Salvia 5x Extrait


Cet extrait 5x Salvia est une bonne force d'essayer une première expérience. Même si c'est le plus faible dosage extraire nous avons en stock, les effets peuvent encore être une force à compter avec.

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En savoir plus
Avis (114)

    Without words
    First of all the delivery and everything was excellent. Zamnesia did once again a great job. The Drug: What is there to say? I personally didn't liked it. Salvia just shreds youre brain and so you dont have physical and mental control of youre body. I just ran around and and was so shocked because my brain had never experienced something like that before and couldnt understand it. Its really no chill drug that I can say. So if you want to be completely out of life and have a experience like you never had before, Salvia might be cool for you.


    You need a stronger trust me..


    WTF experience
    First time users start here as, i can tell you, ITS SO STRONG!! Me and my roommate decided to smoke it with a small group of friends to watch over us. We both filled a bong and ripped most of it in one go, held it in for as long as we could and let me tell you, I was gone. A moment later i was being lifted so I could see the room i was in, it was a box with dark all around and then I was suddenly apart of what i can only guess is a wall?? my surroundings looked like the world, but like a movie set eg I was a background set, but like a small insignificant part) I was on my bed so felt a sunk in affect, like my torso was part of the wall and i couldn't move. I was trying to get away and my boyfriend was holding me in rl as I almost fell off the bed after the smoke. It felt like he was pulling or pushing me to do my role as a inanimate object, which i was fighting against as i thought my human life was being taken away from me. I saw my roommate and other friend across from me in the same situation i was in. She was panicking as well and made me panic more. It was like we were the only two tiles in the wall not accepting it because my bf and other friend were calm and saying "its okay" but that made us freak out more. I have to say it was terrifying, weird and cool! It made me so happy to be back in reality I almost cried. What I've learned is I need to prepare better mentally and physically to let go of ego and trip in a dark room, laying down.


    very good for beginner
    had previously only smoked the simple leaves. Very light, pleasant effect. with the 5x I had a much stronger effect. Very good for beginners. When I have used the 1g and have more experience, I am looking forward to the 10x.


    Tiene buena pinta
    No puedo escribir mucho más porque aún no me la he fumado. Viene bien empaquetado y eso. Espero que me ponga agustito cuando me la meta entre pecho y espalda


    Non so.
    Purtroppo non ho avuto particolari effetti.


    Puissant - Faire attention
    Couler une douille retenir la fumée en comptant jusque 10 et en recrachant la fumée avec de la musique exprès dans les oreilles pour guider le trip et j'ai vu un tunnel se former j'ai été dedans je me suis retrouver devant ma porte d'entrée j'étais comme dans un autre monde , c'est à la fois fascinant et flippant , je recommande pour les personnes qui ont un bon mental.


    Gutes Produkt
    Bin sehr zufrieden und der Versand verlief auch sehr gut und ohne Probleme. Bin mehr als überzeugt von der Seite.


    Saliva x5 ça rigole pas
    Salut à tous, J ai voulu test la saliva et donc j ai commencé par de la x5 et j ai été surpris par la puissance de cette plante. Je pense qu’il faut essayer pour comprendre. J ai eu plusieurs effets Différents suivant les dosages. Mais toujours entre 5 et 15 min de trip et après tout bien.


    Dismantling veils of the ego
    Salvia the sheppard guide me through a journey to this place of eternal stillness where everything and nothing exist at the same time and me as an embodiedment of this energy of creation from the source, this singularity giving birth and giving death in the eternal cycle of life itself. Dismantling the veil of the ego-reality in this sense, very powerful and teachings to integrate in daily life relativizing deeply all the "dizzyness" of life in day-to-day management of my own emotions, actions, reactions and ways to establish relationship with myself and the others. Blessings, and deep respect for this master plant

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Salvia 5x Extrait
Salvia 5x Extrait