Seringue De Spores Mondo Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodia


Le Psilocybe cubensis cambodia a d'abord été découvert aux alentours du magnifique temps d'Angkor Wat par un homme qui se trouveait là pour filmer d'autres variétés de champignons magiques. C'est le fungus que nous recommandons pour les producteurs inexpérimentés, car c'est une espèce facile à cultiver, qui produit rapidement des rendements prédictibles.

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    Sporen spritzen von zamnesis immer in guter Qualität toll

    A. O.

    Fonctionne bien
    Inoculation Pf tek impeccable !

    A. K.

    Strong strain
    The mycelium was aggressive as well as the shrooms themselves. Very potent strain, I had almost only disturbing trips with these, regardless of the dosage. Too strong for me but advanced psychonauts would surely enjoy!

    M. C.

    no contamination, fast shipping

    T. B.

    This strain is plentiful in these syringes and was very well packaged. I would recommend anyone with an interest in this area of study to purchase one.

    J. W.

    J essai en ce moment toutes les qualités afin de choisir celle qui me plaît . Cambodia trop fort pour moi ...j aime la douceur.

    P. C.

    Gutes Produkt
    Habe mein eigenes substrat damit geimpft und nun warte ich auf Ergebnisse. Woche 3 is schon mal um und es sieht ganz gut aus.

    B. M.

    Mycelium is growing well, will hopefully soon be able to fruit and get my first harvest. Delivery was great with no delay.

    C. M.

    Excellent colonization
    I haven't added the colonized grains to substrate yet but the colonization of a bag of uncle bens 90 second rice is nearly complete after 12 days, exactly on schedule, no contamination. I hope the fruits of my labour pay off and the shrooms are of good genetics.

    T. K.

    Leider eine konti Spritze erwischt.
    Leider sind bei mir alle beimpften Brutgläser kontaminiert… das kann nur mit einer kontaminierten Spritze zusammenhängen, da andere Sorten aus dem gleichen Wisch perfekt wachsen und fruchten.

    J. H.

    Ça marche bien

    V. D.


    A. I.

    Perfect myzel
    I haven't have my first harvest yet, but I grown the spores in two "Uncle Bens" rice packs and the myzel developed well. Now I mixed it with coconut coil and I can watch it every day growing. I just used the half of the syringe. So I can do it a second time :)

    N. E.

    Great for research
    Splendid customer care, fast delivery, high quality and vitality of spores for my laboratory.

    R. Č.

    Sauber verarbeitet, alle Ansätze bisher Conti frei und schnell am wachsen gefällt mir gut

    R. R.

    Bin zufrieden
    Absolut rein. Habe damit Agar Platten, BRF Cakes und Roggen direkt angeimpft. Wächst besser bei höheren Temperaturen.

    T. N.

    Proper clean spore syringe; a bit pricey tbh

    M. C.

    Good colonization, bad fruits
    The mycelium colonized half quart jars in 17 days and pinning started after just 1 week. The problem is that 3/4 of the fruits were too skinny and short and had no potency at all (2 grams did literally nothing multiple times). I know it's not my fault because I got some biggy shrooms but they were just 4 or 5. MSS syringes are a crapshoot but working hard for a month just to get a bunch of no potency dried snacks is quite disappointing.

    D. C.

    Quick shipping, great product
    Received quickly. Product was packed nice and safe, and worked a charm.

    J. P.

    makkelijk en voordelig
    Een eerste poging met deze spuit lijkt reeds te lukken op een substraat van koffiegruis en vermiculiet. kwam snel geleverd en goed verpakt

    M. V.

    La seringue avait très peu de spore a voir dans le temps mais je doute

    C. C.

    Good Spores, nice growth
    Good spore syringe, favorable growth. So far, with one exception, I have not had any problem with Zamnesia's spore syringes.

    R. P.

    Like always spore from zamnesia are a very good product, excellent quality and incredibly fast shipping

    L. M.

    Good and fast
    Fast delivery and good product

    K. L.

    Very neat product. Mycelium is growing steadily. Can't wait to see the fruits. (: Thanks and cheers!

    A. Z.

    Thats great staff

    P. K.

    Inocculated a few jars and in about five days I found mycellium growing. No contaminants have appeared as of yet.

    A. L.

    Cubensis Shrooms
    Worked just as planned. Got myc growing after just 2-3 days. It's looking real good atm.

    B. K.

    Das Produkt wurde schnell und diskret innerhalb von 4 Tagen geliefert und funktioniert einwandfrei! Danke!

    S. K.

    Shipping was really fast, nice and discreet packaging. Haven't tried it out yet, but I'm really sure it'll work well. Thanks!

    S. L.

    espero sacar rendimiento.

    J. B.

    Friendly support + fast delivery
    Friendly support + fast delivery Will buy from here again expect me :)

    J. F.

    fast grower
    I was working with the pf tek and simpleTek, which worked out very nicely. It's a fast colonizer with an over average outcome. I recommend only 1-1,5ml of the spore syringe per cake! Great product, Thanks!

    M. L.

    Great Product
    The delivery was so quick I couldn't believe it O.o I live outside Europe and got the package in about 1.5 weeks. Started cultivating and got my first flush 5 days ago. I don't have a kitchen scale but 2 cakes yielded me a bowl of Cambodians. Also the syringes are completely clean, no contaminants. Thanks!!!

    E. S.
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Seringue De Spores Mondo Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodia
Seringue De Spores Mondo Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodia