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Kit de culture Zamnesia 'Treasure Coast'

 3.5/5 (44)

    Treasure coast didn't grow
    Treasure coast didn't grow and i have send 4 emails and all i get is automatic reply.... For now on i will shop somewhere else...


    Buy SUPAGRO instead
    I've been buying kits through Zamnesia for years now, have had my bit of trial by error with earlier kits. I've been buying SUPAGRO kits earlier, and have had no problem. But these Zamnesia grow kits are not okay, nowhere in the guide did it say that you should cold shock your kits, so I assumed that these were done differently but they're not you need to cold shock em 12 hours in the fridge for the first flush. The guide tells you to soak em in water and then just put em up, nothing with the fridge. not cool. Then there's the oxygen holes, they come sealed, you can open and wave the bag every day for oxygen intake but it's super unintuitive, after a month, i punched holes through the bag myself and now a few started growing. I would not recommend buying Zamnesia growkits before they fixed their manual.


    Wouldn't recommend AT ALL! Gave NOTHING (2nd time)
    These used to be good, but my last 2 boxes have given me NOTHING AT ALL! I can't recommend these AT ALL! Don't buy, these are just seem to be scams nowadays. Don't know what happened to this company.


    Treasure Coast
    Zamnesia è il miglior sito per varietà di prodotti, qualità di articoli ed ha il miglior servizio clienti! Per qualsiasi chiarimento a causa di problemi ti rispondono in meno di 24 ore! Cercano sempre di darti il consiglio giusto e se per caso qualcosa va storto ti sostituisco il prodotto una volta appurato che il cliente non ha colpe! Veramente unico e fantastici! Grande Zamnesia e grandi i loro collaboratori del servizio clienti! Continuate così che portate avanti una vera rivoluzione culturale naturale!


    it got infected, couldnt try :(
    it got infected and nothing grow :( i'll try again


    Bon kit
    Lancés il y a 2 semaines, les champignons ont déjà bien poussé, assez nombreux. Tout se déroule correctement pour le moment.


    Treasure coast
    Après avoir suivi les instructions à la lettre pour le kit de culture treasure coast mes champignons n’ont pas poussé, peut être que j’ai eu la malchance de tomber sur un kit défaillant, j’espers que l’equipe Zamnezia sera à la hauteur de sa réputation.. Merci


    Servizio perfetto
    Ottimi prodotti e ottima attenzione al cliente


    Première box à eu du mal à se lancer mais zamnesia service à fait un super travail et à rembourser une autre box directement et elle part beaucoup mieux il pousse et j'ai hâte de les goûter !


    Fastgrowing smallaer mushrooms
    The first pins appeared within 7-12 days and the mushrooms came in large numbers and smaller sizes and grew fast. Not the easiest to harvest due to the numbers of mushrooms and there was a lot of mushrooms growing on the side of the box but I was surprised that it grew as fast as the supa gro box. 5 dried grams of this strain gave a very deep and ecstatic trip with lot of love and even if it was not the most visual trip it was very visual and the most emotional trip I had. I recomend this strain. Thank you zamnesia!


    Excellent site !
    Produit très intéressant ;) J'ai eu un problème de pousse mais l'équipe Zamnesia est à la hauteur de sa réputation. Un rapide échange par mail et ils m'ont renvoyé un kit, j'espère maintenant que ce dernier soit prolifique. Vendeur au top à recommander les yeux fermés


    Services Is Better than product
    Product Is not very simply to grow like site show. It seem very easy but not always you can have a good experience. However assistence Is very kind and can help you during the grow. My experience was negative for mold in tour session and no grow nothing. You can't be a pure beginner and Is a Little hard respect all raccomandations of manuale. I love zamnesia ever!


    Sehr schneller Versand!Nach 15 Tagen geerntet!Wieder sehr zufrieden mit Zamnesia:-) mfg


    Schimmel Zucht!
    Ich habe schon sehr oft und auch die verschiedensten Marken und Sorten gegrowt. Ich habe die Box aufgestellt und nach eine Woche kam schon der Schimmel oder auch nur irgendwas ernten zu können. Richtig mies!!!


    Sadly didbt grow
    Nothing grew. Out if this one sadly


    Low yield
    Not impressed by this one. Three shrooms per flush.


    Colis arrivé rapidement, qualité produit au top! Merci


    Didn't grow a thing
    Didn't grow anything in 2 months period, meanwhile B+ grew multiple flushes. Going to skip this one next time. I guess i should just stick to B+.


    The box took a little time to arrive because of the health crisis... Otherwise, nothing to complain about, the first mushrooms grew quickly. They are beautiful and numerous. I have already tested this variety and wasn't disapointed. Thanks Zamnesia !


    service parfait
    Étonné de voir un tel service livrer en France, celle fonctionne relativement bien, on reçoit le colis comme un autre. Quant aux champignons, ils sont encore en train de pousser et a vive allure ! Les conseils de ce site sont très precieux. Je ne jugerai simplement pas les effets car je ne les ai pas encore récolté


    warning remboursement
    bonjour l'équipe Zamnésia j'ai un problème avec mon kit de culture White lightning pouvez vous m'en envoyé un ? comment puis je faire pour procéder a un échange de paquet dans les plus bref délai? merci landry


    2 Kits has rarely grown
    Usually my experiences with grow kits have been rather good but these kits have only produced me one fully grown schroom. Its been almost four weeks and even with heating matts it hasnt helped. Hoping to see results soon. I am watering it once a day now.


    Vert good mush
    The first TC box growed perfectly but on the second the mushrooms growed a lot on the side that it makes more difficult to harvest. However this variety is such amazing, good trip all times and wonderful colors seeing. I highly recommend it (careful on the dose taken, Can be very strong sometimes)


    Merci encore!
    J'avais commandé 2 box dernièrement de FreshMushrooms, elles ont eu énormément de mal à se lancer et l'une d'elle s'est complètement arrêtée au stade primaire, je n'avait que les têtes d'épingles de sorties puis plus rien... Seul les B+ ont continués. Les Ecuadors n'ont rien donnés. Alors que j'ai suivi à la lettre toute les recommandations. Heureusement, le service après vente de Zamnesia est super! Ils m'ont donc fait un bon de commande de la valeur de la box ratée, frais de port offerts ! Merci encore pour votre attention et votre rapidité de réponse ansi que votre accompagnement tout au long des démarches que vous m'avez proposées pour essayer de relancer la production de la box! Je recommande Zamnesia +++++++++


    Ce kit a pris un peu de temps à démarrer mais j'ai eu environ 60g de champignons, et ce n'est que le premier flush !


    very good product! very good service!


    Had a problem
    Nothing really happened, but customer service sorted it for me, thanks guys Will order again!


    Very nice first experience
    First of all the support from zamnesia is amazing. Now concerning the product itself, it didn't gave much on the first flush, maybe I should have waited a little bit more (I'm new to this I don't exactly know when to collect them), but after a little bit of drying, the effects were amazing, a really pleasant and smooth experience. Will surely continue coming here and consuming these products!


    Customer service
    I bought a kit but the kid didn't grow, I contact customer service and after a few questions they straight away replaced the kit , there was none of that blame game you yousually get with customer service, 6 star service


    Great adventure
    First time grower ,,, Amazing definetly purchase again ,although had a couple of mistakes. overal out of this world


    Natural products can sometimes disappoint, but the support is excellent!
    I've had some disappointing results with my kits. After contacting support, we've figured out that the mycelium was probably too dense, prohibiting a good moisturizing of the cake, resulting in bad growth. After some attempts the growth started improving, but the cake was already pretty used up, so the yield still was not great. But the support team offered me a nice compensation, so in the end my experience was still a good one. I did not get to test the effects of the shrooms yet.


    2 bad kits, but Zamnesia customer support top notch
    1st TC didn't colonize, got contam Replacement TC just didn't colonize, stalled completely Neither arrived colonized However Zamnesia customer support v good, and send me a replacement Freshmushrooms GT, that worked much better, arrived nicely colonized, 2 flushes so far


    Very good customer service, product is all right! :-)


    Treasure coast
    Very good service as always from these guys, fast discreet delivery and good products as usual


    The best strain of cubensis by far!
    Absolutely amazing strain. So beautiful to watch grow. Heavy yielder. Strong positive trips. Highly highly recommend... Please bring back this strain


    Here are family
    There are no words to describe the Zamnesia family.. Really we are not just costumers are numbers for them they take care of us like we are family.. I had a problem with a my kit I receive it sick from green mold spots and they send with zero costs new one and it was a reshape from another reshape and no one around this business do that to replace two kits with no complaints or no responses.. They love what they do and I am full respects people's who love their job.. Sooooo guys for one more time I love you and I will always stick with you for a long time more.. Keep the standars like you have them until now to the highest level!!! Peace my brothers and keep tripping around!!


    and now
    Hello après un premier essai de kit (après quelques parquet de truffes magiques l'année dernière) le kit ne démarrait pas du tout. Photos envoyées et explications données le service consommateur de zamnesia ne m'a pas laissée tomber. Un nouveau kit envoyé (merci) et ....quelques champi sur les bords après 2 semaines mais ....pas au centre, explication données, et là j'ai suivi les conseils de bases sur le site pour faire repartir les floraisons, et ça pousse vraiment, après 1 bain d'eau et 1 nuit au réfrigérateur ...never give up, c'est magique .


    Slow to Start
    Let me start by saying this is my first time growing shrooms. Treasure Coast grow kit arrived in good time but after I had followed the instructions, it was over 2 weeks before anything stirred in the cake. First flush was nice, about 50 grams and I'm now about to harvest the second flush! Me and my girlfriend consumed these between us and they really are the most delightful mushrooms to trip on! Neither of us experienced any stomach rumbles whatsoever and they were strong with good visuals! All in all, a very good experience with Zamnesia and anyone thinking of taking the plunge should DIVE IN lol! Treasure Coast I love you


    Customer Service
    After recieving the kit in only a matter of days after ordering, i followed the manual provided yet there was very little activity after 3 weeks, i contacted Zamnesia Support and they did exceptionally well, prompting me what i must try.. still no activity nevertheless i was offered an option 1. another kit or 2. a voucher for ÂŁ45 + free shipping... very impressed with the service of Zamnesia and will continue to buy there amazing products.


    J'avais commandé un premier kit, mais celui-ci a eu un soucis, après avoir pris contact avec Zamnesia, on m'a remplacé le kit défectueux. Ce second kit est en phase de croissance, et ne présente pas d'anomalie pour l'instant. Un Grand merci à Zamnesia pour la réactivité du service commercial et pour leurs super variétés de champis.


    Good experience
    Im a returning costumer at Zamnesia. Their products are excellent and their costumer service like wise! Shipment doesn't take forever and every time a have a question or a issue they reply very fast. Ive had a defect kit and they sent me another one for free without any trouble. My treasure coast is growing fine and looks healthy. I can't wait to try them and see how much my harvest will bring. Thanks you Zamnesia for giving us the opportunity to get great quality products and costumer service for reasonable prices!

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