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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'hawaiian'

 4.5/5 (197)

    Very statisfied
    The mushrooms were very potent and the two first harvests gave us 21 grams of dried mushrooms, enough for aproximately sixteen satisfying trips. The only hinge was that we were unable to understand clearly when we were supposed to collect the mushrooms. We let the veils brake and the spores were released onto the kit which we had to clean to avoid sterilizing the second growth. A picture or a more precise description of the moment when we should have collected them would be nice. A good product and a safe bet.


    Vraiment super, rapport quantité prix excellent, et très bon trip. Un des meilleur de Zamnesia.


    Hawaiian is the go to strain. reliable, potent and abundant!


    First Class
    Delivers great results every time.


    Good product good time !harvest took some time did it the natural way


    probleim de box
    petit champignon tres mauvaie


    Worked great until
    First flush went very well, but then got carried away and over-misted. My mistake, as the kit was doing it's best to grow in the bad, over moist conditions I had created. So I think it was a good kit, and I screwed it up.


    Amazing trip shrooms
    It was my first time growing a kit, and i'm 100%satisfied, even though i didn't get as many shrooms as the picture above, but anyways they are amazing, easy to grow and very very strong.... I can say i had the biggest spiritual experience in my life, never feeled so loved and so strong.


    Overall quite happy, slightly disappointed by the wields
    Overall I would say I am satisfied with the shroom kits. They have given me some beautiful experiences. Though I am slightly disappointed by the amounts I have been able to wield. I have grown 3 different grow kits now. Every time I have very carefully followed their instructions, but the max flush has been 14g dried. Not even once have I had as many shrooms as in the promotion video's and pictures. It kind of feels like false advertising.


    First time grower. It was very easy!
    After about a week from placing my order, my grow-kit arrived at my doorstep in discreet plain packaging. I had never grown mushrooms before, so I was a little worried I'd arse it up. But this wasn't a problem. I just followed the simple instructions Zamensia emailed to me with a PDF. Then, after about 8 or 9 days, I had oodles of beautiful shrooms. In the middle of my 2nd flush with this kit at the moment, and everything is going well, so far. I'm very impressed.

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