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Salvia 5x Extrait (1 gramme)

Salvia 5x Extrait (1 gramme)

Cet extrait 5x salvia est une bonne force d'essayer une première expérience. Même si c'est le plus faible dosage extraire nous avons en stock, les effets peuvent encore être une force à compter avec.

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    Par le 25/Jui/2018 :

    Titre : mhhhh
    Commentaire : Ho assunto circa 0.3 in una pipa di vetro temperato, accesa con un accendino antivento, la temperatura è stata sufficiente! Purtroppo non sono riuscito ad aspirare tutto il fumo in una sola boccata ( impossibile) il tempo si è dilatato leggermente, ho avuto sensazioni di disorientamento miste ad una lieve euforia, sensazioni fisiche di leggerezza, in ogni caso il mal di testa è stato l'effetto principale, dopo 10 min tutto normale. Nessuna visione, riproverò in un Bong, ma il problema rimarrà sempre la capacità di ingerire l'intera dose nel braciere in un solo tiro.... forse con un 15x...

    Par le 25/Jui/2018 :

    Titre : Mindblowing
    Commentaire : Didn't have a full breakthrough, but it has been a great one night's experience, along with a friend

    Par le 14/Jui/2018 :

    Titre : salvia
    Commentaire : fumato con pipetta in vetro è ottimo

    Par le 23/Mai/2018 :

    Titre : Deceiving
    Commentaire : I was dissaointed, with all the method that i needed to trip right and 0.5g in the bong; i didn't got a millimiter of a trip even on ground with closed eyes. Deceived as much ...

    Par le 17/Mai/2018 :

    Titre : Incredible trips
    Commentaire : For a beginner like me, this extract has taken me on the most awesome journeys. I had never experienced anything like it. I completely forgot who I was and where I am, and my past and future vanished completely. The grass blades were each made of hundreds of little men, one on top of each other. Another time, I saw these big galactic beings in a wooden cabin. One of them was reading a book that was somehow connected to my brain. Like literally, physically connected. I have more stories, but my point is that this extract works well and is just unlike anything else I had ever experienced in my life. Thank you, Zamnesia.

    Par le 08/Mai/2018 :

    Titre : Peu efficace
    Commentaire : Je n'ai ressenti un début d'effet qu'a la troisième douille (en utilisant bien un briquet tempête), je vous recommande de commencer plutôt par la puissance X10 qui provoque un petit trip agréable d'environ 30/45 minutes

    Par le 26/Mars/2018 :

    Titre : Very Effective
    Commentaire : For me this extract was very effective, even tiny flakes had a good effect. Careful when using, sensitivity varies a lot and even medium dosages can be really scary.

    Par le 06/Mars/2018 :

    Titre : new dimensions
    Commentaire : The stuff is alright, just simply works. I have tried to smoke it, the effect is almost immediately and the high lasted about 5-10 minutes as maximum. I felt I was in a space-time kaleidoscope without being able to judge real the situation, (I was falling out of my body), and then when effect was fading away was the first moment I could recover my normal way of thinking and judgement. It´s a blaster!! Next time I will try the 10x extract, because I had to inhale rather big amount of smoke for a real high, in lower those the effect was almost imperceptible. And also I plan to prepare some tea-infusion as I would like enjoy the effect for a longer time. Also would like to mention that after using it - I made 4 inhalations in approx 1h time - I had a light headache which disappeared after 2hs.

    Par le 27/Fév/2018 :

    Titre : Sehr starke Wirkung!
    Commentaire : Habe 2 gramm vom 5x Extrakt bestellt und in einer kleinen Kawumm konsumiert. Beim ersten Mal zeigte sich die Wirkung deutlich durch einen plötzlichen Lachanfall. Einen Tag später war die Wirkung nach ein paar Zügen durch die Kawumm schon zu merken. Mittlerweile merke ich beim zweiten Zug aus der Kawumm schon eine deutliche Wirkung und halluzinationen die Wirklich schwer zu beschreiben sind. Allgemein ist die Wirkung meiner Meinung nach schwer zu beschreiben, am besten probiert man es einfach mal aus.

    Par le 27/Jan/2018 :

    Titre : Probably the worst salvia I have ever tried
    Commentaire : I bought Salvia x5 and x10 here since i needed it fast and my usual providers had big delays. Being the x5 or the x10 me and several friends (who all have already taken salvia before) experienced no effect whatsoever. I usually take x10 to experience it better but with this one we all got barely lightheaded. Extremely disapointed, will not purchase from this site again

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