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Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'

 4.5/5 (1408)

    Bad kit and no support from Zamnesia
    Ordered this box and the mushrooms were very weak and started to turn black and moldy even though I did everything right according to the manual. Sent a report with requested pictures etc to customer support and never received an answer. Several months have passed since then. Very disappointed in Zamnesia and the product!

    T. M.

    A complete success!
    The kit arrived safely on a Friday, and six days later I was harvesting 110 grams. I cold shocked the substrate as directed, and was rewarded with a further 89 grams five days later. I could have had a third flush but the second broke their veils overnight, so next time I'll harvest sooner. Lesson learnt. I loved the whole process, it's not at all complicated, and it's really enjoyable. Thank you Zamnesia, I'll be back.

    A. M.

    Fantastic kit
    First time growing and it was really easy. Just followed the instructions and used a heat mat. Kit arrives in leas than a week and I harvested 12 days later. Much quicker than expected. 258 fresh grams. Now waiting for the second flush. Will order another kit from Zamnesia in the near future!

    S. F.

    World class
    Such fast delivery Follow the instructions and it does exactly what it says on the tin Pure brilliance!!

    R. C.

    Excelente cosecha
    Gran productividad

    S. G.

    Excellent service, amazing product
    First class, professional service from Zamnesia who delivered Golden Teachrr grow kit. Our first mushroom flush appeared within a week. One week later we were staring up at the trees in the woods in wonderment. These are really mind opening mushrooms. And the whole process has been easy and reliable. Added to this the website info Zamnesia provide is clear and helpful. 5 stars plus you guys.

    J. F.

    Golden teacher
    Good first flush

    R. M.

    zami is goated‍
    love love love

    K. T.

    Pure magie
    Merci Zam de toujours nous permettre l'acces a la chair des Dieux. En respectant les instructions, vous pourrez esperer recolter entre 15 et 20 grammes de splendides champignons secs aux teintes dorees et bleutees sur 2 flushes ( 12 pour le premier et 8 le deuxieme ). Les G.T. sont subtils, tres introspectifs, ceux ci vous inviterons a vous poser et une fois le voyage commence, vous offriront, en fonction de votre sensibilite et aussi de la dose, de beaux visuels yeux fermes, bien sur quelques revelations, ils ne portent pas leur nom pour rien... et un grand sentiment de bien etre qu'il vous sera agreable de partager avec les bonnes personnes. Les effets se font sentir a partir de 5 g, 10g vous offriront un voyage puissant de 4h, avec 15g, vous pourrez vous attendre a etre propulse dans une autre dimension pour encore un peu plus longtemps. Attention donc a ne pas les sous- estimer. Big up ZAMNESIA!

    S. G.

    Non tornate più indietro
    Facili da crescere, io di solito li mangio "schietti", dopo un'oretta sale un bello sballo. Divertente, consiglio

    G. V.

    Bei funghi mi dispiace per il viaggio che probabilmente stressa il micelio.

    N. C.

    100% the best option and guys u need heat at all time no matter what heat and water is everything tbh I have got so much from one batch if u see it when it's growing with heat and time u will se some magical stuff happen before tour eyes trust in the process and never ever give up one more time heat and so much little water is so best for the baby mushies guy u got this keep strong in zamnesia its 1000000% proven to work

    T. D.

    Viel Glück bei deinen Tiefflügen

    M. W.

    Tiny flush
    I just got 9 mushrooms out of the first flush and after I contacted the support I tried another one. Nothing really happened. I used a heating mat for the right temperature and followed the instructions 1:1. I expected more. 3 stars for the good delivery and the support team.

    E. K.

    Worked perfectly

    J. C.

    Great Kits
    These Kits are super easy to use. Works Like a Charm.

    A. S.

    nicht zu empfehlen
    hatte schon viele Pilze gesungen, aber dieses Zelt war miserabel. Nur ein Run ist mir gelungen, was nicht mal eine Mahlzeit ergab. Zudem hatte die Tüte unten ein Riesen Riesenloch, so dass das Wasser direkt unten wieder komplett rauskam.

    E. T.

    Erfüllt alle Erwartungen
    Leicht zu züchten und mit ein paar Hygiene Einhaltungen kann man einen super Ertrag einfahren. Wirkung ebenfalls sehr positiv und weniger ist hier mehr ;-)

    T. S.

    ordentliche Qualität, gute Reise!
    Mit Heizmatte, Hygrometer und optimaler Raumtemperatur 23-24C konnte ch 313g frisch und trocken 22,2 g ernten. Leider hatte ich zu Anfang das schnelle Öffnen des Velums unterschätzt und denke es wäre evtl mehr geworden. Also eher früher ernten!! Trotzdem super Erfahrung. Es brachte mich dazu mich intensiver mit dem Thema zu befassen. Bei entsprechender Dosierung ( entsprechend dem jeweiligen Psilo Gehalt umgerechnet auf Dosis mit ca 30-35 "mg"" !!! Psiloybin, jedoch nicht für Anfänger) sehr intensive transzendente Erfahrung. Top Support! H.D.

    H. D.

    Excellent .
    The kit arrived promptly and I found friendly and quick Customer service when I had a problem with starting the grow (problem occurred from my own newby mistake)! They encouraged me to continue and the mushrooms started surfacing about 7 days after placing them in a more appropriate spot . As soon as the mushrooms appeared it was fascinating. The growing process was something to look forward in the mornings or when coming home after being out for a few hours. The progress was always pleasantly surprising and 5 days after seeing the first mushrooms managed to harvested about 58g of fresh. I then used a dehydrator and achieved 9g dry. I had hoped to harvest more on the first time but shall see how the second flush goes! I highly recommend !!

    D. C.

    Golden teacher super grow kit
    100%over the moon with the whole was super quick and the product was amazing .I had my first harvest in 2 weeks start to finish and the second flush started in no time. Absolutely brilliant

    P. M.

    Just what the doctor ordered!
    Perfect nothing to complain about. Comes in a sealed box, with it's own grow bag and easy to understand instructions. The growth medium can be used 3 times as well! Too much bang for your buck!! I would advise you order a heat mat with it to optimise growing conditioms and get the best yeild possible. Enjoy

    J. P.

    Super happy
    2nd flush on the way after a week waiting , 12 g dried from 1st flush, big twisted healthy mushrooms =] Btw 2 g less compare to other zamnesia grow kits. Overall very happy with service and crop

    J. K.

    Perfect I got 4 flushes from this! So easy and discreet

    E. B.

    better human
    great product, great experience, starting to be a better human hopefully :-)

    V. F.


    D. R.

    Amazing Mushrooms! (My first time growing myself :))
    First of all, friendly and quick Customer service when I had a problem with the order (problem occurred from my own mistake)! Then, the mushrooms: they started surfacing about 8 days after placing them in a lowkey warm area. As soon as they appeared I could swear I could watch them grow just by staring at them! The growing process was always something I looked forward seeing to when I woke up in the mornings or when coming home after being out for a few hours. The progress always pleasantly surprised me! 5 days after seeing the first mushroom we harvested about 120g fresh. (keep in mind they lose about a tenth of their weight after getting dried) Speaking of drying them, I used a dehydrator (one of those fruit drying machines). The results: my boyfriend and I first tried 0.7g(dried) each. then after 3 hours we tried 1g (dried) each. I was very surprised at the strength. We were busy creating graffiti words on paper when the effect hit us and 10 minutes later we were running all around the living room finding patterns of graffiti alphabet everywhere we looked and tried drawing the letters down on paper! everywhere we looked were letters! We had such a blast laughing and describing what we were seeing. As someone who is very experienced in consuming shrooms I found the effect very very pleasant and present and absolutely perfect and safe for my boyfriend who was experiencing his first time. Slightly hoped to harvest more on the first harvest but shall see how the second throw goes! I hope the review helped some of you realise weather this grow kit is something for you, I highly recommend !!

    S. M.

    Good Harvest
    2 Flushes about 150g each. Nice and gently teachers if you do not overdo

    F. B.

    Something else
    Quite OK. Smaller harvest than "Zamnesia Grow Kit" or "Supa Gro Kit"

    O. E.

    It took so long to come, and it didn’t even grow

    M. S.

    Kit arrived just 4 days arfter ordering waited a 10 days and pins started forming a few days artfer I was tripping balls. Great product

    A. A.

    Excellent service
    Kits doing okay manage to get 1 flush so far..... It was a replacement for another kit which failed but zamnesnia always here to help great company

    D. M.

    Golden teacher
    Kit très simple d'utilisation il faudrait les faire plus gros

    C. G.

    Zamnesia. First time grower.
    I can't lie i was skeptic about Zamnesia but i ordered my first order. I did everything as they said and the whole block is crowded in shrooms. Heat and air flow play a part. Do your research and it can never go wrong. Zamnesia for life. Will definitely order again! H. H

    C. D.

    funktioniert gut.
    funktioniert gut. Habe es zum ersten mal versucht, und auf anhieb 10 bis 20 pilze bekommen.

    L. F.

    Great stuff!
    Haven't tried the shrooms yet, but got 3 flushes out of this kit: 10 days after the 1st kit setup, and 2 others after 7 days each.

    I. P.

    Les champignon ont poussé rapidement et étaient parfaits pour une soupe délicieuse.

    A. A.

    Love it.
    Very good high product. Easy to use. Very happy with the end product.

    S. C.

    Quick growing
    Only had this kit for 4 days and already have pins growing from this kit. It’s simple no messing about just pop in the bag and let it do its thing.

    S. A.

    La consegna è stata rapida, la coltivazione è semplice grazie alle istruzioni molto e fino ad ora il raccolto è stato abbondante e ripetuto. A questo aggiungo la simpatria dei gestori.

    P. B.

    Der erste flush war sehr schnell und ich konnte sogar reichlich Sporen für eine Nachsaat sichern. Jetzt warte ich grad auf den 2nd flush während die Sporen in Honigwasser reifen. Bin gespannt und übe mich in Geduld. Klar schmecken die Kleinen wunderbar, aber ihren Lebenszyklus zu studieren ist ebenfalls seeehr spannend. Teach and teach, sollte man wohl sagen.

    T. K.

    Excellent customer support
    My first flush had many mushrooms, but the second one only had a few, even though no spores were released in the first flush which I harvested just in time. After contacting the support I got a new kit which seemed to be a little bit different in color but it worked perfectly. Got 20g dried out of it in the first flush. Would buy again

    F. L.

    Golden teachers
    I was surprised how easy it was ,I used a heat mat and the temperature was much lower ,I set it up and went away for a week not expecting what I got on my return trying now for second flush but the substrate is quite black so not expecting it to happen again but overall good little kit

    P. B.

    Best website to buy
    I did purchase a few times from here and honestly I loved the service and supports I have received. Thank you so much for everything! Amir

    A. R.

    Very impressed
    Great introduction to mycology! Decent yield from first 2 flushes, confident there would've been a 3rd but I messed up (my fault). Very minimal effort required to succeed.

    F. C.

    Golden teacher - biggest mushroom ever
    This is the first time that I grew Golden teachers (and not McKenna) and I got one huge mushroom in the first flush So beautiful. Overall, the manual and growing is super easy and straight forward.

    S. S.

    Man bekommt, was versprochen. Auch da wo Sie verschrien sind.
    Eine tolle und zuverlässige Möglichkeit sich einen kleinen Vorrat dieser zauberhaften Zutaten zuzulegen. Bin nun in der 4. Woche am 2. Flush angelangt. Er ist kleiner als der 1. doch für den Eigenbedarf habe ich vermutlich trockene Pilze für ein Jahr, bei meiner sporadischen Anwendung.

    M. G.

    Great stuff!!!
    Very pleased with results

    S. B.

    Easy to maintain
    Very easy to get your very own shrooms, got 3 flushes, the first was the biggest by far

    R. L.

    They grew really fast
    They grew really fast that’s actually good but they started to make spores and I didn’t know this is not good now I have to get another one 🥲

    J. M.
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