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Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'B+'

 4.5/5 (416)

    Great kit
    Easy and simple to grow, I used a heat mat and the mushrooms grew very fast and got a nice harvest.

    N. M.

    Great Kit.
    Got this kit as a substitute for defective one. This one worked really great. The first pins showed up really quickly. Had a lot of mushrooms to harvest.

    A. W.

    Sehr potent und gut gewachsenen

    G. M.

    il sacchetto è bucato , la vaschetta aperta , comunque la sto provando.

    M. C.

    Menomale ne ho presi due
    Di due balle arrivate una ha dato i suoi frutti, la seconda niente a parità di cura e locazione della balla stessa, non ho richiesto una sostituzione perché già queste erano sostitutive di due balle che non producevano nulla e va bene così vista comunque la cortesia dello staff. Stavolta almeno un paio di raccolti li ho avuti.

    M. D.

    A+ Results for B+
    It did exactly what it said it would. I got 4 full flushes. I hardly did anything except keep the temperature and humidity stable and tried not to get anything contaminated. A good product.

    M. G.

    Gute Wirkung aber..
    Ich hatte beim ersten flush 200 und beim 2. 57g und das ist meiner Meinung nach schwach, aber zamnesia ist kulant und ich bekomme eine andere Box zugeschickt, das ist nett von Ihnen!

    K. S.

    B + gets a plus fom me
    Ive only had the first flush so far, waiting for mote, but the results form the first flush have been great. Proudced a great yield and nice strong mushrooms

    N. W.

    Didn't grow a single one!!
    This isn't my 1st time growing shrooms and unfortunately this batch did not work at all. My gut says it was too early to open but I followed the instructions and nothing... however, I did also buy some McKennaii, which worked fantastically! B+ in the past give a nice high, colours and lovely mood. The product poor, shrooms are all good.

    T. S.

    I love it!
    Today I did my first harvest after only 10 days from activation of the kit, easy for beginners like me! Didn't try them yet but they look absolutely perfect! 5 stars to the custmer service for their help!

    G. P.

    Awesome experience. Thank you Zamnesia!
    This was the second time I bought a mushroom kit but it was the first that actualy grew! I am super happy with the simple instructions how to grow the mushrooms and also the harvest. The dryed hmushrooms were 3dg. I Took 3 grams at the countryside of austria and had the best trip I've ever had! I would buy it again. Greetings, Simon!

    S. S.

    Ho seguito tutte le indicazioni del caso ma non ho ricevuto i risultati desiderati... Mi farebbe piacere se potessi ricevere un altro kit grazie

    G. G.

    Bonjour Je voudrais savoir pourquoi il y a des points blancs sur les têtes des champignons ? Alors qu'il commence à sortir Merci de votre aide

    A. L.

    Dont buy
    I used the right instructions, followed them to the t, but couple of days before I was hoping to start harvesting, they started to mold. Never happens before (though I’ve had few years since last one). It must’ve changed and become more difficult. Would not buy, too expensive because of huge risk.

    K. H.

    Very happy with this kit
    Shipment arrived quickly and in perfect condition and I've started to harvest my second flush already, good size fruits and very healthy, would recommend for beginners as it's good to go straight from the box, would happily order again :)

    A. B.

    Belle expérience après un échec
    Le kit est encore en culture. 14g secs déjà récoltés. J’ai fait un premier test à 2g secs (je pèse 55kg) et … aucun effet. J’ai fait un deuxième test 48h après, a 6,5 g secs et… très joli trip ! Conclusion : j’ai envie d’en tester des plus forts, au risque d’avoir plus de nausées :)

    M. C.

    Good product
    Very good product. Happy with the service aswell. Will be back soon

    A. P.

    Communication with the store are perfect and the growkit is very easy to manage.

    J. L.

    After receiving very fast the products, one got me very satisfied (harvest + effects oOooOOoo) while the other completely fell off. But the support online was very proactive and they offered me a great solution, which made me very suited. Can't be happier then !

    H. A.

    cresciuti in meno di due settimane dall apertura del kit
    il primo flush ha fatto 110 g freschi ora sto facendo il secondo flush speriamo bene ,trip eccezionale (primo trip con funghetti) con 3,5 g (secchi)ciascuno io e un mio amico siamo volati con la testa nello spazio

    G. V.

    It arrived really really quick. The box arrived in perfect condition, the guide-trough on how to handle the box is simple and the box itself smells like fresh dirt, but nothing that would come off as uncomfortably stinky or anything. I can't wait to harvest them shrooms!

    S. S.

    Absolute must have
    Awesome Genetics! I´ll have to try and clone them from the cake. Fastest growth i´ve ever witnessed and big yields (1st F - 12g dried. 2nd F - 6g dried. 3rd Flush will be around 3g) Great Product and great service. Big Love going out to the whole Zamnesia Team!

    M. M.

    Easiest grow ever
    Open, push in the bag, wait 1-2 weeks, and here we go ! And very nice evenigs are setup.

    G. B.

    my favorite !
    I haven't tried a lot of kit but this one is my favorite for now... Very strong trip, not a lot of production but it doesn't really matter seing how strong the shrooms are... Lot of visuals, very very interesting !

    S. B.

    marcos verrell
    All good, happy with product, healthy and fast service.

    M. V.

    Communications with this shop are excellent, there were no delivery problems, instructions on the website clear and concise. Product was/is absolutely tremendous! Will definitely order again.

    K. A.

    I would've given one star but I did get a single flush out of my fresh shroom kit for some reason after the first flush I cold shocked for a second and the second didn't bother coming.. I followed the instructions to a tee. Finger crossed the super grow kit on the way does better

    A. O.

    Brilliant kit! Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I am ordering again right now.

    A. K.

    Very productive first flush
    Big mushrooms and good amount for the first batch. Good variety and waiting for the second flush to happen! The only problem I see with this kit it's that the plastic bag is quite small, also has holes all the way to the bottom so the water goes out through them.

    E. M.

    Amazing 🤩🤩
    The kit and the instructions are easy to follow and you will get at least 2 flushes, excellent job !!! 10 / 10

    G. P.

    Pas le bon produit
    Dessus car j' ai commandé des B+ mais j'ai reçu des mckennaii. J'adore les mckennaii mais je voulais tester les B+

    E. D.

    Good Crop
    I had an issue with my grow kit, but customer service responded quickly and were able to resolve the issue

    M. D.

    Good quality fruits, good kit for a beginner, be careful with side pinning
    First time for me. Overall easy to use according to the instructions. As the cake contracts it is prone to side pinning, even placed in the cardboard box. I ended up letting it fruit outside of the box for the second flush, although adding plastic bag on the sides of the cake itself to prevent air from going in may be a better solution. The first two flushes not perfect but I'd say it is because humidity, temperature and CO2 are less controlled with just the bag in a room. As a result caps tend to open early on the majority of the fruits but all in all still got 8g dry on the first flush (with a lot of small fruits) and about 7.5g on the second. If it keeps fruiting for some more flushes it will definitely be a good yield for the price and low effort. Haven't tested full potency yet but on a MD it seems very promising :)

    M. D.

    Great yield and effect
    B+ mushrooms are ideal for beginners. Great yields, but some tiny mushrooms were around the edges of the grow kit, even though I have followed instructions and had them placed in paper box so the light can´t reach the sides of the grow kit. Effects will deeply connect you with nature, and universe. Visuals are mild, everything breathes, saturated colors, in higher doses more warping, you can see the world like you were underwater. Great strain, I would reccommand this to everyone! Thank you Zamnesia for these mushrooms, they´ve changed my life for the better!

    V. M.

    Funktioniert alles einwandfrei. Schneller Versand Wächst und gedeiht gut

    L. K.

    GRANDI Cappelli
    Davvero un ottima produttività da questo kit, particolarmente grandi gli esemplari che si ottiene.

    A. P.

    It worked great!
    Everything went smoothly except for the harvest, little bit late in my opinions but that's my fault. Ladys and Gentlemen, buckle your seatbelts and see you on the other side.

    C. T.

    Super smooth
    Pack arrived quickly, took about 10 days for the first pins to appear and then they quickly burst into full loveliness. Only took a small handful yesterday, but had a beautiful experience and am excited to take more next time. Thank you Zamnesia

    A. W.

    b+ fresh mush
    pacco arrivato in tempi brevi; kit arrivato in buone condizioni, dopo due settimane esatte si sono visti i primi risultati ;)

    A. S.

    Easy to get good yields
    My second fresh grow kit, not at all disappointed… with very little effort I got 6.5G on first flush and the 2nd flush is just starting

    J. C.

    Sehr gute Wirkung
    Diese Sorte hat meiner Meinung nach die beste Wirkung und hat einen guten Ertrag.

    L. Z.

    Bon appétit !
    Très bon kit de culture ! Les B+ ; font partie de mes champignon préféré ! Très très facile a cultivé ! Et très bon trip ! Le visuel es ouf !! Je kiff ! Et je recommande avec le tapis chauffant impeccable ! Merci Zamnesia !

    K. V.

    Not really colonized
    The cake had not been colonized enough. Pinning took quite a long time and with the micropore bag on top there seems to pop up some contamination now.

    T. L.

    Great harvests and quick delivery.
    Got a total of 30g dried out of 4 flushes with these grow kits. Tried and tested. Absolute power

    S. O.

    Well... this is a natural product, indeed.
    So first of all let me preface this by saying that the Kit I bought and received contaminated on me. I was kind of disappointed at first but as the instructions are very clear and I did follow them precisely, I was not sure whether this was my fault or not. Since then a lot has happened, and I decided after quite some time to review the product after all and give it a 5 Star rating. Why? You asked, when it didn't work and you don't think it was your fault... Well, the answer is kind of simple. Growing mushrooms is not as trivial as growing plants. You can't just put a seed in the soil and expect it to grow like that. It is a kind of difficult process that involves many many steps, for each one you have to be very careful and mindful about the sterility of the process. So, as I was not satisfied with the product, I reached out to customer service. They were very supportive and helpful. Instead of purchasing a new grow kit, I decided to try on my own with spores. I bought some Petri Dishes as well. With spores you can really see the process from start to finish and understand how vital and crucial it is to work sterile, the tiniest mistake can ruin the whole culture. To sum that up: I think that due to the fact that growing mushrooms is no easy task, the fact that the growkits let you start at step 5 basically makes it a lot easier and provides a great entry in the world of cultivating. I would recommend anybody to give it a try, and if you really really like it, get the spores and try on your own, it is lots of fun!

    P. L.

    First success
    I like this growkit, it is easy to use, since I did it, anybody can. But the first flush was a little underwhelming, currently working on the second one! Good product overall 4/5 stars

    J. M.

    Gute Ernte, sehr einfach, nice pilze
    Hab zwei sets bestellt, mittlerweilse im 3. flush. 1. flush war relativ klein, aus beiden zsm.

    A. E.

    B+ yeahhhh
    Very good and fast service...thanks a lot amnesia!!!

    D. P.

    Good yield
    Had some issues first but Support helped me

    D. S.

    Very good
    All good with mushrooms and best customer service

    D. K.
    Vous ne pouvez pas laisser d’avis car vous n’avez pas acheté ce produit