Grand bang en acrylique


La taille ne fait pas tout, mais ce méga-bang fera sensation lorsque vous le sortirez. Ce géant mesure 52 cm de haut sur sa base en caoutchouc robuste, avec sa chambre à eau en acrylique et sa tige.

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Couleur: Variées€ 15.95
  • Couleur: Variées € 15.95
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En savoir plus
Hauteur 52cm
Matériau Acrylique
Hauteur 50-59cm

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Avis (14)

    Even though I highly prefer glass bongs, this kind of glass bong is around 150-200€ and buying this acrylic one for just 15€ is a a steal xD


    Great value for money
    Excellent bong for those who want to learn to smoke their favorite herbs and resins purily without tobacco. Once you get to love this, i strongly recommend to buy a vaporizer as soon as possible. So back to this bong: It's got plenty of space to put 3 big icecubes in it; make sure not to fill it too high with water. No plastic gets heated at all, so it's safe regarding plastic fumes don't worry. The huge chamber helps you to slowly suck the smoke up to the top while burning most of your resin at once, and then put your hand on top of the hole to trap the smoke inside. Now take a breath of fresh air and slowly inhale the smoke piece by piece. A very relaxed way of inhaling cool smoke without wasting any resin when using this bong.


    Terence Michaels
    I have been using bongs like this for decades and recommend this particular style especially, because it is possible to gently draw the smoke into the chamber then slowly draw it, now slightly cooled , in one easy action. Smaller chambers mean hotter smoke and more coughing. Great bong, clean uncluttered design, excellent in use as said and a very good price. Always a pleasure dealing with Zamnesia.


    Parfait !!
    commande bien reçu et tres rapide bong nickel et la taille parfaite ;)


    Came today in good condition. Didnt try it yet but it´ll be surely awesome with such a size.


    very good bong for an acryl! i smoke this bong everyday and i love it. very good for a quick pure-weed toke at 16:20. i'm very happy. 8/10 1 point minus for the unclean cuts at the kickhole 1 point minus for the chillum being clogged after every 20 hits


    bien mais...
    Le bang est inpec mais dommage que la cloche inclue soie un peu petite (j'ai même bouché le trou de la cloche avec ma première) On remplace ça par quelque chose de plus large et ça passe crème!


    Primeran heldu da etxera kondizioi bikaietan gauza askorekin. Asko atsegiten dut!


    super produit !
    Dommage qu'il y en est plus ! J'en aurai bien repris un ! :) Enjoy


    sinceramente mi aspettavo un plexy un po più piccolo, ma dopo averlo provato ne sono rimasto pienamente soddisfatto. grazie!!

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Grand bang en acrylique
Grand bang en acrylique