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Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'

 4.5/5 (722)

    Golden Teachers
    Excellent service and shipping. Nice, easy instructions that worked perfectly. Very happy.


    Well chuffed
    Pricey but we'll worth it for the quality and ease of use. I will be ordering again :)


    Great Kit
    Nice kits had a decent flush from it,would recommend


    No activity, no solution
    I'm a seasoned mushroom grower with plenty of experience with growkits and own grows from spores to grain spawn to tubs. I followed the instructions carefully, held the kits in a temperature contolled box but only got some pinning and nothing else. The worst part is that I contacted support on multiple occasions, got some basic response, provided them with detailed explanation of what I did, complete with pictures of my setup, but only once got an advice for a cold shock and after that total silence. I sent a total SEVEN emails, but there is NO reaction anymore... A product can be faulty, that's no problem, but then at least take care of the issue!


    Golden Teachers
    I is very easy to grow those little, intelligent helpers. Tanker You.


    Fresh Golden teacher Mushrooms
    I would like to thank the Zamnesia team for their support when going through the initial process of purchasing two grow kits. The kits arrived in good time and after two weeks I got my first flushes producing around 20 mushrooms. On my second go around the mushrooms started growing around the sides so I turned the whole thing sideways and they still produced a remarkable amount of mushrooms. Very pleased with my purchases and will continue to use Zamnesia moving forward 🤩


    5 Flushes
    This kit worked perfectly, I managed to get 5 flushes in total. Which I believe could have been more, but I decided to break the mycelium up and turn one box into 4 small ones so I could add additional substrate. The mycelium grew so fast it wasn't long before I had 4 small healthy cakes. One even suffered some contamination, which was fought off as shown by the yellowish liquid produced. It was pretty cool to see actually. Very strong strain in every sense of the word, perfect for any beginners to work with!


    They are super weak
    I don’t recommend buying. Weak or no trip even tho harvested before the veils broke!


    Übung macht den Meister
    Soweit bin ich zufrieden. Zwei Dinge sollten aber Erwähnung finden. Zum einen Wachsen die Fruchtkörper auch seitlich, da das Myzil dort Licht hat. Vielleicht die Zuchtboxen an den Seiten abdunkeln? Das Zweite, Goldenteacher kommen erst spät und dann wachsen sie innerhalb von drei vier Tagen aus. Für Anfänger wie mich natürlich wichtig zu wissen. Ansonsten bin ich voll zu frieden.


    So the delivery went super quick, planted and harvested one batch. Unfortunately, the second box didnt grow so lets hope support can help with that. But man i cant wait to try them. Successfull first batch, super proud!


    Exceeded expectations. Easy to grow. A lot grew around the sides, but could still use them, and it continued producing without cold shock.


    Golden teacher fresh
    Lovely kit, It was the first time trying to grow mushrooms, and it was easy to follow the manual. it turned out great! I got 2 successful harvests and am currently prepared for growing the 3ird time. I learned it was a good idea to keep the plastic box inside the carbon box. The roots tend to get confused by the light from the sides if not covered Mine grew from the side of the box, but I did not have a problem with it as it works as it should! ;D Thank you Zamnesia!


    Great kit for some easy growth!
    Great kit for beginners that gives a good yield that is potent but not to intense, pinheads started sprouting within a week on all three boxes and I've managed to get a a second flush on all of them so far and will most likely get atleast one more. Didn't sprout as many as the pictures above, but I got more than enough to cover myself and a handful of friends from the first flush on two boxes, really easy to use and setup if you follow their instructions and the mycelium bricks seems well established and quite resiliant. If you are new to growing mushrooms and see something that you think is a problem, be sure to read up on forums, look at pictures, etc because it's most likely nothing to worry about if you keept it somewhat steril, get some sanitizer alcohol and latex gloves and that should be plenty to keep it clean and get a good batch. The only bad thing I have to say Is that alot of the mushies tried growing out the sides for some reason, so alot of them vent to wast in the first batch and didn't get developed enough, so when you do a second flush don't be afraid to remove some of the top layer and sides of the substrate so the mushies have an easier time growing to the top and getting nice and jucy, it really helps and should be honestly be included as a step in Zamnesias growing instructions.


    I received and started the kit 2weeks ago and alreay got the first flush and I've been a bit surprised to observe that mushrooms were only growing up around the sides of the box, nothing is growing up in the middle ... so I only had a dozen of them, not that much ... Waiting for the 2nd one and to try them as well ;)


    GLD Teacher
    Easy to do but still something went wrong because mushrooms only grew on the sides of the growing kit and under it because of that half of this did go to waste.


    Mega disappointment. Two growkits from fresh mushrooms, Trichoderma appeared in both. Unfortunately I don't have a picture, but in the second growkit there was a scraped piece of cookie in the corner of the box, this is exactly where the mold appeared. I have a feeling that someone was trying to cover up the appearance of mold. This is not my first crop, it has never happened to me before. I just hope my other growkits aren't infected. I advise you to say goodbye to this supplier...


    thanks anyway
    Unfortunately, fresh mushroom grow kit i got from them was the worst i ever had, and i ordered good few of them from different sellers. Don't know what's happen. There is soo many factors that i can't really blame them, but, i will not risk that will happen again. Thanks


    Very satisfied with this, does exactly what it says, got a good yeild, the guys at zamnesia really know what theyre doing! Got a happy customer here, would definitely recomend


    Mein erstes Mal hat nicht so gut geklappt. Die Pins sind an der Seite gewachsen und bevor die sich nach oben geboxt haben und ich ernten konnte, sind die kleinsten köpfe schwarz geworden. Dadurch hab ich den Kuchen kontaminiert. Konnte vorab aber fast 10g retten. Muss und werde mich besser informieren und versuche es nochmal, halte das Produkt für gut, aber auch schwierig. Möchte die anderen Sets ausprobieren und vergleichen. Golden Teacher wächst schnell, die ersten pins waren nach ca 10 Tagen da. Die Lieferung und das preisliche Angebot sind super! Übung macht den Meister!


    The best growkit wo far, potent mushrooms, fast delivery, fast (nearly auto) growing Thank you


    Golden teacher
    Great kit, pin heads started to show after around 10 days. Then they really started to move! Approx 5 days after this^ they were ready. Keep your eye on these cos they move fast. I'm hopeful that I can do another flush, Time will tell on that, But the first was successful. I bought another


    Leggera muffa al centro
    Ho comprato due kit differenti e i golden teacher hanno avuto da subito problemi con una muffa verdina al centro del panetto, infatti tutti i funghi cresciuti sono spuntati dai lati. L´altro kit non ha avuto problemi di contaminazioni quindi penso che questa muffa fosse giä nel panetto. Ad ogni modo anche con la crescita solo laterale sono riuscita ad ottenere 15 grammi di funghi secchi coi diveri flush, quindi non male!


    Good but not enough mushrooms
    The first flush was good, but I was expecting more mushroom to grow. The second flush was a bit disapointing in terms of quantities, but great in quality! Will try again later with another variety!


    Very disappointed this time.
    The first time I ordered a "Fresh Mushrooms" grow set from Zamnesia, it was fantastic. Fast growing, three flushes, nice outcome. This time, however, I was really disappointed. The first order contained two different Zamnesia grow kits, one of which turned out to be defective from the start. I contacted the support and their reply was very professional. They said to send my another grow kit: Fresh Mushrooms, Golfen Teacher kind. Perfect customer service. The kit arrived pretty quickly and I started growing immediately. This time, however, the outcome was very disappoiting. The cake of the grow kit looked pretty old already, and it was deadly dry. I started growing nontheless. About 11 days after, the mycelium had grown from the cale to the sides of the plastic box, showing the signs of mushrooms. Another 4 days later, I harvested a total of 3(!!!) mushrooms - first flush! I took the grow box out of the paper package it was sent in and discovered that the whole thing was full of green mold. And I'm very sure I did everything for avoiding contamination: Latex gloves, disinfectant, clean surrouding, a heating matt... everything was the same as always, but the result was very poor this time. I don't know why, but I´suppose the grow kit has spent some time in the Zamnesia warehouse. Other than that, it could only be bad quality, but usually "Fresh Mushroom" grow kits are a great deal.


    war okay
    Leider sind die meisten Pilze aus der Seite gewachsen und waren deshalb platt und nicht besonders groß. Nur ein paar konnten auf der Oberseite wachsen. Hat trotzdem gereicht und der Trip war ganz gut.


    Das Set wurde schnell geliefert. Durch die günstigen klimatischen Bedingungen im Moment (Sommer) ging alles schnell von statten und ich hatte eine Superernte, danach folgten dann noch 2 Schübe (geringer in der Ausbeute) aber zufriedenstellend. vielen Dank!


    Satisfait à 500%
    J'ai commandé un 1er kit, au bout de 15 jours, rien, de la moisissure est apparue après contact du SAV et des tentatives de récup, rien y a fait. Du fait Renvoie d'un 2eme kit, cette fois en quelques jours une dizaine de champignons ont poussé mais de nouveau de la moisissure dû surement à trop d'humidité dans ma pièce. Puis de nouveau renvoie d'un kit, je me dis que c'est le dernier essai... Et là magique, tout fonctionne à la perfection, 3 flush en tout pour environ 60g. :) J'ai goûté les champis en infusion avec un peu de citron pour une dose élevée (d'après calculateur Zamnésia => 2g de champis sec pour 45kg)... Waouh! Je ne pensais pas pouvoir tripper si fortement avec des champis! Hallucinations importantes, magnifiques, la découverte d'un nouvel univers... Montées parfaites, descentes tout autant parfaites. Le trip s'est fait en dent de scie, ça met d'autant plus en confiance, le genre de défonce que je surkiffe :) Vraiment ravi du produit! Et bientôt un nouveau kit à commander


    good but i thought there would be more
    As someone mentioned on others review the kit is fine, i’m on my second flush already but with the first one i was not completely satisfied because they grew only on the sides of the box, none at the center. Let’s see how the second flush will go


    Everything worked out fine! Thank you so much Zamnesia for your ability to make our ends meet regards to our situation!!! I will happily come back again!! ;)


    Followed the vague instructions and after a month, still got a white cake in a plastic tub.


    Golden Teachers
    So far, so good - 14g dry yield off the first flush. The 2nd is not looking so strong, but that may be due to the spores that fell on the substrate (the first flush flowered and the gills opened overnight, I wasn't quick enough)


    Expérience Kit de culture Fresh mushrooms
    Toujours très satisfaite des kits proposés par Zamnesia et leur mode d’emploi. Au bout de quelques kits nous nous sommes rodés et grâce au tapis chauffant + support en silicone les rendements sont de plus en plus élevés pour notre plus grand bonheur !


    Hat funktioniert
    Die Anleitung müsste mal Überarbeitet werden. Grafik und Text passen nicht ganz zusammen. Ich hatte meine Tüte gleich am Anfang auf voller Größe aufgestellt. Auf der URL, die auf der Tüte drauf ist gibt es aber eine bessere, Das war mein erstes Zuchtset. Weil meine Fensterbank so kalt war habe ich die Growbox auf 4 kleine Schaumstoff Pyramiden gestellt, um sie von der Kälte zu isolieren. Das Fenster habe ich mit Pappe isoliert. Das Mycel begann regelrecht an zu wuchern aber es waren nach 2 Wochen keine Pilze zu sehen. :-( Dann habe ich mir die Box genau angeschaut und festgestellt das die Pilze in der Box unten gewachsen sind, weil wohl dort das Klima dort besser war und eben viel Licht wegen der „aufgebockten“ Growbox dort ankam. Ich habe das Substrat dann einfach umgedreht. :-) Die Pize wachen sehr langsam aber das „Geschmack Erlebnis“ ;-) einfach Mega, kein Vergleich mit anderen Pilzen die ich fertig eingekauft habe.


    Très correct avec plusieurs poussées , ils restent assez « gros » même secs


    Healthy mycelium = happy hippies.
    Waiting for my second flush to begin pinning. The mycelium seems robust and full of zest. It's my third time growing a kit from Z, and the silly cubes have not been a problem at all so far. I like to see that the whole misting process and high frequency of airing, from a couple of years ago, got ditched for a dumbed down hands off approach. The cubes don't seem to be that picky anyway, as long as they are kept in the shade and inside of their preferred temperature range. Last time I brought the kits with me on my sailboat and grew the last flush there. They liked being on the water, and grew better under deck than in the living room - I attribute the high humidity to that. I only wish the packaging industry could come up with some proper alternatives to plastic. Growing your cute little shrooms in those plastic containers is obviously practical, and wood lined with beeswax or glass, etc. would make the product way more expensive and potentially fragile. But those pesky side pins would be more easily managed with a different sort of flexible container, even just a plastic bag with an elastic band around the cake to hold it tight. I haven't tried to grow the shrooms outside of the box they came in yet, but I'm considering options for that. Lastly, here's hoping Z will bring more species of Psilocybe to market - cyanescens and ovoideocystidiata might have potential, considering they are naturally occurring in the N. hemisphere, where I imagine most of the customer base resides, which could eliminate heat maps and open up outside cultivation even. The hyphae of dreams.


    Good growbox
    Generelly speaking it is a good growbox except the mushrooms grow on the side of the box, which lifted the substrate and squashed some of the mushrooms.


    Lieferung usw super leider schimmel
    Leider hat mein kit angefangen zu schimmeln... Denke ich hab irgentwas falsch gemacht da es bei der ankunft super aussah. Liefer usw war super.


    Amazing service.
    I wont order from anyone else. Everything from Zamnesia is quality.


    Goldean Teacher
    buoni tempi di consegna, kit in perfette condizioni nonostante il caldo, buona resa e grande saggezza.


    Contaminé et peux fructueux
    Mon premier kit est arrivé contaminé, après discussion avec le support Zamnesia celui-ci m'a été gentiment remplacé. J'en ai profité pour commander un deuxième kit Mexicans de Fresh Mushrooms. Le kit Mexicans a jusqu'ici très bien fonctionné, il part actuellement sur son second flush. Le GT en revanche n'a porté que 4 champis sur le premier flush, autant dire rien du tout. Assez déçu par ce dernier, pourtant j'ai suivi à la lettre les recommandations du manuel pour les deux kits. Je pense que je suis simplement tombé sur une mauvaise génétique. Qui sait, peut être que le second flush sera meilleur! 3 étoiles mais uniquement grâce au service support de Zamnesia qui est très réactif. S'il me donne plus de fruits je changerai probablement ma note


    ottimo servizo ,disponibili e gentili
    Fantastic customer service! I had some problems with some kits but Hana from customer service was really nice and helpful. He solved my problem and replaced the product quickly and easily. I'm really satisfied! Well done ! See you soon for the next purchases!


    Nice ones
    Beautiful large fruits, yield for the first batch was about 25g dry and a second one is coming, on what appears to be the same size


    Grow on everyside except the top...
    I was warmed by several reviews so I left the bag in box to avoid the light... But still I have mushrooms stucked on every box side even the back, except on the top


    Excellent service good information and great sales help and advice


    Seguito tutte le istruzioni per la crescita, ma dopo piu di 3 settimane non si è visto nulla, ed ora devo buttare il composto, peccato. Nel frattempo avevamo anche i Mexican e quelli invece sono cresciuti piu e piu volte.


    what could be easier?
    no problem with UK customs clearance. On my third flush.


    Golden Teacher leider bei Lieferung schon kontaminiert gewesen :(


    A not-so-fresh bunch
    Bought 5x grow kits. I am pretty experienced, but could not get more than one of them to grow anything. got a total of less than 5 grams


    Great stuff.
    It was my first time growing made couple of little mistakes. Something was wrong with the plastic bag that the box was supposed to go in to and flooded my kitchen at 2 am ended up having to find something to replace it with. Despite all the problems I’ve managed to harvest some small amounts of mushrooms twice .


    Achat et service au top !
    Suite à un premier achat qui n'a rien donné, le service client m'a contacté et m'a proposé une solution de remplacement. Au final, je suis très content du produit, et tres content du service de Zamnesia. Allez y les yeux fermés !

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