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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Golden Teacher'

 4/5 (679)

    Great Experience
    Really enjoyed cultivating these, so rewarding… I struggle to get a bountiful flush, but it is still rewarding! Thank you Zam!

    K. G.

    The Greatest!
    I had forgotten how good this strain is! Easy to grow in this format, first evidence of shrooms within ten days, nice, juicy fruits within days. Excellent visuals and a dog walk to cherish! Thanks guys!

    G. H.

    Incubation period quite long
    Incubation period was way longer than the 3 weeks mentioned. 5 weeks in staring ro see the pins

    E. L.

    Bit disappointed
    Like some other reviews, followed everything to the core, mushrooms still grew from sides of the tub even though I put it back in the cardboard box. The ones that did grow didn't grow that well so after 7 days of the first pins I ended up with about 3 grams dried. Bit dissatisfied after waiting 3 weeks. I have now started again for hopefully a better second flush but this time I have taken the substrate out of the plastic box completely with no cardboard box either, and put it straight in the bag. My thoughts are, well if they're going to grow out of the sides regardless then I may as well allow them the room to do so.

    N. D.

    All good, I'm very happy with the kits.

    Z. C.

    Mediocre quality
    Ok, I admit that I didn't give this box perfect growig conditions from the start but it seems like poor quality anyway. Not a full grow mushroom came out of my box. Next time I'll go for the heat mat and another brand..

    A. A.

    Contaminated kit
    After 4 weeks of germination the mushrooms didn’t grow/show up. On the first week tiny cocoons were apparently growing though they were kind of dark and stoped their “process” and a white type of mold started to appear.

    T. E.

    Others worked great, this one was just dead
    Even though I followed best practices which made me successful earlier, this one was just disappointing.

    D. W.

    Arrivati in 5 giorni e cresciuti in 2 settimane!!!

    U. B.

    Didn't work for me
    First timer and I tried and failed to grow anything from this batch Supa Gro Golden Teachers, after 3 weeks they were growing from the sides with no mycelium covering the top of the substrate. I did start them during a really cold snap in the UK and i struggled to maintain a consistent temperature although the humidity always seemed to be spot on. Reached out to Zamnesia and they were super helpful and offered me a new grow kit for free as they said the kit could've been defective from the start..I've opted for the Fresh Mushrooms golden teachers instead, they seem to have better reviews so will see how I get on. Really happy with the customer service.

    N. P.

    100% recommend
    Perfect fast shipping and everything was perfect thank you!

    E. G.

    DIEU MERCI le tout UN
    LOL les commentaires négatifs, je n'ai même pas finis mon bac que je rigole déjà, vus le mycélium déjà bien organisé dans la boite.. sa sent très bon et sa va être du lourd. Gardons a l'esprit que les commentaires sont en règle générale négatif... car ceux qui en sont satisfait "et je parle des shrooms, eux sont dans la Lune et bien d'y être... que dieu et les étoiles nous bénissent ( rire LOL MDR )... blague a part, j'espère un bon résultat de mon bac, zamnezia est un super site, et "F...K les rageux, merci pour vos cadeaux. Signé le tout UN. Selected Zamnesia. PAIX

    F. G.

    Siguiendo las instrucciones obtuve bastante crecimiento, super buena calidad!

    R. G.

    Fantastici come sempre!!
    E’ il terzo kit che prendo e sono sempre rimasto soddisfatto, come di questo, sto facendo il 4 getto a distanza di una settimana dell’altra zamnesia è sempre una buona opzione per tutto ciò che riguarda il magico mondo dei vegetali

    F. L.

    Top notch grow kits
    I’ve had a few of these over the years and every time they are consistently successful. 100% recommend, if you want an easy way to grow mushrooms this is the way! Just follow the simple instructions and in a few weeks you’ll get what you need!!

    J. E.

    Hab alles nach Plan durchgeführt, aber passiert ist nichts.

    S. H.

    Didn’t work well
    Had 1 small flush, then nothing. The room temp was ideal in September and followed instructions carefully hands sanitised and face mask worn.

    C. P.

    amateur go go go !
    Je recommande vivement ce kit pour tous les amateurs de champignons !

    A. A.

    Bonne qualité
    J utilise les golden dans le cadre chamanique uniquement. Je ne fais jamais aucune consommation en dehors du cadre rituel prévu par les anciens. Le champignon rentre dans la lignée spirituelle de façon juste et correcte .

    P. C.

    Big Shrooms
    Thanks alot.

    M. W.

    Not a great experience and impossible to get help
    I’m new to growing so I was super careful about reading everything, including all the brilliant reviews on here about the excellent customer services. I emailed a few simple questions, one being can you eat really black ones. No answers, just their standard response emails. I only managed to get about 7 tiny normal looking ones and this black one. There was lots of bruising but again I couldn’t get an answer about the safety of eating them. Managed to get 4mg so far. Really unimpressed and disappointed. It wasn’t the NYE I was planning but after five emails over the week asking for help…well, there wasn’t any. I don’t know if the box was a duffer?? I kept it all sterile, warm, partial light, spray side of bag. I’m not sure if I’m more disappointed with the harvest or the customer service. All these amazing reviews really don’t match my experience. Free gift? Nothing turned up. There’s other places to buy but I’m really hoping they’ll send another box and help me not to poison myself! . Anyway, happy 2024 everyone

    L. E.

    I say this problem best place on the market
    Every order always pulls a huge harvest love it, can't order anymore then two grow kits at a time for 3 months at a time but to be honest that's a good thing

    J. H.

    Zamnesia Support ROCKS
    These guys are awesome and the great service did not stop with the shipment. Mates - knowing, that this is a natural product, i am (and you should be) aware there will be no 100% guarantee for every Kit to perform as expected. And so i had a growing problem ONCE in two years full of success. After checking some questions to ensure that it's probably not my fault, they just send an exchange immediately. Thanks fellow Zamnesians - i wish you a great Holiday and will always recommend your products and attitude Flow

    F. S.

    Faciles à réussir
    Je suis contente, bon résultat. Je l’utilise pour microdose et je suis satisfait.

    J. S.

    Ordered on 24th November arrived on 30th November to UK! Spawning to bulk now fingers crossed!

    A. P.

    Mitt första försök med growkit ,misslyckade för jag inte hade värmematta

    M. J.

    Very good
    Good series, grew really fast, the first cultivation produced 270 grams of fresh mushrooms. I recommend it to others too.

    J. B.

    Hi yield
    High yield , going for 2nd flush. Would and will buy again

    B. P.

    Super Kit
    Immer wieder gerne . Lieferung wie immer sehr schnell . Die ersten Pins waren nach 6 Tagen zu sehen .. Super Kit

    T. E.

    Molto bene
    Ho ordinato molte volte da zamnesia e devo dire che sono veramente professionali, purtroppo qualche volta il kit arriva già contaminato ( normale, i funghi sono molto delicati), se però dimostri che hai lavorato bene, sono disponibilissimi a spedirti uno nuovo gratuitamente. Parlando invece dei Golden Teacher, sono i miei preferiti, una volta assaggiata questa qualità non ho più cambiato, la quantità di produzione varia da volta in volta, bisogna crescerli con amore ed avere un po' di fortuna.

    S. M.

    Con mínimos cuidados y paciencia,los resultados son espectaculares....1er flush de aprox.250 gr....y promete más.

    M. M.

    Great customer service.
    I had a few problems with a growing kit I ordered. After I sent photos of the kit Zamnesia knew what the problem was and how to fix it , and in top of that, they gave me a voucher covering the cost of the kit and postage! I would give them 10 stars if it was possible. Customer service is impeccable. I'll DEFINITELY use the Zamnesia shop again.

    K. A.

    War mein zweites Mal :)
    Tolles Kit! :) Es kam frei von jeglicher Kontamination und in super Zustand bei mir an. Ich hatte es zu kalt stehen, weshalb erst nach ca. 20 Tagen was zu sehen gewesen ist, und auch nur sehr wenig. Ich bekam so 4 Pilze raus glaube ich. Dann hatte ich es zu warm, und es bildete sich eine blaue stelle, da ich versehentlich auf das Mycel gesprüht habe und die Sprühflasche ungewollt auch noch viel zu hart gesprüht hat. Da ich das erst für Schimmel gehalten hatte, habe ich es mit einem desinfizierten Wattestäbchen untersucht, es war Bruising. Mit der zu hohen Temperatur, dem Herumgestochere und der zu hohen Feuchtigkeit habe ich das Wachstum so gestört, dass 99% der Pins Aborts geworden und das Mycel angefangen hat, sich die wieder zurückholen (hat sich drüber gebildet). Ich habe dann mehr Luft rangelassen und die Temperatur angepasst und bekam Sidepins, die habe ich rauswachsen lassen, bis sie reif waren, dann holte ich das Substrat aus seinem Behälter und habe die Oberseite und Seiten von den ganzen Aborts und Sidepins befreit und umgedreht (also die Seite, die vorher oben war, nach unten) in ein Desinfiziertes Minigewächshaus aus Kunststoff gestellt (wo es die Seiten nicht berührt). Ich ließ das Minigewächshaus einen Schlitz offen (habe außerdem dann 2 mal am Tag, den Deckel zum lüften abgenommen und an die Stellen wo der Deckel trocken war Wasser gesprüht) wonach es plötzlich völlig eskalierte. Überall waren Pins (an JEDER Seite und auch oben) und das hat mich dann auch veranlasst, doch noch eine Rezension zu verfassen! (eigentlich wollte ich nämlich gar nich, weil mega peinlich was ich da veranstaltet habe xD) Es war auf jeden Fall wieder eine tolle Erfahrung! PS: Vielen lieben Dank, Zamnesia! Ihr seid einfach die BESTEN!!!!!

    L. V.

    It worked really well, lots of muchies! I was a bit worried because I could start with the kit 1 month after it was dispatched, but gladly it didnt affect the product at all. First heads started to show already on 2nd week. Thank you!

    S. M.

    I excitedly received my grow box today. Instantly got them settled into there new environment. Everything looks and smells fresh and as it should and I'm looking forward to getting outside some beautiful fruit. The process went as smoothly as I could have expected if not better amd zamnesia and the various couriers and carriers were professional and prompt. If you're sat reading this pontificating over whether or not to buy a grow box, do it. The excitement when it arrives is a trip in itself. I had plenty of experience with psilocybin as a younger man and I think I've missed its benefits. Despite a lacking but growing research environment, what I've read about the benefits of this wonder chemical on mental health conditions SEEMS to show positive signs and I'm hopeful to reap those benefits in around a months time. Hope you're all well. Peace and love

    G. L.

    Those mushrooms singlehandedly cured my depression
    Title says it all. Really helps you reflect on yourself and getting a new perspective on life.

    T. W.

    Mush mush
    Toujours heureux de la grow box seul point négatif pour moi sons leur nouveau sac plastique poir enfermé le kit son moin bien que les anciens, moin résistant et il n'y a plus le filtre sur les trou d aération se qui augmente le risque de contamination. Mais bon à par sa au top

    G. L.

    Sviluppo rapido ed abbondantissimo.

    S. F.

    A blast

    W. W.

    Good product
    Is good, be aware temperature range is different to the manual grow kits

    N. W.

    Good product
    Maybe 2week and first flush was ready!

    T. I.

    Great products
    Fantastic company super fast delivery

    L. C.

    Champignons incroyables, je recommande !

    P. C.

    Fliegen im Beutel - Flies in the Set
    Scroll down for english language. Zunächst muß ich Zamnesia danken, für ihre Großzügigkeit, mir ein zweites Set zu schicken, nachdem das erste nur zwei Pilze hervorbrachte. Der Roggenkuchen war von Anfang an nur zu einem Viertel durchmyzeliert. Dass aber das zweite Set noch schlimmer schief ging, ist meine Schuld. Dieser Bericht soll Euch meine Fehler vermeiden helfen. Der zweite Kuchen kam komplett durchmyzeliert bei mir an, nachdem ich Zamnesia mein Problem geschildert hatte und mir sofort Ersatz geschickt wurde. Freudig, akribisch verfolgte ich noch am Ankunftstag den Wuchsplan. Leider passierte dann auch schon gleich das Unglück, dass Essigfliegen durch die Luftlöcher krochen und sich in der feuchten Schwüle pudelwohl vermehrten. Woher die kamen...? Ich nehme an durch den Pilzgeruch angelockt. Denn es stand nichts Essbares im Zimmer. In meiner Not versuchte ich es mit Gelbfallen, die ich in den Kuchen steckte. Ja, die Viecher blieben kleben, aber von einem auf den anderen Tag bildete sich ein widerlicher Teppich aus schwarzen Fäden, wie Glaswolle. Ich nehme an, dass ich mit dem Metallstecker an der Gelbfalle den Ärger des weißen Myzels hervorgerufen habe. Nicht nachmachen!!! Ich mußte alles entsorgen. Diese Erfahrung machte ich mit dem supergrowKit golden Teacher. Der Nachteil ist, dass dort die Luftlöchter 0,5 cm groß sind und keine mikro-Wattebarriere davor haben. Als ich vor einiger Zeit ein normales Zuchtset kaufte, war die Luftzufuhr an der Tüte mit Mikroperforation abgedichtet. Ich würde in der heißen Sommerzeit nur noch solche Kulturbeutel verwenden! First, I have to thank Zamnesia, for sending me a second Growset, after yielding only two shroomies. The initial rhycake had arrieved with not more than a forth of mycelium. But ruining this second cake is entierly my fault. I write this review to keep you from making my mistakes. The second cake came quickly and completly myceled, after reporting my problem. Happily and even more carefully I followed the growplan. But soon after the second day the misfortune happened. Acidflies crawled through the airholes into the bag and made love like crazy. In my need, I put a yellowsticker into the cake, and this was the big mistake. I assume the put-on ironstick, together with the high humidity was something the nice white mycelium didn't like at all. A thick black fur grew in lightspeed and ruined everything. I resume, the problem were the open airholes of the supagrowKit together with the hot humid summer of 2023. Some time ago, I forstered a normal grow kit with micropores airflow, and had no problems with flies at all. I hope this helpes.

    K. H.

    Even though this was my first time growing and i never had the right equipment this supa grow kit still fruited and produced about 5g dry. I’m gonna buy again to see if i can get a better harvest with better equipment

    T. M.

    Golden harvest
    Got two good flushes in less than 4 weeks out of this Box until now. Very pleased with the results in all regards , thanks zamnesia!

    F. S.

    thx zamnesia
    i had a slight problem with my kit and just wanted to post my experience. i was happy with my purchase even when it didnt perfom as expected. but the (very friendly) support team jumped in and offered to solve this even when i told em that i was happy with things as they were.... this is why i shopped will continue to shop on zamnesia, because the quality is usually superb and the support (should something go amiss) is even better. thx very much zam 😍

    F. H.

    What a fantastic product. After a dud Supergro the customer team were magnificent and supplied their own make Golden teacher. Grew beautifully and produced a spectacular yield from the first flush. Currently awaiting the second. Will definitely be a repeat customer.

    R. W.

    I messed it up.
    I bought this kit and the heat Matt following the wrong instructions and was having a lot of trouble getting to the pinning stage. As I was following the wrong instructions it seemed like things were going wrong. I reach out to Zamnesia and they advised with photos of my kit. Ultimately I had to terminate this kit however kindly Zamnesia have given me a second chance and sent out a replacement kit. Being a first timer I found this excellent and very happy I picked Zamnesia to purchase from.

    P. R.

    Prächtige Ernte schon beim ersten Schub
    Nach zweieinhalb Wochen erschien bereits er ergiebige erste Schub. Selbst wenn jetzt nichts mehr käme, wäre ich zufrieden, aber aktuell kündigt sich ein zweiter Schub an. Ich bin super-zufrieden.

    S. M.
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