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Kit de culture Zamnesia 'PES Amazonian'

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    feels like great shrooms! very easy & fast growing + amazing visuals. I used 36 g fresh young cuts (around 6 cm) and made a tea twice...was already enough for a trippy saturday


    Pes Amazonian
    Ho provato 2,5 g con metodo LemonTek e ho avuto un esperienza straordinaria sia dentro che fuori, ero in festa e la musica mi ha travolto ogni senso facendomi viaggiare nello spazio! Effetto duraturo e molto divertente! Zamnesia best one!


    En mi primer cosecha salieron un montón, no tuve problema de ningún espectro. Fácil y simple.


    Le kit est arrivé, il y avait déjà des champignons dedans, je pense que ce n'est pas normal, j'ai immédiatement prit en charge mon kit, mais rien n'a poussé.. Je vaporise tous les jours, à la température demandée, mais rien du tout depuis pres de 20jours..


    More than I expected
    The grow kit arrives on time and the custom management from Zamnesia was very goood, the answered all my questions on time. By mistake I payed Two times my order and they reimbursed my money super fast. The grow kit gave me more than three flushes and after two months some mushroom are still growing. In total I had more than 300 grams of fresh mushrooms; the effect of Amazonian is very visual. I totally recommend buying this product. Thanks Zamnesia.


    Questions of potency and yield
    Aside from the intricate differences in effect between the various strains of mushrooms, I was initially just as interested in yield and potency. In my experience, these two factors seem quite connected. Amazonian lies somewhere in between Golden teacher - being the most potent (and with the most preferable type of variance in effect) but with lower yields and mckennaii, Which will have both a different effect (in my opinion less visual and less energetic - again still very dependent on setting and set) and also less potent. However Mckennaii is the most productive I've tried, flushing seemingly infinitely many times until the cake is crisp (if it stayed healthy, I've had so many flushes that I couldnt keep count). However this also means that a 5g trip on Mck is nothing special compared to that 5g trip of the amazonian - visually especially. However Mckennaii, might "ground you" a bit more. To compare directly in potency - and my preference in general type effect - among these 3: 1. Golden teacher, 2. Amazonian and 3. mckennaii As this is a comment on specifically Amazonian: The yields here will - if healthy - be at least 2 and possibly 3-4 with the later flushes having fewer but still big mushrooms - with initial flush having both very big ones, but also the whole cake covered in small to medium sized ones. This was almost the case for 5 out of 5 kits which i bought; with some differences in yield, in 2 of the 5 - but only a little.


    Rien à dire
    Super récolte j'entame la deuxième. Zamnesia à été très arrangeant suite à des problèmes sur mon premier kit au top. Première récolte goûté, c'est plutôt efficace ;)


    One of the two boxes grew nicely, the second one is still striving to survive. Small yeld, but one has to admit there is no easier way to cultivate shrooms! Also, Zamnesia instruction has changed (in better) since the last order!


    Super kit
    Premier récolte de 150 grammes de champignon frais en une quinzaine de jours. Les champignons sont de très bonne qualité. Très bon trip. Merci Zamnesia !


    Na twee weken begonnen ze te groeien en na een paar dagen kon er geoogst worden. Ik ben gestopt met wegen, maar het was een leuke oogst. Nu kijken wat de volgende ronde doet. Werking is ook prima, zowel voor microdosing als gewoon gebruik..


    A bit Disappointed
    I have ordered from zamnesia several times, and I have always been satisfied. I have grown this variety several times and all went well... However, I think that my last two boxes were damaged during delivery, probably due to the heat.... Despite the usual precautions and optimal temperature, neither of them gave me a crop... A bit disappointed...


    2.5g Magic
    I spent an afternoon in the sun riding my e-scooter around inside an animated painting, everything that was static such as trees, streets & buldings i saw in vibrant colors with contours melting into eachother, while moving things like cars and people looked relatively normal, except for the tracers they left behind them. Later I sat down for a while and just looked at a tall birch tree in the distance catching the last of the evening sun while its high branches sway like seaweed in underwater currents, feeling complete stillness in my mind without a trace of thoughts.. pure magic.


    Grandi frutti enormi
    Sono contento perché non avevo conosciuto prima, questo sorprendente strain!! Frutti di 25 cm e suer potenti!!!! 14 gr. Secchi al Primo flush, 12 gr. Secchi al secondo (con meno frutti ma enormi), al momento aspetto ancora il 3 flush!!!!! Ordinate Amazonian pes da zamnesia, qualità prezzo ok.


    Abundant yield and potent effect
    Growing these shroomies went very smooth. They produced three very abundant flushes and came growing back fast. With the medium dose that I've tried so far, I experienced shiny visuals and blissful giggles. Recommended!


    Nicht ein 2 mal
    Habe mir diese grow Box geholt weil die Beschreibung ja schon ganz gut war aber nach 3 Wochen sind bis jetzt nur ganz kleine shrooms gewachsen was mich halt schon stört die wachsen extrem langsam also ich würde die kein 2 mal bestellen


    Très bonne qualité de kit!!
    Comme d'hab, excellente qualité de grow kit, rien à dire la dessus! Les champis de cette variété semble plus gros que les Mc Kennaii pour une puissance à peu près similaire. Merci pour votre sérieux Zamnésia!!


    Arrivés contaminés, remplacés très rapidement après envoi photos et explications. Le nouveau kit est en train de produire un 2e flush, cool ! Super SAV, réactif et de confiance. La prochaine fois je commande de nouveau sur Zamnezsia


    retour aprés premiers flush
    Voila des années que je n'en avais pas fait et je ne suis pas déçu les boite ont touts les deux donnée + de 10 gr sec par flush et par boite, le trip etait euphorique et visuel et bien actif même avec que trois quart d'un gramme pour commencer, et j'ia fini avec en gros 1GR et demie pris en deux fois qui m'ont tenue bien 6H. je recommande


    great and strong
    It took longer to grow than other kits and I didn't get many for the first flush but let me tell you it is the most potent shroom kit I've had.. 1g feels like ~3g of another strain, amazing hallucinations.. I'm really hoping to get more out of the kit


    From funny confrontations with trees and heavenly guidance and images for extra empathy for people around you to feeling the north and south pole and feeling the subtle communication between horses, this is the way. I thought I heard wolves in the forest so I kind of paniced and felt lost and has to have an guess for where north and south was, and I deffinately felt something, I could also see visuals from heaven coming down to me like a bridge for information. I dried and chopped them and then mixed with youghurt. I also had alot of respect for our rottweiler because I always thought he was a bit to guarding and my cat was all over the place and VERY excited about me. I also starting using breething as a way of seeing who I was, I do believe true joy comes from seeing life as a common excitement when realising we are alive and present together


    grow kit amazonian
    Super kit! je recommande :))


    This kit is perfect, now 3 flushes, first yeld was 18g(dry) and second was 16.5g(dry)


    Best product ever
    I have tried almost every variety of srooms there is .. and i can really tell that PES Amazonian is the most powerful and long lasting . I totally recommend it .


    Had an okay first flush around 120g, then accedently managed to kill them all in the second, all my fault tho so no complaints, definitely worth a try, easy peasy, just don't end up turning on the heater behind and fry them


    Il kit sembra contaminato
    Appena arrivato il kit ha presentato macchie di colore bianco in superficie penso che non mi farà nemmeno fungo vorrei capire come contattare l'assistenza visto che il kit è arrivato già contaminato


    no flush
    i'm putting 3 stars just because they didn't work out, probably the kit was contaminated or had some problems - i'm gonna contact their assistance service, always very kind. I expect it to be as good as usual, if it grows of course


    Vittima di una contaminazione incrociata
    Erano appena nati quando la loro vita è stata stroncata dalla vicinanza ad un altro kit che però era contaminato, per fortuna i ragazzi di zamnesia sono formidabili e si sono subito mossi a spedire nuovamente entrambi i kit


    Très efficace ce kit
    Tout c est déroulée comme le Manuel l avais prédis et le trip était parfait à recommander


    A challenge but worth it.
    Probably the hardest kit I have tried to cultivate, a little slow growing, but man do they hit.


    Growkit amazonian
    Jammer genoeg is er niets uit de growkit gekomen. Daarom de 2sterren. De growkit golden teachers zijn wel uitgekomen. En die zijn bezig met de 2de ronde


    Toller Support
    Hatte leider mit dem ersten Kit (Golden Teacher) kein Glück... dafür sprang der tolle Support ein und ich bekam PES Amazonian die ersten Pins nach wenigen Tagen...habe jetzt...also gestern geerntet...20g trocken und sie ballern recht gut...hoffe noch auf 2 Ernten und ja werde wohl bald wieder ein Kit kaufen


    Geen oogst
    Jammergenoeg heeft de grofkit geen oogst opgeleverd ondanks de instructies strikt op te volgen. Als gerenomeerd bedrijf lijkt me naar klant tevredenheid toe een commerciële tegemoetkoming in de vorm van een nieuwe growkit een mooi gebaar.


    One of my box was contaminated
    I ordered 1 box of PES Amazonian and another of McKenaii. The McKenaii are growing right now while the PES died/got contaminated probably on the way because they never grew.... Where is the excellent costumer service ?


    No Growth/No Yield :(
    I ordered this GrowKit in Dezember. Shipping worked well, so i started immediatley using it. Did everything according to instructions. Not my first time using Kits like this. But unfortunately the mycelium was poorly visible before starting the cultivation. 30 Days later still no development, so i contacted Zamnesia. It seems I got some sort of already contaminated kit or something, with no friut bodies at all. I got a refund at least.. but i was hoping to for a harvest, so i did not throw it away immediately. Day 40 now.. still nothing...


    Supersnel grote oogst
    Deze kit gaf ook zeer snel een eerste oogst, ongeveer een week na installatie stond de bak al volledig vol. Jammer genoeg is er iets fout gelopen toen ik deze oogst wilde drogen. Toen ik ze na enkele dagen controleerde, was de volledige oogst beschimmeld. Geen risico mee nemen dus volledige oogst weggegooid. Was m'n eerste oogst ooit en uit je fouten leer je. De tweede flush was heel wat minder, minder dan een kwart van de bak kreeg paddestoelen, allen geclusterd in een hoek. Bij de derde flush was de bak weer volledig gevuld. Nu nog aan het proberen voor een vierde keer.


    Little and fast
    It’s my first time with this strain and I just get my first flush; I tested it and everything was very smooth ( 2.5 g ) and colourful and very inspirational The delivery of as as always fast and secure Thx guys!


    Im excited
    After 15 days they started to grow up! I'm living in Ireland, so the weather's conditions are not ideal, but I'm excited to harvest soon!


    Couldve gone better
    I did as told in the manual, But ended up with 10g fresh shrooms in first flush. It’s now been a week since harvesting, and 4 pins have popped up some days ago, But dont Seem to grow proberly. I guess it’s just bad luck. To compare: I have another growkit from freshmushrooms brand, it has been 1 week, and pins are starting to appear in many count. Customer service is the best


    PES Amazonian
    Ottimo fungo, molto divertente, forse a gusto personale preferisco i Golden Teacher, ma veramente un ottima specie. Servizio Zamnesia al top, dopo che il primo kit e' risultato contaminato, in 48 ore mi e' stato inviato il secondo kit, credo sia il servizio clienti migliore mai trovato.


    Perfekt gerne wieder
    Moin First Pins = 8 Day's First Flash = 13 Day's 150g Wet 2.Flash = 25 Day's 140g Wet 3.flash = in work ;) Das Set macht was es soll, und ich bin Neueinsteiger. Bin mehr als zufrieden, und bin mega gespannt was noch geht. Ballern gut,nicht zu doll, und mehr spirituell als optisch !!!


    Fast grow but small
    Fast growers and very good hield but not as big as expected


    Donne moins qu'attendu mais ok si non .


    Après un premier flush de 18,75g sec, et une relance pour un second flush malheureusement le grow kit fut contaminé, zamnesia et son équipe a l'écoute comme d'habitude ma gentille ment renvoyé un grow kit.


    Kit prêt à l arrivée ou nécessite un trempage avant?
    Bonjour, ayant acheté ce kit qui pour une fois n'est pas de la même marque que tous les précédents, je me demandais s'il nécessitait un trempage de 12h avant la pousse, ou s'il était déjà prêt à l'emploi comme les Supa gro. Merci :)


    very good
    i've tryed so hard to grow kits with very poor results but this time has been quiet natural and easy,probably i'm improving,any way very good and recommend


    psy life


    Nice kit. 200gr in the first harvest, after 15 days;


    Quick and discreet shipment. The first pins appeared after 2 weeks, and almost all of them pinned on the sides of the cake. I took the cake out of the grow-box and put it on one end and got 194 gram fresh mushrooms from the first flush, (18,6 gram dry), and 132,3 gram from the second flush, (don't know dry weight). Unfortunately, after I harvested the second flush, the kit went moldy. I haven't got much experience with mushrooms, so I don't know if they are mild or strong? I ate about a gram and saw some geometrical patterns in the ocean, and had lot of uncontrollable laughing fits. Trip lasted 4-6 hours, overall a good experience!


    Una experiencia Magica!
    Hola! mi experiencia con estos hongos ha sido increible. Para empezar, el cultivo fue super simple, cumpliendo con todos los pasos que indicaba el sitio me han salido 4 flushs! La calidad fue mas de lo que esperaba, un viaje que conecta mucho con la naturaleza y con uno mismo! realmente vale la pena! :)


    Big strong shrooms
    First time i tried this strain. The shrooms grow big and i had the feeling that they are a bit stronger than other strains.

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