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Supa Gro Kit 100% (Le Choix de Zamnesia) 1200ml

 4/5 (67)

    Superb customer service & Quality products!
    I have had consistently good results with these products - Any deficiencies can be traced to me not following the exact instructions. The only time I had a kit go bad (moldy) in spite of following the instructions, Zamnesia were superb in the communication and follow-up.


    If you want to gamble, go ahead and buy.
    50/50 if you get any mushrooms. Product should be removed, awful quality.


    Ni un flush... debĂ­a venir contaminado
    El equipo de Zamnesia me envió este growkit de manera gratuita porque tuve problemas con otro growkit que pedí. Un servicio al cliente fantástico. El problema es que este growkit, con todas las medidas y parámetros adecuados, tampoco me dió ningún resultado. Soy cliente habitual de Zamnesia y he cultivado varios growkits con mucho éxito, se podría decir que tengo experiencia. Con pena, sinceramente, dado el excelente servicio al cliente, tengo que dejar una mala reseña debido a que el growkit no ha dado ningún fruto en absoluto.


    Zwei Versuche, wurde leider bei beiden nix
    Ich hab das Set irgendwann im November aufgestellt. Das Erste wurde trotz Nutzung einer Maske und Desinfektionsmittel schimmlig. Auf Anfrage hat Zamnesia das durch ein neues Zuchtset ersetzt. Der Service ist super, da kann man nix sagen. Das zweite kam irgendwann im Dezember an also habe ich einen "sterilen quadartmeter" eingerichtet damit es nicht nochmal schimmelt. Hat geklappt, kein Schimmel, aber auch keine Pilze. Trotz täglichem sprühen, Licht und Heizmatte sieht das Set genauso aus wie am ersten Tag. Leider vollkommener Reinfall. Schade


    Customer service is exceptional!
    I ordered this grow kit and it did not grow properly from the start. I got in contact with customer service and they were extremely helpful in assisting my questions an in the end they offered to send me a new kit or give me spending credit on the website! All products got to me quickly and the only issue I had was quickly resolved. Couldn't be happier with my customer experience.


    Still Waiting !
    It seems that the mushrooms are growing. I can see like 5 heads now... still waiting ! I tried them with a friend once and it was my first experience... and what a nice experience !!


    Llegó super rápido y todo listo para empezar. Totalmente recomendable


    supa gro kit 100% zamnesia's choice
    supa gro = garbage. Never had any problems with other brands, no result with theirs. Avoid please.


    Ecuador Strain Supa Grow
    Had a good first flush, not a huge in terms of volume, but nice. Thank you.


    Don't waste your money. This product is a joke.


    Kit supa gro 100%
    I funghetti nel primo getto sono usciti tanti e sono rimasto veramente felice, mangiando li però ho notato che non mi hanno fatto nessun effetto... Ho mangiato tutta la torta di funghi in un giorno e ho solo sudato tutto il giorno... Una grande fregatura!!!


    Parfait, rapide et efficace avec des petits cadeaux en plus !!
    Je recommande, germination a 100%.


    Not the best kits
    The bags these ones come with are too big and cant hold up on their own. That is a big minus, I wish I had gotten other grow bags with my order. I got 3 different strains: McKennaii is good, it gives good amount of fruit B+ is a good grower and a good strain Ecuador was total wreck and didn't produce any good fruit. Its not even contaminated - its just growing little balls that never grow up to be fully grown shrooms I feel like Zamnesia kits are better


    supa gro kit 100% zamnesia's choice
    As always, the grow kit delivers what it promises, quick and generous mushroom production. It arrived quickly in a standard small package that does not call attention and the user instructions in the web page are clear and work fine.


    Great way to discover new strains
    Great as always.


    supra gro panama
    deuxième Kit supa gro qui ne fonctionne pas. Plus jamais je prendrais supa gro.


    Prodotto ottimo


    Supa gro brasilian
    Due mesi non è uscito niente, bidone, dovete risarcire!


    non è cresciuto nulla
    dopo un mese nulla ...


    Bom crescimento , bom produto.


    Green mold
    When i got the package it came allready with mold but not the white good one. 48€ for nothing. MISERABLE


    very good
    i got the b+ box and it was a very good box got 5 flushes and the tripp was very strong


    B+ surprise
    The delivery was fast and discreet. I'm satisfied with the amount I was able to harvest. Multiple harvests were possible. Would order them again.


    Very disappointed
    I ordered a Supra Gro surprise kit. I got a package of Colombians. Great service and fast delivery. I grew them using a propagation mat, temperature was good, no mold, no contamination. After 20 days now nothing grow and it seems nothing gonna grow in the future. Previously I had not had problems with Zamnesia mushrooms. I am very disappointed and unhappy with this Supra Grow growing box. Not a very nice surprise kit.


    4 kits commandé et que 3 de reçu !
    J'ai commandé 4 Supa gro kit mais je n'en ai reçu que 3, j'espère que vous allez me renvoyer le kit manquant et en + de sa je n'ai pas reçu la pochette surprise qui m'était offerte, déçu


    3 setas....
    He cultivado varios panes de setas en mi vida, siempre con muy buenos resultados, pero esta vez pedĂ­ un kit sorpresa de supra go, me llegaron unas colombianas y apenas he obtenido 3 setas del primer flush....


    arrived very quickly, good mycelium development!


    This one nearly failed completely
    I was very unhappy with the harvest, in spite of having followed the instructions completely and being extremely careful not to contaminate the grow kit. Although the 3,4 grams dried I ended up ingesting were surprisingly effectful (shared them with a friend) for such a low dosage, I had expected at least 10 times the harvest. I may try again.


    Zamnesia's Choice kit
    Lovet how they handle customers they send best choises and everything works perfect !


    Great service, shame about the product.
    Well, what can I say, I sent cash off to them, they sent the original product, a supagro standard Golden Teacher grow box, it grew one flush of about twenty mushrooms then about ten more mushrooms on second flush, then really nothing. I grew them using a propagation mat, temperature was good etc. I have an electric dehydrator, so in they went at 45c for 24hrs and they were lovely and cracker dry. I ground them and popped them in the lemon-tek method advised on this site, and it was...underwhelming to say the least. Out of the whole kit I got about 30grams dried, and only managed a mildly amusing trip once when I took 5g dried in a cup of tea. Now, I know what tripping is and these were just really boring and really just made me very mellow with mild visuals, I could achieve the same effect with half a bottle of Calpol. So, I wrote to Zamnesia and they could not have been nicer, great communication and after I explained everything they sent me a supagro box of Panamanian strain, apparently a 'seriously strong strain'. Well, they might be, but as the first flush produced only nine mushrooms, the second flush a pitiful three, I figured it was time to give up. My partner took the Panamanians and said they were quite effective, but as we only had about 2 dried grams they weren't really worth sharing so I never found out. I really wanted their product to work as the staff were great and the website is very informative and well set out, but if you have two chances to get the product right and fail both times (by quite a distance both times) then I'm sorry, but for all the pleasantries this site now just feels like a con job. I know how many trips I can get for 50 quid, and it's an awful lot more than these pretty rubbish boxes produce. Sorry guys, crap product and won't be back, really disappointed, a lot of time, money and effort for about as many trips as a tenner would get me from a dealer. My advice to anyone reading this? Find a friendly dealer and buy some tabs, lot more reliable, lots cheaper and far less hassle.


    Received Panama exciting box, it's actually at the second run of drying fruits, a four stars product should become five if it was full flushing and greater visual effects


    Would recommend, but...
    Great service as always, even send me some extra seed. When it comes to supergrow: i have had some great results with these, although nature is unpredictable. By that i mean, they do come with mold from time to time, and you gotta keep an eye out for contamination. I am not sure whether hey go moldy more often than the competitors, but i would all in all recommend. I bought 5 packs this time around, and one of them smelled bad when it arrived and got a huge blue spot shortly after. I managed to separate it it time though. Tl;DR: a great product, but expect them to go the wrong way from time to time


    Zamnesia had ran out of stock of their supa grow growkits so we thought we would get a double of what we had already ordered (it was buy 2 get 1 free). They actually waited and gave us another random from their stocks which we are very happy about. It was the thick dicks, it’s been five months and they haven’t grown yet but we are still hopeful


    They send me
    a Thick Dick kit that didn't come out. They quickly send me another one (cambodian) for free that was perfect!


    Bought 2.
    I bought two at once. I got alot out of them both in grams and trip-wise


    Excellent Service, Good Quality Shrooms, High Times
    *I received a box of the Hawaiian strain, very quickly after ordering. *They grew easily, the first flush was ready in 2 weeks, using a heat mat. It was not the most productive box I had but overall a very decent amount of shrooms : - 14g in the first flush - 9.8g in the second - 7g in the third - 4th flush is in the way bringing a few more * As for the effects, we did a ceremony during the full moon, outside in nature. In a nice set&setting, my friends took 2.6g each and I took 3.8. We all had a beautiful experience, high energetic feeling and deep connection to the mystical realms and nice visual activations. If you want to experiment more intensely and dive deeper in your inner world, I highly suggest taking 5G alone, if possible in silent darkness or at least in a very calm space. Do that only when you have experience with psychedelics and when you have an idea about how your bodies react to this medicine. Start low (1.5 - 1.8g) and increase gradually after a few trips, it is worth the journey and there is no need to burn the steps here. The beauty is in the process, not only in the result. High revelations, deep spiritual realizations and valuable life lessons are waiting for you if you take the time to do it properly, with respect and humility. * Last thing, I recommend mixing psylocibin and cacao, the synergy created by these two medicines is incredible ! So much better than psylocibin and weed which I used to do a lot. I now smoke CBD in order to keep a clear head while tripping. I wish you all a beautiful journey in this life Love & Light


    nice truly nice
    pretty good


    a bit disapponted
    got b+ strain. first flush was ok, but notably worse than my growing experiences before. normally it covers the whole ground with pins, but it looked already like the second flush, and again the second looked like the 3rd or 4th and by the third only big ones on the edges. so all in all i have to conclude it was kinda badly colonized or smth (for example i got it already with a white furry patch on one spot on which nothing ever grew). mushies are great though ,very clear tripping. hope you can deliver better kits in the future


    First time grower and very happy with the results of my first crop that have just come through. Easy to understand and clear instructions. Happy man.


    Très sympa, mais pourrait contenir un produit du smartshop plutôt ue de simple bricket/grinder.


    I couldn't ask for more! Thanks!


    Does what it says!


    As always thank you


    Anleitung falsch,was zum Ausfall des 1. Flushes fĂĽhrte
    SupaGrow Anleitung falsch,was den 1 Flush verweigerte.Bekam die Sorte A+,die jemanden wie mich ohne Growkit erfahrung leicht herausforderte.Ansonsten war der 2 Flush mit 180 g plzen nicht schlecht.


    Great first flush just on the second can't wait to try them!


    Ready to grow
    Everything worked perfekt! Only Problem: I do not know the strain.


    Hawaian , Mexican & B+
    Ho ordinato 3 kit , sono soddisfatto ma supa gro ha i sacchetti filtro peggiori , questo può influenzare la produttivitá. consiglio di acquistarne dei nuovi per garantire maggior sterilitá e minor lavoro (Fabbisogno minore di acqua).


    Easy grow, plenty of shrooms


    Very pleased
    Package arrived quickly, I got the Panama strain this time. The substrate didn't look fully colonized, though the mycelium looked strong and healthy. I sat the box in a 23C room and misted and fanned 3-6 times a day. In about ten days I could harvest about 210g. Second flush not going quite as good though ~70g. All in all I'll have a jar with at least 25g dry cubensis that my wife and I are looking very much forward to communing with.


    Nice kit
    It's growing well but slow because temperatures are low, I'm hoping for some nice protein to come out of it!

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