Salvia 5x Extrait


Cet extrait 5x Salvia est une bonne force d'essayer une première expérience. Même si c'est le plus faible dosage extraire nous avons en stock, les effets peuvent encore être une force à compter avec.

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    Effetto molto lieve anche per un principiante, consiglio di iniziare con una dose maggiore


    Smoke with bong, 5 minutes without body. I saw me in a Dreams. After 10 minutes healthy, no more problems


    Uhm... shouldn't this be really intense??
    Uhm...I have never tried salvia before, reading the reviews and guides I though this would be very heavy... so I started out really carefully.... didn't feel a thing... it ended up with me cheewing most of the bag 🤣 I think I got a small shroom like effect where the edges of stuff got kind of neon glowy... but other than that I didn't feel a thing 🤷‍


    Salvia 5x
    Fumato 0.3 circa varie volte ma nessun effetto particolare. Consiglio di provare almeno con 0.5


    good good
    salvia is of course a very difficult drug to use correctly and in a safe, fun way. However, I very much enjoyed the experiences i have had, and recommend those interested in changing states f minds to try both the 5x and the 10x.


    beste trip was ich erlebt, habe 5x extrakt gekauft. Mit kumpel jeweils 0.2 genommen im bong, und eine sehr intensive trip gehabt. (Ich liebe euch mein indian freunden🤪🤣🤣)


    Pleasant stuff
    Weak so it's good for mixing or microdosing


    Not worth buying
    Doesn't give any real salvia effects, just a weird annoying high. Also find it overpriced since in other websites you can find the same stuff for half the price.


    Excellent product
    First time sage user here. If you have never done salvia before, please, PLEASE stick with the X5 extract at first. I had a really bad trip on 0.1 gram, I traveled to my own version of hell, the worst hell imaginable, though likewise I know that a lot of salvia first-timers have done so as well. You do not need to go beyond 0.1g. I later tried 0.05g. That had little effect on me. I suggest you read more comments before trying this herb. It is POWERFUL. It hits you immediately. Like most bad salvia trips that I have read online, the sensation is almost globally the same: you are stuck somewhere without any use of your body, watching the world go by, with the most unwavering feeling that you are there for ETERNITY--that you have been on earth as per some "accident"--and that you are now back home in this prison--for ETERNITY. If you understand this (imagine the brain in a jar image, that's it!), you can find a strategy before taking this herb that should keep you sane. I have not yet again tried it because I am still quite traumatized. I give it a 5 stars because the salvia's powers are phenomenal. Mushrooms are super, super nice. Salvia is something else. I predict better trips on my next attempts. Salvia has huge potential.


    Aucun effet
    Je mets 2 pour la livraison et la qualité du SAV. Ce produit ne m'a fait aucun effet. Je vous conseille de commencer avec du x15 ou x20 et de bien respecter la façon dont ça doit être consommé.

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Salvia 5x Extrait
Salvia 5x Extrait