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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Golden Teacher'

 4.5/5 (483)

    That was a nice deal
    So the most amazing thing is that this feels like like eating things out of your own garden, and the total growth gave me like 5-6 individual portions. Tip: Do get a heatmat. The first Kit I bought didn't grew that well, but the second one had a great yield because of the heatmat.


    best product ever
    Excellent. I have tried magic truffles on two occasions and they did nothing. This box was a whole different story. Thanks Zamnesia, also amazing CS!


    Is all good
    If you take care and follow instructions - everything works great!


    Le kit ne fonctionne pas
    mon kit n'a donné naissance à rien après avoir bien suivi les consignes je suis très déçu...


    First time problem's kit
    My kit started moldy so fast. When I checked the bag, there was two smalls holes, that I didn't see. I tried to cut the red zone but was too late. Ceck the bag guys!


    Happy happy
    Goeie kit, super goed uitgelegd, super goeie happy trip


    Happy with the product
    Currently on my 2nd flush. I did throw away the lid though. And I didn't give it a cold shock so far because after the 1st flush I still had the little ones growing. Once I pick them, I'll give it a cold shock. Good amount so far for the 1sr flush


    Have good visual trips and give smooth feelings


    Love this strain and brand
    A lot can go wrong with kits!! So make sure you clean your arms and hands well!!! And just follow the instruction!!!!!!++++++++ Super kit 1.time 3xkits = 80,1 g bonedry 2.time 3xkits i´m just after 2.Flush and allready 65,5 g bonedry


    Great service and great product

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