time bought and second time problems. It’s struggling to grow and small amounts. Before 1st flush it gave me like 30g of fresh, and now it’s after flush second growing and can see it’s not promising. 2 times bough and 2 times fail.

    R. K.

    Reçu comme d'habitude en temps et dans de bonnes conditions. C'est mon deuxième Kit PES Amazonian, et le 1er flush est entrain de pousser. J'espère que la culture sera aussi bonne que la dernière. Merci Zamnesia

    B. H.

    Love this too

    L. J.

    Superblue shrooms
    I am fairly new to mushroom growing (and I am very bad with keeping my plants healthy, so I was worried), but when I received a kit very nicely covered with mycelium, I knew it would work itself out nicely. I followed the steps thoroughly, and after a week or so, I saw many beautiful small shrooms. Now, they are fully grown, and the blueish color is overwhelming and beautiful. I am looking forward to harvest and quality assurance session with a comparison to shrooms from my previous kit (Golden Teacher).

    Z. P.

    Not great
    Kit arrived with almost no mycelium and was a replacement for another kit (different brand) that was a bad batch. Been on the flush for almost 3 weeks and literally nothing happening. Not impressed. Zamnesia customer service is always amazing but I am not happy with this kit and can’t be bothered to ask for another replacement. Maybe my growing luck has run out, who knows.

    M. P.

    Works great, fast fruiting
    Got this kit a couple weeks ago and after 2 weeks the first pins started to show up. Today (week ~3) there are already some big fruits and many small fruit clusters. Curious how many flushes i will get out of the kit but so far it is working great.

    M. U.

    I bought to grow in london as it was summer but didn’t manage to grow with no hopes or avail as the weather constantly started to change and I didn’t have a thermal matt to keep it in control or maybe the package itself was faulty… thats one things that we will never know. Therefore if it a Gold Teacher it would for sure(saying it from experience) so i would like to say as an advice for those in the UK or that lives in a country with similar weather conditions… even if its summer and it looks all good to go i would recommend you to keep it strictly to the upmost possible that you can… eg: area well cleaned, thermal matt and so on… as in Rio(brazil) i had grown it just by leaving outdoors with a piece of cardboard as a shading and it grew while here in the UK)(London) during summer it didnt… as i said… it could have been faulty, my assumptions due to weather conditions or my lack of carelessness as I thought it would be all fine and didn’t get a harvest. So, all i can say is… if you can afford to grown at home by spending a bit more on tool or have the right conditions to grow go for it. Its the best musshie i had so far and by miles away the best experience as I personally have been using mushrooms for therapy due to ptsd(ex “ar” lad)… so i hope that after this review it can help or inspire those in need to better themselves or get back to their normal lives

    J. C.

    don't know yet
    so there is a little bit of mold visible but no mushrooms growing, probably too hot because of the heat strike and vary variable heat changes in the room

    C. D.

    Loved the wee shrooms, easy no drama just water and wait......

    I. H.

    champignon magique
    très satisfait de vaut produit

    F. D.

    Great mushrooms
    Another great batch of shrooms curtesy of Zamesnia, thank you again guys!

    D. W.

    Poussettes rapides, champis mûr tôt

    A. M.

    Nice strain
    It is a very nice strain, but seems to be a bit sensible

    J. S.

    Amazing Amazonian
    This was a replacement kit. 2 weeks for first pins and harvested 25 grams fresh. Second flush took off rapid and unbelievably 4 days later I harvested 55 grams, they were huge. I did 2.5 grams from first flush, very very potent. Strong trip with incredible visuals. These shrooms are not to be taken lightly, shamanic, spiritual experience. Thx Zamnesia. Will be ordering again soon when my 90 days are up

    J. W.

    Good things come to those who wait!
    It can take a little while to see anything happening with mushroom growing, but with time and patience what a yield! These are some of the better tasting shrooms out there, they give an introspective, happy and lightly trippy visual experience (if you're looking for something a bit more mind blowing and wildly psychedelic I personally recommend McKennaii). I also recommend using the dosage guide when consuming these mushrooms, start with small amounts if you're a novice psychonaut and have a trip sitter close by. Happy trails friends :)

    R. P.

    A bit slower than other kits but works well. The mushrooms were on the smaller side but they were really strong in my opinion. The small size did not mean small yields, they still had some decent weight to them even when dried. Also the colour of the stipe was really pale compared to other varieties i have tested.

    J. H.

    The shipping is so fast and the products are always amazing. I love Zamnesia

    D. R.

    Just starting to pin 2 weeks in.
    Arrived courtesy of Ludo an amazing Customer Service rep. The customer services at Zamnesia are the best I’ve dealt with. Anyway watched the mycelium slowing spread over the casing but it seemed to halt around the 2 week mark. After reading external sources and chatting in forums. I introduced some FAE (fresh air exchange) last night. Today I can see the start of some little baby shrooms. Not many at all but the FAE has definitely helped. I’m really hoping this starts to build more pins or it will be a low yield (granted it does say that in the description about first flush) probably not enough to enjoy the full experience but alas I’ll wait until flush no2 and hope I get the 400-600g wet it describes by the end. So far so good following the instructions albeit introducing my own tactic to help. Overall experience growing so far is a 5 star and very simple. Here’s hoping I can report back with a big yield and amazing experience. You rock Zamnesia :)

    M. R.

    really good
    Got this one as a replacement and with almost perfect fruiting conditions outside and after ca. 7 days I could see the first little pins. Couldn't wait because I didn't had this strain so I picked 25g fresh out for a potency test. Feels promising until now but they seem to need a little longer to peak.

    E. K.

    Very good first flush
    I had this kit arrive around 3 weeks ago, pins started showing after 2 weeks and my first flush is still going! Had around 1 oz dry so far. Great product!

    A. T.

    Li volevo tanto
    il kit è arrivato rotto

    B. M.

    good experience
    side pinning as hell but man, what a harvest...! great 2 flushes and going. took a while more that expected (almost 3 weeks with controlled temperature at 26 celsius degrees) but when it started pinning it was a mushroom explosion! did not try this variety yet but am confident this is gonna be an amazing experience. thanks guyz!

    G. B.

    Hat alles easy geklappt. Danke für das tolle Produkt.

    A. R.

    Amazing service
    Absolutely brilliant site amazing product information with a very prompt delivery will definitely use this site as my number one go to

    A. B.

    Uno dei due kit è arrivato leggermente aperto, ma non ci sono stati problemi. Bei funghi e anche piuttosto potenti

    M. D.

    Recebi tudo como planeado. O produto vinha bem embalado e de excelente qualidade. Obrigado

    H. P.

    Master quality
    I had never get a quality quantity out of a 1200cc like this time! Big yield, most beautiful flushes, I am very happy with! Thx and praise to zamnesia, great job!

    E. L.

    sehr lecker und ergiebig
    die sind sehr lecker (geschmackssache) sowohl frisch als auch trocken oder als Tee hier ging es nach ca 2 Wochen los 1-2 waren etwas früh dran weswegen die Ernte etwas früh Anstand nach dem coldshock dauerte es 2 Wochen bis die Hüte sich erneut zeigten sieht beim 2Ten Flush deutlich gleichmäßiger und mehr aus bin gespannt wie es weiter geht und wieviel noch kommt Wirkung = klare kaufempfehlung

    H. V.

    Brilliant kit. Brilliant service
    This kit, for me, was a replacement for another kit that didn't do its thing. This pes amazonian is absolutely amazing. Growing super fast and strong. The whole cake is about covered in shrooms. I also have to mention that kirsty from zamnesia support is also amazing. She reached out to me to help solve my past problems and has been in constant contact to help me along the way. Outstanding service. Thank-you

    C. W.

    Loving the growing, first flush good, on to the second flush. Thanks

    C. M.

    Mon growkit
    Bien reçu. Tout pousse bien . Encore merci zamnesia. À bientôt.

    S. R.

    PES Amazonia
    Grootste paddo ooit gekweekt, althans voor mezelf. Lekkere dancing vibe

    J. V.

    Sehr Zufrieden
    Der erste Flush kam super! Auf den zweiten warte ich noch.. Bei den McKennai kam der zweite nicht,aber ich bleibe optimistisch.

    L. B.

    Beaucoup de petits...
    Merci à Zamnesia pour son aide et sa compréhension après un premier fiasco. Cette fois-ci j'ai eu beaucoup de têtes à la première récolte. Mais elles sont restées petites. J'attends la deuxième récolte. Peut-être en les vaporisant davantage... Je les recommande!

    H. L.

    Nous on a adoré! Super kit!

    C. C.

    Muss ich dieses Set auch ein paar stunden einweichen oder kann ich es direkt in den beutel stellen und feucht halten ? Danke schonmal :)

    R. W.

    Mr V
    13 days in and I've got my first pes amazonian pins coming through. Very excited to try them asap definitely going to order a few more kits and get a cycle going. Thank you

    J. V.

    Dauert etwas länger, ansonsten ein super kit. Bin sehr zufrieden mit der Sorte.

    C. S.

    Extrem nice
    Tolle Erfahrung, immer wieder gern seh zu empfehlen!!!

    Y. E.

    Growing greatly at the moment
    I bought my kit about a month back already, it arrived in 2 days super fast and I started the process with all faith, took soo long and when I was about to contact the company (around 4 weeks) I just saw the first pin coming up, was super exciting and from then, they have been growing pretty fast, however not the whole box only little side of it, but probably second flush will be bigger.

    N. B.

    On my second flush got about 30g dry out of the first one box is healthy still

    S. F.

    I had a yield of like 9g dry each flush. Waiting for the third flush.

    F. P.

    Sehr zu empfehlen auch für Neulinge
    Da ich mit den Copelandias etwas Probleme hatte, war ich zuerst skeptisch. Ich habe mich genau an die Gebrauchsanweisung gehalten und so sauber wie irgend möglich gearbeitet und siehe da, es hat geklappt! Da ich noch nicht so sicher war bzgl. des Erntezeitpunktes hatte ich vermutlich "nur" 3 Flushes, wobei der dritte eher gering war (nur eine Handvoll). Zusätlich benutzt habe ich eine Heizmatte, auf der ich das Zuchtset direkt (ohne Hitzeschutz) gestellt habe. Das hat meiner Meinung nach viel ausgemacht. Die Wirkung war unbeschreiblich. Dosiert haben wir nach dem großen Rätsch und es war ziemlich so, wie es dort beschrieben steht. Da ich einen empfindlichen Magen habe, hab ich meine Portion als Lemon-Tek zu mir genommen (hab ich hier im Blog gefunden) - keine Übelkeiten oder sonstige unangenehme Begleiterscheinungen, Wirkung wie beschrieben setzte nach 20 Minuten ein und hielt ziemlich exakt 4 Stunden. Mein Freund hat sie so gegessen, bei ihm ist es langsam angeflutet und hat länger gedauert, bis es wieder weg war. Alles in allem klare Kaufempfehlung, auch für Anfänger ;-)

    K. M.

    looks good
    i recieved the box 2 weeks ago, its growing fast and looks good, the first flush ist finished yet but i think its good deal

    H. N.

    hat alles geklappt
    die box kam an und ich fing direkt an. ich habe 3 schübe gehabt . die pilze waren super. ich hab das erste mal welche genommen. man brauch garnicht so viel nehmen um was zu merken . und nach schmeisen auch nur wenig hat allen gefallen. mein freund hat gute erfahrung damit und fand die auch richtig gut und doll. also weiniger ist mehr.

    A. R.

    Bin sehr zufrieden . Alles TOP !!! GERNE WIEDER....

    T. B.

    Great product
    Still going on with my 4th flush, and 50g dried so thats satisfying, and great stems very big ones probably just lucky, but got some spore prints. Havent tried it yet so no idea about potency but should match other cubensis I guess, we'll see. Good product.

    D. B.

    super good box
    fast mycelium and a lot och great flushes! i do recomend!

    R. J.

    service après vente nickel chrome
    Super service après vente ! Mon kit de PES amazonian a complètement foiré, des moisissures noirs on envahi le mycélium... Et Zamnesia m'a gentiment renvoyé un kit flamabant neuf ! Encore merci. Cette fois ci je vais faire bien gaffe et vous tiendrais au courant du résultat !

    E. M.

    1 ère expérience en culture très positive soit 3 cultures au total 25 grammes de champignons séchés
    J'ai effectué 3 cultures en septembre 2022 sans problème. Au total 25 grammes de champignons séchés . Je mange 1à 3 champignons avant de m'endormir. la 2eme culture les champignons mesuraient 15 à 20 cm de hauteur. Magnifique.(j'habite dans une région ou il fait chaut et sûrement, ils ont pleinement profité de la chaleur. Les effet sont très efficaces lors de l' endormissement avec un sommeil réparateur.(j'ai commencé à ingérer 1 champignon puis j'ai augmenté les nombres de champignons séchés progressivement pour voir, s'il y avait d'autres effets mais , je n'ai pas vu d'éléphant rose.(Il dise qu'il faut ingérer 3 grammes de champignons secs ce qui est l'équivalant de 15 à 20 champignons en fonctions de leur taille.) ce qui n'est pas le cas et je préfère les prendre avant de m'endormir. Je suis plus détendue le lendemain. Ps : j'ai mis 3 étoiles ce qui est très bien mais pas 4 car, il n'y a pas eu les effets d'éléphants roses que j'aurais dû apprécier.

    C. B.

    Nettes Halloween
    Genau zu Halloween fand ich eine wunderbare riesige Zauberhut Famile vor1 Wirkung war Megaspitze.Energie und gute Laune non Stop seitdemich hoffe ich hatte Zeitig und richtig geerntet?!Warte und freue mich auf den 2 Schub🤗🥰Die nächste Box wird auf jeden Fall größeri love it

    C. K.

    Nice yield
    I had a very nice yield of like 15 - 20g dry each flush, all together 3 flushes. I buy often and I like Zamnesia for the good customer service.

    A. K.

    587gr of fresh mushrooms in five flushes!
    I was quite surprised with what I got from this box: five flushes with 207, 137, 109, 114 and 20 gr, respectively. A single mushroom on the 3rd flush was 36,5g fresh! Room temperature was constant, around 24-26 C and I've used a smaller plastic bag in the last two flushes. Definitely recommend this product.

    P. R.

    Mejor prehidratado
    Hola. Me gustan más los panes prehidratados me gusta cultivar fuera del taper y así no se puede. Además crece más rápido. Aparte de eso la calidad de las setas excelente como siempre.

    A. R.

    Gave a lot of shrooms
    Happy about this one

    J. D.

    First time grow kit
    I got a great first flush and the second one is coming. The temperatures are nice and they are growing fast. Just need regular air exchange. Oxigen makes them grow better. Just make sure you disinfect your hands and arms while working with the kit and opening the bag. Already tried some 20g fresh from first flush exactly 2 weeks after the kit has started. I must say I was with a bit of tolerance from last weekend experiences with truffles and lsa seeds. Still managed to have some good effects, seems more colorful than truffles. A nice tip and ally to your mushrooms/truffles and LSA trips is a good weed. Most of the countries have CBD weed flowers now, available online and if you are lucky some physical stores out there near home. If you want to avoid thc possible ansiety or paranoia during trip. Legal CBD flowers will just relax you, enhance the trip but in a good way. If you are feeling unease at the stomach specially with lsa, it'll do the trick and nausea go away. Trust me. Need to try more of these mushrooms and other strains and find my favorite.

    B. P.

    First timer
    Id like to say that the service from the team was very friendly and helpful so I would order from them again. I've given 3 stars because the amount and size of the Amazonian wasn't what I expected but I was still happy that it wasn't abort. The mycelium only grew in some parts of the substrate and they weren't that big before the veils started to drop. As it's my first time it very well couldve been something I did. The trip I enjoyed, a pleasant experience. Although after 4 grams I was expecting a deeper more intense experience. Overall a thumbs up!

    J. B.

    Plenty Fruits
    Had one flush so far and produced 28g of dried fruit.... Shamanic experience on 3.5. Lets see what the second flush brings

    R. F.

    Nicht funktioniert
    Leider hatte ich damals pech mit dieser pilz sorte moby dick bzw mit dem zuchtset Habe alles richtig gemacht aber es sind nur ein paar kleine herangewachsen und haben dann auch noch geschimmelt obwohl ich sehr viele Erfahrungen mit pilz zuchtsets habe und ansonsten hatt es immer funktioniert aber dieses mal leider nicht weiß nicht wieso denn ich habe alles immer gleich gemacht hatte nie probleme damit... nur mit dieser box mhmmm schade leider.. Habe auch leider mit dieser pilz sorte keine Erfahrungen gemacht schade.. villeicht probiere ich es irgendwann mal erneut.

    K. E.

    Gutes Grow Kit let your Ego and just Flow ,super Kundenservice .
    Paket kam ohne Probleme nach 5 Tagen an .Mit etwas Geduld und sauberer Handhabung ,kommt erst da weiße Myzel dann die die Mushrooms,erster Flush 160g Nass ,leider hatte sich bei einem Pilz das Velum schon gelöst und somit Sporen verteilt ,2 Flush war weniger aber noch ok noch ne Handvoll ,hatte dann Druckstellen oder so im Kit wusste nicht genau ,habe es dann entsorgt,war mein erstes Kit ,bin also nicht ganz sicher gewesen und habs lieber entsorgt,wer weiß ob das notwendig war bin auf nummer sicher gegangen , hab später gelesen das man mit einem Wattesäbchen über die Stellen gehen soll ,bleibt die Farbe am Stäbchen ist es woll kontaminiert ,wenn nicht sind es bloss Druckstellen , ja war mein Lehr Kit :).Vom Flash her bei 1-2 g trocken ,Optik verstärkt ,aber eher innerliche Offenbarungen und ein cooles Gefühl von Verbundenheit mit dem Universum ,bin im Wald rum gefahren mitm Bike war cool ,Körperlich und Geistig is man voll Funktionsfähig kann sich also problemlos in Babylon bewegen,schließt man die Augen schießen einem ein bunte Visualiesierung entgegen und das Ego löst sich auf, teilweise auch Bock auf Party gehabt ,einfach guten Sound an und los gehts . Das Kit kann ich Empfehlen und der Kundenservice ist echt gut .

    F. R.

    Good so far
    Have had two flushes - probably 200g + wet weight. Grow quickly and easy to use for a novice grower like me. Second flush I mis-judged the veils and they dropped spores - so we'll see if it flushes again! Thanks Zamnesia

    M. H.

    Great product
    Arrived fast, signed for. Really pleased with the ease of use. Overall magic service

    L. C.

    Great product!
    Great product and great customer service! This is my first grow and team zamnesia really helped me a lot! First flush was 130g wet, now going for a second flush. Positive vibes to everyone :)

    N. M.

    Delivery was fast and First flush was okay but second not so good, got only few little mushrooms let's see what third flush say

    N. T.

    Tout se passe comme prévu, à la réception il y avait une petite tache blanche sur le pain, j’ai cru que c’était du moisi mais non le kit donne super bien + de 200g (humide !!) à la fin du premier cycle, en train d’entamer le 2ème on verra bien ! merci zamnesia

    E. V.

    Not gonna recommend this store, even if CS is amazing, the quality of product is really low
    I had a mistake with delivery so got two boxes instead of one. But.. I didn't had second flash from each.... first time so bad experience, I am always accurate and sterilise everything I could before I do whatever with shrooms. I understand there is possibility of mistake, but not in two cases for sure. Previously I never had any type of problem with grow-boxes, was getting 5-6 flashes. Never again will buy grow-box from Zamnesia, even if I got two boxes, I had from all it max 4 grams of shrooms. Also first flash was really poor, never experienced this before from other sellers.

    K. S.

    Great results !
    Got this Zamnesia kit for replacement and did really well ! All the bred was covered by shrooms ! Zamnesia kit is my go to now !

    F. P.

    Amazonian growkits
    De eerste oogst heeft goed opgeleverd nu wachten tot ze droog zijn om ze te testen kijk ernaar uit

    D. R.

    Very happy
    After a few hiccups with shipping (customer service was awesome and sent me a replacement right away), the kit was set up very quickly and showed results fast. First flush was abundant and waiting on the second one now :)

    E. R.

    Ich kann mich den positiven Kommentaren nur anschließen und behaupten, dass sich dieses Set echt lohnt!!

    M. B.

    Seems good
    Haven't tried it yet, but 1st harvest was okay, second was just a couple of shrooms. We'll see how it goes.

    S. H.

    Top Pilze
    ich die Box jetzt zum zweiten mal geerntet und meine Freunde und ich waren begeistert wir hatten alle einen wunderschönen visuellen Abend

    C. H.

    1er récolte
    Première récolte plutôt pas mal, une poignée de champignons secs, malgré le fait que j’ai du mal à gérer la température de pièce de culture. Les champignons sont très sensibles aux goutelettes qui retombent parfois des parois dû sacs, ils dégagent une odeur âpre d’humus légèrement désagréable lorsque cela arrive. Attention lors de l’arrosage Je suis content de la qualité du kit, hâte de voir les prochains flush

    G. C.

    mouldy products
    the first and second grow kit i recieved was mouldy green. Fully contaminated before I even opened it. Zamnesia were very responsive and resolved the issue in great time and sent me a new grow kit. I am still waiting for it to arrive but I am happy with the resolution.

    E. G.

    Fast and many!
    Always very satisfied with PES Amazonian. They grow fast (with this spring temperature) and a full box. Last time I was able to do 5 harvests, let’s see with this box!

    S. H.

    Great kit, abit confused by the guide
    Once I received the kit I got the guide from the confirmation mail, aeemed abit odd so I went with the guide on this page and my kit have yielded its first flush within two weeks, 21g dried. Definitely worth it.

    M. E.

    Easy to grow and smooth beautiful journeys!
    Following the instructions is fairly easy, and although in my experience way less mushrooms grew compared to the picture, it was still definitely worth my money and time. It is BEAUTIFUL to see these allies grow. Such a pleasure. Also the journey is smooth and not overwhelming. I was able to sit cross-legged with a tall spine and meditate for several hours while on them. Recommend!

    K. A.

    Very good
    Very good box, very potent. Good quality the whole product.

    P. S.

    Top top top
    Non ho mai visto una fruttificazione così abbondante sia per numero che per grandezza di ogni frutto....zamnesia non ti lascio più....i love you...hahahahaha Ora è da provare il viaggio P.s. e sono ancora al primo raccolto

    A. D.

    Voyage de l'amour
    J'aime cette variétée car elle me procure une sensation forte au niveau du cœur et de l'esprit, nous voyons qu'amour lorsque nous battons le tambour autour du feu les soirs de pleine lune. Les visions sont intérieur et ne déforme pas le réel si ce n'est que très légèrement.

    J. P.

    Resa ottimale in pochi e semplici passaggi. Sballo divertentissimo

    D. P.

    difficili da crescere
    difficili ma quel poco che è cresciuto è stato un ottimo amico di viaggi. dolci e gentili, consiglio sia per principianti che per esperti, potenti anche con meno di un grammo e mezzo

    L. C.

    Nice harvest
    I bought 2 Kits. One of them whent bad so I contacted customer service and they were fast on reply. Got a new one. First harvest on that one gave 25.,5 gram dried. The first Kit is on fourth flust and has to now yieldet 39 gram dry.

    J. P.

    Bien mais...
    Le kit était en promo mais contaminé, j'ai tout de même eu une récolte, mais la moisissure avait eu le temps de proliférer, malgré que j'ai essayé de couper la partie contaminée ça n'a pas changer grand chose, de plus je ne les ai pas cueilli à temps du coup ils ont eu le temps de craquer leurs chapeaux et de lâcher leurs spores : ce qui handicape de possibles futures récoltes.

    J. L.

    Sav au top
    Soucis avec un premier kit contaminé, le sav m'en a renvoyé et la très bon résultat ! Je recommande !

    P. G.

    Développement très rapide.

    F. B.

    Gut für Anfänger
    Hatte nach 3 wochen meine erste ernte welche auch sehr gut ausgefallen ist. Meiner meinung nach kann nichts schiefgehn solang man sich an die Anleitung hält und darauf achtet das alles sauber ist. Bin sehr zufrieden.

    M. M.

    Very satisfied!
    The shrooms grew very nicely and had the effect I was hoping for. Great!

    L. P.

    Super service
    Ich hab mir dieses Kit bestellt und es war in kürzester Zeit da. Flink aufgebaut und los gelegt. Eine Woche später, er ist nichts passiert, Kundenservice angeschrieben, probleme geschildert, probleme behoben. Nun wächst und gedeiht alles. Das Kit an sich ist super, die Pilze wachsen gut, anfänglich zwar etwas langsam, aber nachdem ich dafür gesorgt habe das ich ihnen beim lüften genug Frischluft gebe (saubere Mülltüte auf geschüttelt und dann die luft aus der Tüte ins kit gedrückt) klappt alles wie am Schnürchen.

    E. L.

    A bomba!!!!
    Il trip più colorato del secolo

    J. M.

    My favorite item!
    I forgot to fae but it still worked and I ended up with a good amount of shrooms, the other kit took a little bit longer to start fruiting but looks way better since I fae, very very beginner friendly kit, easy to use. Will only order zamnesia kits from now on

    D. S.

    Pour une première commande et un premier essai de kit de champignons tout est nickel, envoi rapide et sécurisé. J'ai eu une première récolte super mais je n'ai pas réussi à avoir plusieurs récoltes, le kit a moisi pendant la relance, j'ai du jeter le kit :/ Un peu déçue d'avoir une seule récolte, mais je réessayerai sûrement ce kit quand j'aurais plus d'expérience !

    L. K.

    We grew them in October-november, temperature was average 20° In 5 flushes, nearly 60g dry. First flush was 20g. The trips were great, we had so much we shared with many friends who all really enjoyed ! I highly recommend

    V. P.

    Kindest and fastest customer service
    I had problems with my kit and zamnesias workers have been very fast at helping me to find a solution. It was my First kit and even if i had followed all the instruction shroom werent growing at the beginning they gave me some tips to see if shrooms would have grown but when nothing worked they replaced It with another One for free.

    J. B.

    Kit de culture Zamnesia 'PES Amazonian'
    Bonne production, encore en cours; pas testée encore, en sêchage.

    C. C.

    Super mais 2 flush...
    environ 20 G sec pour la première flush et à peine 5 pour la 2nd. Très belle visu avec lors dès fête, je recommande tout de même cette variété. Attention à bien réfrigérer le kit avant la 1ère utilisation ;)

    B. G.

    Une variété à découvrir
    Amateur et cultivateur de champignon depuis pas mal d'années j'ai testé cette variété dont je n'avais encore jamais entendu parlé. Le premier flush m'as fournit 150 g de champignons tous plus difformes les uns que les autres, pas ou peu de chapeau... Mais comme on le sais la véritable beauté se trouve à l’intérieur ! Premier test hier en fin d'après-midi et ce fut une véritable révélation, avec juste 4.5 g à demi sec j'ai eu des effets visuel assez prononcés. ça fait des années que je n'avais pas eu cette formidable sensation. Le second flush en cours développe lui de jolies champignons d'allure plus conventionnelle, mais qui n'en seront pas moins puissant. Je conseillerai néanmoins de les réserver aux psychonautes avertis. Enjoy, Have fun, Peace Loccitan

    N. M.

    Top Ertrag in kurzer Zeit sowie bemerkenswerte Wirkung.. Bisher die stärkste Sorte..

    M. L.

    Super récolte, les effets sont pas mal : hallu, euphorie, énergie (envie de faire plein de choses). Un peu fatigant sur la fin mais parfait pour du festif

    Z. L.

    Le kit a moisi , une seule petite récolte possible, le deuxième cycle à totalement moisi alors que le lit B+ (que je faisais en même temps) n'a pas moisi

    C. L.

    PES Amazonian
    Pour une première expérience, la livraison est sécurisé et rapide. Le manuel de kit de culture sur le site contient toutes les informations nécessaires et sont très simple. En réunissant les bonnes conditions, j'ai eu une 1ère récolte au bout de 2 semaines avec de nombreux champignons ayant une grande taille. Puis 1 semaine plus tard j'ai eu une seconde récolte. Bonne expérience psychique grâce à la puissance des champi et bon moment partagé entre amis.

    L. B.

    PES amazonian
    Une fois de plus je suis plus que ravis du kit reçu. Une première récolte d environ 120/130g,magnifique.j attend de voir la deuxième qui est très bien partie. Je recommande zamnesia à tous les mushroomosores

    A. M.

    Bon rendement sur les flushs, et de plus les champignons sont très efficace Je recommande

    G. M.

    Super content!
    Exactement ce à quoi je m’attendais! Envoi rapide, croissance également rapide! Que du bonheur !

    V. C.

    Small and strong little ones
    Powerful mushrooms. First flush were somehow capping at a few centimeters så I harvested a few to try, and was surprised since they seemed to be twice the dosage. Don't underestimate those little ones :) Unfortunately I left the box on the stove and turned on the wrong plate, so they were well cooked and smoked, almost set fire to the appartment. Will see if they have some potency left, they are like rubber and brownish.

    J. J.

    Veramente potenti nonostante una dose bassa di 7 g per me di 70kg sono stato 4 ore a ridere ballare e ad avere voglia di vivere come era tanto non avevo raccomando zamnesia a chiunque altro!!

    G. F.

    Superbe, je recommande !
    Magnifique spectacle de culture à portée de tous, 140g sur la première fournée ! Test des effets pour les fêtes après un séchage optimal...

    F. A.

    Ottimo articolo descrizione ottime a partire dalla coltivazione all effetto alle quantità, prodotto di qualità

    A. N.

    superbe kit 3 batch
    Superbe kit avec lequel j'ai eu 3 batch !

    A. V.

    Fast delivery, fast growing
    5/5. I have tried supa gro and fresh mushrooms kits but i think zamnesia grow kits are much better. I just got my first flush and it was 185g wet, the supa gro gave almost nothing and the FM gt total harvest was about the same as the first flush at this kit. :) Since I haven't tried mushrooms yet, I can't say anything about how strong sgrooms is, but at least the bruising is really strong. Thanks zamnesia. However, I made small changes: I put 1.5 liters of perlite and 0,2-0,3liters water in the bags, and the bags are ordered separately in XL sizes, in which I made a few holes to allow the air/gas to change. I recommend trying this technique!

    P. P.

    It is okay!
    Not super, but it's working. Now even little better when i start to use the heat mat. Not cant say yet so much but looks good! First flush was only like 1g dry... But now im waiting second flush, so lets see ;)

    J. S.

    Pes amazonian
    First kit I got ,was infected, but great thing is zamnesia send me new one and I'm very grateful for that...First flush from this new kit produce me 71grams of fresh mushrooms, I eat 7.5g of fresh mushrooms with lemon juice, that would be around 0.7g dried one,very potent I can say...not satisfied with quantity but everything else,worth of it ,good enough...

    A. P.

    feels like great shrooms! very easy & fast growing + amazing visuals. I used 36 g fresh young cuts (around 6 cm) and made a tea twice...was already enough for a trippy saturday

    M. O.

    Pes Amazonian
    Ho provato 2,5 g con metodo LemonTek e ho avuto un esperienza straordinaria sia dentro che fuori, ero in festa e la musica mi ha travolto ogni senso facendomi viaggiare nello spazio! Effetto duraturo e molto divertente! Zamnesia best one!

    M. O.

    En mi primer cosecha salieron un montón, no tuve problema de ningún espectro. Fácil y simple.

    J. C.

    Le kit est arrivé, il y avait déjà des champignons dedans, je pense que ce n'est pas normal, j'ai immédiatement prit en charge mon kit, mais rien n'a poussé.. Je vaporise tous les jours, à la température demandée, mais rien du tout depuis pres de 20jours..

    L. L.

    More than I expected
    The grow kit arrives on time and the custom management from Zamnesia was very goood, the answered all my questions on time. By mistake I payed Two times my order and they reimbursed my money super fast. The grow kit gave me more than three flushes and after two months some mushroom are still growing. In total I had more than 300 grams of fresh mushrooms; the effect of Amazonian is very visual. I totally recommend buying this product. Thanks Zamnesia.

    F. A.

    Questions of potency and yield
    Aside from the intricate differences in effect between the various strains of mushrooms, I was initially just as interested in yield and potency. In my experience, these two factors seem quite connected. Amazonian lies somewhere in between Golden teacher - being the most potent (and with the most preferable type of variance in effect) but with lower yields and mckennaii, Which will have both a different effect (in my opinion less visual and less energetic - again still very dependent on setting and set) and also less potent. However Mckennaii is the most productive I've tried, flushing seemingly infinitely many times until the cake is crisp (if it stayed healthy, I've had so many flushes that I couldnt keep count). However this also means that a 5g trip on Mck is nothing special compared to that 5g trip of the amazonian - visually especially. However Mckennaii, might "ground you" a bit more. To compare directly in potency - and my preference in general type effect - among these 3: 1. Golden teacher, 2. Amazonian and 3. mckennaii As this is a comment on specifically Amazonian: The yields here will - if healthy - be at least 2 and possibly 3-4 with the later flushes having fewer but still big mushrooms - with initial flush having both very big ones, but also the whole cake covered in small to medium sized ones. This was almost the case for 5 out of 5 kits which i bought; with some differences in yield, in 2 of the 5 - but only a little.

    B. H.

    Rien à dire
    Super récolte j'entame la deuxième. Zamnesia à été très arrangeant suite à des problèmes sur mon premier kit au top. Première récolte goûté, c'est plutôt efficace ;)

    G. I.

    One of the two boxes grew nicely, the second one is still striving to survive. Small yeld, but one has to admit there is no easier way to cultivate shrooms! Also, Zamnesia instruction has changed (in better) since the last order!

    D. G.

    Super kit
    Premier récolte de 150 grammes de champignon frais en une quinzaine de jours. Les champignons sont de très bonne qualité. Très bon trip. Merci Zamnesia !

    G. D.

    Na twee weken begonnen ze te groeien en na een paar dagen kon er geoogst worden. Ik ben gestopt met wegen, maar het was een leuke oogst. Nu kijken wat de volgende ronde doet. Werking is ook prima, zowel voor microdosing als gewoon gebruik..

    E. V.

    A bit Disappointed
    I have ordered from zamnesia several times, and I have always been satisfied. I have grown this variety several times and all went well... However, I think that my last two boxes were damaged during delivery, probably due to the heat.... Despite the usual precautions and optimal temperature, neither of them gave me a crop... A bit disappointed...

    F. P.

    2.5g Magic
    I spent an afternoon in the sun riding my e-scooter around inside an animated painting, everything that was static such as trees, streets & buldings i saw in vibrant colors with contours melting into eachother, while moving things like cars and people looked relatively normal, except for the tracers they left behind them. Later I sat down for a while and just looked at a tall birch tree in the distance catching the last of the evening sun while its high branches sway like seaweed in underwater currents, feeling complete stillness in my mind without a trace of thoughts.. pure magic.

    A. L.

    Grandi frutti enormi
    Sono contento perché non avevo conosciuto prima, questo sorprendente strain!! Frutti di 25 cm e suer potenti!!!! 14 gr. Secchi al Primo flush, 12 gr. Secchi al secondo (con meno frutti ma enormi), al momento aspetto ancora il 3 flush!!!!! Ordinate Amazonian pes da zamnesia, qualità prezzo ok.

    A. L.

    Abundant yield and potent effect
    Growing these shroomies went very smooth. They produced three very abundant flushes and came growing back fast. With the medium dose that I've tried so far, I experienced shiny visuals and blissful giggles. Recommended!

    J. M.

    Très bonne qualité de kit!!
    Comme d'hab, excellente qualité de grow kit, rien à dire la dessus! Les champis de cette variété semble plus gros que les Mc Kennaii pour une puissance à peu près similaire. Merci pour votre sérieux Zamnésia!!

    E. R.

    Arrivés contaminés, remplacés très rapidement après envoi photos et explications. Le nouveau kit est en train de produire un 2e flush, cool ! Super SAV, réactif et de confiance. La prochaine fois je commande de nouveau sur Zamnezsia

    G. L.

    retour aprés premiers flush
    Voila des années que je n'en avais pas fait et je ne suis pas déçu les boite ont touts les deux donnée + de 10 gr sec par flush et par boite, le trip etait euphorique et visuel et bien actif même avec que trois quart d'un gramme pour commencer, et j'ia fini avec en gros 1GR et demie pris en deux fois qui m'ont tenue bien 6H. je recommande

    B. B.

    great and strong
    It took longer to grow than other kits and I didn't get many for the first flush but let me tell you it is the most potent shroom kit I've had.. 1g feels like ~3g of another strain, amazing hallucinations.. I'm really hoping to get more out of the kit

    E. A.

    From funny confrontations with trees and heavenly guidance and images for extra empathy for people around you to feeling the north and south pole and feeling the subtle communication between horses, this is the way. I thought I heard wolves in the forest so I kind of paniced and felt lost and has to have an guess for where north and south was, and I deffinately felt something, I could also see visuals from heaven coming down to me like a bridge for information. I dried and chopped them and then mixed with youghurt. I also had alot of respect for our rottweiler because I always thought he was a bit to guarding and my cat was all over the place and VERY excited about me. I also starting using breething as a way of seeing who I was, I do believe true joy comes from seeing life as a common excitement when realising we are alive and present together

    F. L.

    grow kit amazonian
    Super kit! je recommande :))

    M. T.

    This kit is perfect, now 3 flushes, first yeld was 18g(dry) and second was 16.5g(dry)

    E. J.

    Best product ever
    I have tried almost every variety of srooms there is .. and i can really tell that PES Amazonian is the most powerful and long lasting . I totally recommend it .

    S. R.

    Had an okay first flush around 120g, then accedently managed to kill them all in the second, all my fault tho so no complaints, definitely worth a try, easy peasy, just don't end up turning on the heater behind and fry them

    E. L.

    Il kit sembra contaminato
    Appena arrivato il kit ha presentato macchie di colore bianco in superficie penso che non mi farà nemmeno fungo vorrei capire come contattare l'assistenza visto che il kit è arrivato già contaminato

    M. M.

    no flush
    i'm putting 3 stars just because they didn't work out, probably the kit was contaminated or had some problems - i'm gonna contact their assistance service, always very kind. I expect it to be as good as usual, if it grows of course

    F. C.

    Vittima di una contaminazione incrociata
    Erano appena nati quando la loro vita è stata stroncata dalla vicinanza ad un altro kit che però era contaminato, per fortuna i ragazzi di zamnesia sono formidabili e si sono subito mossi a spedire nuovamente entrambi i kit

    P. F.

    Très efficace ce kit
    Tout c est déroulée comme le Manuel l avais prédis et le trip était parfait à recommander

    M. P.

    A challenge but worth it.
    Probably the hardest kit I have tried to cultivate, a little slow growing, but man do they hit.

    O. P.

    Growkit amazonian
    Jammer genoeg is er niets uit de growkit gekomen. Daarom de 2sterren. De growkit golden teachers zijn wel uitgekomen. En die zijn bezig met de 2de ronde

    M. D.

    Toller Support
    Hatte leider mit dem ersten Kit (Golden Teacher) kein Glück... dafür sprang der tolle Support ein und ich bekam PES Amazonian die ersten Pins nach wenigen Tagen...habe jetzt...also gestern geerntet...20g trocken und sie ballern recht gut...hoffe noch auf 2 Ernten und ja werde wohl bald wieder ein Kit kaufen

    A. B.

    Geen oogst
    Jammergenoeg heeft de grofkit geen oogst opgeleverd ondanks de instructies strikt op te volgen. Als gerenomeerd bedrijf lijkt me naar klant tevredenheid toe een commerciële tegemoetkoming in de vorm van een nieuwe growkit een mooi gebaar.

    T. V.

    One of my box was contaminated
    I ordered 1 box of PES Amazonian and another of McKenaii. The McKenaii are growing right now while the PES died/got contaminated probably on the way because they never grew.... Where is the excellent costumer service ?

    A. B.

    No Growth/No Yield :(
    I ordered this GrowKit in Dezember. Shipping worked well, so i started immediatley using it. Did everything according to instructions. Not my first time using Kits like this. But unfortunately the mycelium was poorly visible before starting the cultivation. 30 Days later still no development, so i contacted Zamnesia. It seems I got some sort of already contaminated kit or something, with no friut bodies at all. I got a refund at least.. but i was hoping to for a harvest, so i did not throw it away immediately. Day 40 now.. still nothing...

    R. P.

    Supersnel grote oogst
    Deze kit gaf ook zeer snel een eerste oogst, ongeveer een week na installatie stond de bak al volledig vol. Jammer genoeg is er iets fout gelopen toen ik deze oogst wilde drogen. Toen ik ze na enkele dagen controleerde, was de volledige oogst beschimmeld. Geen risico mee nemen dus volledige oogst weggegooid. Was m'n eerste oogst ooit en uit je fouten leer je. De tweede flush was heel wat minder, minder dan een kwart van de bak kreeg paddestoelen, allen geclusterd in een hoek. Bij de derde flush was de bak weer volledig gevuld. Nu nog aan het proberen voor een vierde keer.

    S. B.

    Little and fast
    It’s my first time with this strain and I just get my first flush; I tested it and everything was very smooth ( 2.5 g ) and colourful and very inspirational The delivery of as as always fast and secure Thx guys!

    E. P.

    Im excited
    After 15 days they started to grow up! I'm living in Ireland, so the weather's conditions are not ideal, but I'm excited to harvest soon!

    J. B.

    Couldve gone better
    I did as told in the manual, But ended up with 10g fresh shrooms in first flush. It’s now been a week since harvesting, and 4 pins have popped up some days ago, But dont Seem to grow proberly. I guess it’s just bad luck. To compare: I have another growkit from freshmushrooms brand, it has been 1 week, and pins are starting to appear in many count. Customer service is the best

    J. Y.

    PES Amazonian
    Ottimo fungo, molto divertente, forse a gusto personale preferisco i Golden Teacher, ma veramente un ottima specie. Servizio Zamnesia al top, dopo che il primo kit e' risultato contaminato, in 48 ore mi e' stato inviato il secondo kit, credo sia il servizio clienti migliore mai trovato.

    A. S.

    Perfekt gerne wieder
    Moin First Pins = 8 Day's First Flash = 13 Day's 150g Wet 2.Flash = 25 Day's 140g Wet 3.flash = in work ;) Das Set macht was es soll, und ich bin Neueinsteiger. Bin mehr als zufrieden, und bin mega gespannt was noch geht. Ballern gut,nicht zu doll, und mehr spirituell als optisch !!!

    S. W.

    Fast grow but small
    Fast growers and very good hield but not as big as expected

    D. V.

    Donne moins qu'attendu mais ok si non .

    V. M.

    Après un premier flush de 18,75g sec, et une relance pour un second flush malheureusement le grow kit fut contaminé, zamnesia et son équipe a l'écoute comme d'habitude ma gentille ment renvoyé un grow kit.

    T. G.

    Kit prêt à l arrivée ou nécessite un trempage avant?
    Bonjour, ayant acheté ce kit qui pour une fois n'est pas de la même marque que tous les précédents, je me demandais s'il nécessitait un trempage de 12h avant la pousse, ou s'il était déjà prêt à l'emploi comme les Supa gro. Merci :)

    J. A.

    very good
    i've tryed so hard to grow kits with very poor results but this time has been quiet natural and easy,probably i'm improving,any way very good and recommend

    M. P.

    psy life

    X. K.

    Nice kit. 200gr in the first harvest, after 15 days;

    J. H.

    Quick and discreet shipment. The first pins appeared after 2 weeks, and almost all of them pinned on the sides of the cake. I took the cake out of the grow-box and put it on one end and got 194 gram fresh mushrooms from the first flush, (18,6 gram dry), and 132,3 gram from the second flush, (don't know dry weight). Unfortunately, after I harvested the second flush, the kit went moldy. I haven't got much experience with mushrooms, so I don't know if they are mild or strong? I ate about a gram and saw some geometrical patterns in the ocean, and had lot of uncontrollable laughing fits. Trip lasted 4-6 hours, overall a good experience!

    N. K.

    Una experiencia Magica!
    Hola! mi experiencia con estos hongos ha sido increible. Para empezar, el cultivo fue super simple, cumpliendo con todos los pasos que indicaba el sitio me han salido 4 flushs! La calidad fue mas de lo que esperaba, un viaje que conecta mucho con la naturaleza y con uno mismo! realmente vale la pena! :)

    I. C.

    Big strong shrooms
    First time i tried this strain. The shrooms grow big and i had the feeling that they are a bit stronger than other strains.

    A. K.

    Harvesting second Flush today
    One of the better kits I got. Seems reliable and easy to grow. As always Zamnesia does not Disappoint.

    B. D.

    Four flushes!
    Worked like a charm and had four high yield flushes. In total I harvested more than 300 grams of fresh mushrooms from this kit, very happy!

    G. M.

    This is my first time buying/growing a growing kit. I just picked it up and I'm too excited to start this new learning journey. Thank you Zamnesia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you guys

    F. M.

    Something happened
    It all started good, but i think i screwed up with the hydration at some part so i ended up with a dead box. It got all dried up and i cant blame anyone but me i guess. I cant give more stars because i didnt see the end result of it, otherwise i think it might have been at the top. But with a dead box you cant evaluate that much. Still, zamnesia delivers and are my first choice atleast. Kinda sad because of the result but what to do.

    F. V.

    Great stuff
    Awsome flush 20gr dried on 1st one 2nd 10gr dried Great quality mushrooms.

    D. P.

    Arrived very quickly. Sprayed with water once to twice a day with plenty of careful venting in a spot with indirect sunlight. Harvested the first flush last week, which was quite full. They are currently drying and I have yet to try them. Waiting on a second flush which looks well on it's way !

    M. C.

    A lot of mold and moderate harvest
    Got three kits, which all got covered in mold in spite of being very careful. Support was very helpful, got a very moderate harvest out of it, but could be better.

    A. T.

    No era lo que esperaba
    Han resuelto el problema de forma ejemplable

    V. A.

    Got this box after my previous unsatisfactory attempt. Big fruits (literally hand size some of them), looking beautiful. Drying up so haven't tried it yet but the process is super easy. Soak for 12h, put it in a darkish place and just vent it once in a while. Customer service is always 5/5

    A. K.

    Merci les gas
    Je vous aime tous les gas. Vous êtes génial.

    A. P.

    No good
    No grow.

    A. A.

    Magnificent Mushrooms with extremely beautiful appearance and good potency.
    Magnificent Mushrooms with extremely beautiful appearance and good potency. As usual, Our dear children - Magic Mushrooms, did not disappoint Us, because They truly Love Us. They, as well as Golden Teacher, showed, that They are not the most quick colonisers, and They require very clean conditions to grow, but as reward, They are able to give very beautiful harvests. In case of unwanted invasion They anyway continue growing, and in time They eventually fully colonising cake. Mushroom in time is taking over all cake and not letting new pathogens to steal His food anymore. We appreciate, that zamnesia delivering to Us very good pre-grown cakes. ~ Goddess Airis and God Raixe.

    M. M.

    No muy satisfecho
    El servicio a cliente muy bien, pero el kit un poco decepcionante. Tardó mucho tiempo en crecer y fueron muy pocas las setas que salieron en la primera cosecha, la mayoría crecieron hacía adentro del contenedor, a pesar de que traté de seguir las instrucciones del manual al pie de la letra, incluso regándole con guantes y mascarilla y dejando que entrara el aire dos o tres veces por día. ahora estoy intentando crecer la segunda tanda pero lleva ya tres semanas y nada.

    D. S.

    started pinning very fast, but not many in count

    A. A.

    C'est le premier kit que j'ai fait pousser. Le 1er flush a donné une récolte très satisfaisante et wow, quels effets! Meilleur trip de ma vie pour le moment. Le 3ème flush est en train de pousser, il y en a des gros qui apparaissent. J'ai bien suivi les indications et tout s'est bien passé :) merci zamnesia!

    L. C.

    Good all rounder

    W. C.

    Very dissapointed.
    I bought these a while back and was impressed with how quick I received them, however, that's the only thing that did impress me. I also bought the heat mat and followed instructions and waited and waited. I contacted Zamnesia and to be fair they got back quickly. I was told to get some air into the bag which I did, still nothing. I was told to get back to them with updates, in the end nothing ever happened, nothing grew. I also sent a photo of the batch number. I read a lot of reviews about their great customer service and how they sent new boxes out to people but I never got offered anything, I even ordered a different strain last Monday and wasn't even offered a discount or anything, very poor. If these don't show, I'll never order again. So far €64 in the bin. The one star is just for the quick delivery.

    R. S.

    Be careful
    So I'm giving one less star than usual. I was sent a box delivery is perfect very fast tracking and discreet however after 15 days nothing came up. Zamnesia were quickly to respond with advice and re-sent another box to me. However giving it a soak before the first flush as advised, there was green mold already growing just after one day. I was really disappointed. However Zamnesia were understanding and sending another box. Never hesitate to ask Zamnesia with questions and they'll always help. Sadly I can't say much about these mushrooms. I'll be back to grow them again. However there batch may be off so be very vigilant with hygiene and sterile equipment. Happy growing.

    B. E.

    Grow kit was contaminated
    Ufortunatelly, the kit i got was contaminated as there was already green mold growing when i opened it. Quite a bummer...

    V. R.

    grow kit
    shipment was fast and the harvest was good and i got good trips C:

    J. K.

    Great strain
    very powerful experience

    A. P.

    Didn't work
    Despite following instructions and having good growing conditions, the kit didn't change at all, even after 15 days (no mycelium spreading at all, the cake remained identical to the day I received it). I contacted Zamnesia support, and they offered to send a new one, which is very appreciated. Before discarding the kit completely, I tried to cold-shock it, by adding water and putting it 24h in the fridge (despite the fact the manual says NOT to do it). After this, the mycelium seemed to get some activity again, and the kit gave a few shrooms. Not the normal quantity, but at least there was some activity again. I suspect that it would be better to cold-shock the kit upon receiving, or if you see no activity at all after 2 weeks. Maybe Zamnesia should check their recommendations, as it seems the exact same thing also happened to a French reviewer just below.

    C. F.

    le premier flush a mis du temps a démarrer et contrairement a ce que préconisait le manuel d'utilisation; j'ai été obligé de mettre de l'eau froide et dans l'obscurité pendant 12h parce au bout de 15 jours je n'avais aucun signe de colonisation du micelium donc j'ai eu une petite recolte de 90 gr frais; j'attends le second flush avec impatience.Mise a part ça ; c'est très correct.Merci Zamnesia

    L. D.

    zamnesia au top
    Au top

    B. C.

    So far so good
    1,5 week, mush’s 1,5cm big, quite a lot on my box too. Was very easy till now, just put the water and placed kit on the table in kitchen. Somme differences of size of , I gonna ask Zamnesia support if they know how to do? Need I pick bigs and wait for smalls they grow or pick everything same time? Anyway is working quite well

    G. A.

    white dream
    3 beautiful flushes

    F. #.

    Super site
    J'ai commander 3 boîtes dont 2 qui n'ont pas donner bcp .. mais après contact avec le site . Ils m'ont renvoyer 2 boîtes qui ont bien fonctionnées. Sinon les champi sont fort en rigolade ..

    A. G.

    Incredible !
    Thank you very much for this incredible experience and great customer service ! :D

    T. G.

    Great Kit
    2nd time I have had this kit and it never fails to impress me

    L. B.
    Vous ne pouvez pas laisser d’avis car vous n’avez pas acheté ce produit
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Kit de culture Zamnesia 'PES Amazonian'
Kit de culture Zamnesia 'PES Amazonian'