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Kit De Culture Zamnesia 'Golden Teacher'

 4.5/5 (422)

    Alles super gelaufen
    Das Zauberpilzkit kam ziemlich schnell in einem diskreten Karton an. Der Aufbau gestaltete sich als super einfach und der erste Flush wurde auch schon geerntet. Die ersten Pins erschienen nach 7 Tagen und die Ernte folgte nach weiteren 7 Tagen. Vom Start bis zum Schluss waren es somit 14 Tage, was wirklich klasse ist. Am Ende wird man mit schönen und potenten Golden Teacher Zauberpilzen belohnt. Erster Flush 13,5 Gramm trocken. Benutze es zum Microdosing (0,1 Gramm) und die positive Wirkung von vor zwei Tagen wirkt immer noch nach. Vielen Dank Zamnesia für dieses tolle Produkt.

    J. J.

    En étant consciencieux sur l'application des consignes, on obtient du bon champignon. Celui-ci produit la molécule magique si appréciée et appréciable pour l'absence totale d'effets secondaires qui la caractérise, au contraire de bien d'autres produits dits récréatifs. Pas d'effets de manque, pas de descente, juste un baume pour la psyché, very good, qui s'évanouit seul sans laisser de traces. Merci à toute l'équipe de zamnesia ! Excellent boulot.

    P. M.

    Got replaced
    This kit was replaced with a Fresh mushrooms kit, After this one would not work. I cant review this Kit here- zamnesias Service is uncomparable, though.

    P. B.

    Ich hab selbst eine Technik für die Aufzucht entwickelt, was zur Folge hatte, dass ich ein sehr potentes Produkt bekommen habe. Mit diesem Strain hatte ich die krassesten Erfahrungen, in 10 Jahren. Hat mir sehr geholfen und mich glücklich gemacht, 4 Flushs sind machbar! :))

    P. B.

    La livraison a été bien rapide et pour le moment rien à signaler sur le kit, le 1er flush est sorti, j'espère qu'il y en aura au moins 2 autres ;)

    E. R.

    Resilient mushroom loves to grow
    I thought i messed it all up because i waited too long. Second flush just kicked off tho and new pins are visible. First one gave me 13g dry (100g wet). Customer support is also quick to answer with all the information asked for and even more. I just recommend to contact them if in doubt.

    D. R.

    Ziemlich gut

    Y. F.

    Leicht enttäuscht
    Ich habe 2 Boxen bestellt Die eine macht was sie soll, an diesem Punkt Vielen Dank! Die 2. Jedoch erfreut mich leider garnicht.. Ich arbeite sehr steril Und alle Umwelt Parameter sind nahezu perfekt.. Trübt leider etwas die Stimmung..

    P. B.

    Not great
    Didn't had much luck with these kits. Would recommend getting Fresh Mushrooms or Supa Gro over them which worked great for me.

    Z. C.

    Perfect teacher
    These are divine teacers for mankind

    D. D.

    Great kit
    I was a complete novice going into this. But this kit was so easy to do. And worth every penny. Really pleased with the results I got.

    D. F.

    Sehr sehr gut!
    Innerhalb von 10 Tagen der erste Flush fertig. Mittlerweile schon der dritte. Jedes Mal um die 200g. Von der Wirkung her supi. Sehr kicherig und bunt. Top Produkt ;))

    D. M.

    First Time.
    First time growing. All seems to be going well. Thankyou for a wonderful service will definitely be purchasing again when I get my first harvest through.

    E. D.

    Tub developed mold so the few shrooms that did fruit were not good. Its unusual, this rarely happens. Waiting to hear from support if anything can be done.

    P. H.

    Pas de champignons….
    Je n’ai pas réussi la culture pourtant les conditions étaient bonne , je suis évidemment déçu.

    K. M.

    Professeur d'or
    Très bon produit. 9 flush au total pour 70 grammes de champis sec ! Comme dhab faire gaffe à l'hygiène et la propreté et tous se passe bien ! Top qualités trip pas trop envahissant (après ça dépend du dosage bien sûr car même si c'est une variété pour débutant ça reste des champis !)

    D. R.

    De kit is prima, vijf sterren voor dit product...

    E. B.

    Extremely good flushes with very little time apart, best box so far! The Zamnesia boxes are definately the way to go for both quality and quantity in one package.

    A. M.

    First flush!

    M. N.

    Tolles Produkt
    Macht was es soll. Werde wieder bestellen!

    M. D.

    Après réception d'un colis endommagé, le SAV a été super reactif et m'en a renvoyé un ! Le rendement est plutôt satisfaisant, et le kit facile a cultiver. Les champignons quant à eux sont vraiment top, très bon gout, de très bons effets encore mieux a partager avec quelqu'un de confiance ;)

    A. C.

    Great grow really easy to do
    Great product First yield took about 3weeks Just harvested Second coming on nicely and quicker then the first Got a couple of dozen already And it’s only be 4 days Fast delivery and it was just. Before Christmas Thank you

    P. C.

    Growing as planned
    Great purchase and delivery experience. Followed the instructions to the letter and, as of now, showing a decent crop. Have not harvested yet so can't comment on potency/effects. Will definitely use again!

    R. B.

    Perfect service, great product
    My mushrooms started growing after 7 days. Really fast. Had my first harvest after 12 days. Just waiting for my second one. The box was clean. No infects. All fine. Drying the mushrooms now. Test them for microdosing. Very happy about the first flush. Thanx.

    H. H.

    Voyage Voyage
    Je recommande vivmenent ce Box, facile a faire pousser pour les amateurs. J'ai toutefois l'impression qu'il poussent mieux dans le noir qu'a la lumiere.

    A. A.

    Responsive service
    The support from Zamnesia is fantastic and responsive. All of my purchases have been dispatched quickly and where there have been problems, they have been supportive and quick to solve any issues.

    M. M.

    Pilze wachsen super und haben einen guten Effekt

    R. J.

    Nice Set
    First time growing shrooms so I didn't had much expectation. Just simply following the steps on the manual gave me a nice first flush. Mostly on the sides and not in the middle of the box but I researched and will do better in my (hopefully) next flush

    K. F.

    These were so easy to grow. Saw pins appear after a week, a week later I was harvesting 100g. On my second flush now. Zamnesia own brand are definitely the ones.

    J. H.

    Followed the instructions and had no problems with my first flush. It was huge. Just about to prep my cake for a second flush. Speedy delivery even around the holidays with full tracking. Company was very responsive and helpful when I contacted them. Over all a 10/10 experience

    R. M.

    Ottimo raccolto
    Primo raccolto meno abbondante ( come da aspettative) mentre secondo e terzo una vera bomba!!!

    M. F.

    Happy with the product
    First time growing and the support was really kind and helped me through each step. My first flush wasn't that much, around 13g dried but now my second flush is growing, and it's way more promising. 10/10 I will def. order again.

    B. P.

    First flush
    Had good first flush ,and second flush came through really quickly, really easy and straight forward , absolutely recommend a heat mat though as it made a huge difference , happy so far

    S. T.

    Read comment
    I'm a first time farmer of mushrooms so not sure if I'm at fault or kit was faulty. Only a small patch of pins grew after a fair while of waiting. However , small the shrooms were they were pretty good. I ate em fresh in 2 doses first night I sat laughing at cats for few hours . 2nd night sat laughing at Christmas kid movies . . Hopefully 2nd attempt yields a better crop . 🤞🤞🤞

    S. H.

    Very good
    Il kit è arrivato danneggiato e per questo ho mandato una mail a zamnesia dicendogli che comunque avrei provato, ma visto che la scatola era bucata nella base non credevo che ci sarei riuscito. Ho appena raccolto 147 grammi dalla prima crescita, veramente grazie

    C. C.

    Sehr zufriedenm!
    Schnelle Lieferung, einfache Anwendung. & ein sehr tolles Ergebnis. Immer wieder gern.

    E. A.

    Easy to start! Good first harvest

    K. R.

    Excellent product and customer service
    No hassle in purchase or growing golden teachers. I got 3 flush

    D. R.

    Top company
    It is not the first time I have bought this product from this company with no problems, but this time not through anyone's fault there was a batch failure and it does not work, after speaking with the agent without arguing they offered me a replacement unit totally free I could not ask for more of this company they very reliable and have excellent communication canot recomend enough. Past grows have seen large cuantaties of mushrooms with high yields up to 3 times and these mushrooms definitely do there job.

    J. R.

    First try
    The shrooms are growing well, this Is my first time so i guess the kit works pretty well

    F. M.

    G T
    First flush was ok. See what the next few weeks bring. Excellent customer service as always.

    R. C.

    Gute Anfängerunterstützung
    Sehr zufrieden

    D. L.

    Very nice service
    I got first kit and first one was contaminated, but this is my first grow, so Zamnesia team sent me new one, and it started to grow now, i am very happy already, hope the harvest makes me happy as well.

    M. S.

    Ein Pilz der wachsen will, schnell und unkompliziert.

    G. R.

    Great customer service
    This company really looks after its customers. Had a problem with the 1st kit but they are sending a new one straight out

    D. B.

    Golden Teachers
    Great kit. And great customer service. Thanks again. E. G.

    J. D.

    10/10 dumb proof
    Very happy with the kit. Super simple instructions and it started pinning in about a week. Very good harvest despite me barely paying attention to the thing. Just follow the instructions and you'll be fine. The kit is simple but very well designed

    J. E.

    Professionisti del settore!
    Ho acquistato questo kit ma alla prima spedizione il mio pacco è scomparso, Zamnesia mi ha subito spedito un altro kit gratuitamente. Seguite bene le istruzioni e tutto andrà bene. L' unica cosa da tenere a mente, se volete microdosare questi funghi con le capsule, vi consiglio la misura 00 perché tritati o polverizzati, sono molto volumetrici.

    F. P.

    Does what it says, the more practise you get the better they get

    T. B.

    Wonderful, i recommend it
    Initially, I was concerned when, after one to two weeks, I observed only two minuscule pins that hadn’t shown growth for several days. However, by the third week, not only did these pins start to flourish, but numerous others also began sprouting. I waited an additional week for them to mature and for the veils on the largest mushrooms to begin separating. Subsequently, I commenced a harvest, gathering mushrooms once or twice daily for approximately a week. The yield was substantial. While most of the mushrooms were dried, I opted to use the last few freshly after picking — they were truly remarkable. Regrettably, I noticed a trace of mold on the bases of the last few mushrooms, even though I took precautions using latex gloves and a mask during harvesting. I'm hoping this issue resolves, allowing for a successful second flush. In sum, it's a superb grow kit producing top-quality mushrooms!

    A. N.
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