Salvia Extract 10x


Indiqué pour les usagers expérimentés, l'extrait de Salvia de force 10x vous amènera dans les petits sentiers au pied de la montagne de l'effet Salvia.

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Avis (156)

    alles gut
    Habe es noch nicht probiert, aber sieht sehr gut aus!


    Tres content
    Effet impressionnant et rapide


    Producto efectivo. Me funcionó 100%. Recomiendo hacer con los pantalones bajados.


    The salvia is grade A quality but also great quantity, which was a delight to see when opening the package. So, for that reason this product gets a 5 star rating from me. Delivery communication was spot on as well, providing a tracking number with frequent updates on where it is in the delivery process. So, let's get into this strange plant itself. Salvia Divinorum has to be the strangest psychedelic I have consumed with effects starting 30 seconds after inhalation. This was only about 40 milligrams I smoked & I will be honest as I can, the effects are not pleasant and you should already know this before buying this psychedelic. When I exhaled, nothing existed. And I would repeatedly say this. "nothing exists, nothing exists" whilst also having this feeling of being turned, like a wheel. What I meant by ''nothing exists'' is that all of my human senses were no longer working, meaning that everything I saw in front of me (a tree, plants and flowers as I was in my back garden) did not have any names, labels, or anything. The only good analogy to try get this across is it was like reality from the perspective of a baby. I didn't even know what psychedelics were , so full blown amnesia occurred. I did not question this reality because of the amnesia & thought that the salvia reality was actually the true reality & had the sense of being more real than the human reality. It was very strange and I think, looking back on it and reading other people's trip reports a lot seem to experience this salvia space. Contemplating this further brings a light bulb moment to mind. I think the salvia space is indeed the true nature of reality, like before existence because prior to existence we had no perceptions, no senses for our brains to interpret into something meaningful, no sense of time, etc. The amnesia you get I must empathize this is an important part of the salvia space because it is full blown amnesia meaning that you do not remember even smoking a drug to get to the salvia space, you think that the salvia space has always existed and this is normal. The not normal is the human senses and not just human senses but all senses, including animals, insects, etc. The true " normal" or the "forever" normal is undoubtedly .............. oblivion. Such a enlightening moment can be very difficult for some , so it is a psychedelic to be researched prior to consumption and is nothing like any other psychedelic like DMT , mushrooms, or ketamine. At least with ketamine and other psychedelics , there is an intense euphoria but not with salvia. However, I must also share the other interesting effects of salvia before I conclude. One great benefit of doing lower doses is that it is great for sleep and gives a somewhat drunk-like relaxing feeling with a nice sweet aftertaste. Conclusion: Salvia is interesting and might be a tool to understand the true nature of reality. It is definitely not something you use to enjoy yourself but instead a tool to use for meditation for those who want to understand existence and to contemplate beyond the senses or want to experience what being dead feels like for 10 minutes. It is the lament configuration of psychedelics, let that be a warning.


    Dismantling the veil of the ego
    Salvia the sheppard guide me through a journey to this place of eternal stillness where everything and nothing exist at the same time and me as an embodiedment of this energy of creation from the source, this singularity giving birth and giving death in the eternal cycle of life itself. Dismantling the veil of the ego-reality in this sense, very powerful and teachings to integrate in daily life relativizing deeply all the "dizzyness" of life in day-to-day management of my own emotions, actions, reactions and ways to establish relationship with myself and the others. Blessings, and deep respect for this master plant


    Experiencia muy intensa. No hay nada parecido.
    Mucho ojo con las dosis. Y siempre con alguien vigilando que estés bien. Hay que fumarla en Bong y quemar con mechero de soplete. Reten el aire todo lo que puedas y adiós muy buenas. Se me disasocio la cabeza del cuerpo y mientras estaba atrapado en un bucle eterno mi cuerpo se levantó, abrió puertas... Etc La experiencia dura de 2 a 5 minutos pero en tu cabeza puede ser una eternidad. Mucho respeto y cuidado.


    Great place to start with salvia
    This was the first time buying salvia and im fairly certain it is 100% up to standards. This stuff will scape the surface of reality leaving you exposed to a reality we weren't meant to see.


    not bad
    You need a PIPA to smoke it


    Très bien pour débuter avec la salvia super effets mais pas un gros voyage malgré des effets fort


    Salvia 10 ×
    Pour ma part je trouve que cela n'est toujours pas assez fort je pense testé de l'extract ×20 le goût est vraiment dégueulasse on va pas ce le cacher et a moins de réussir a prendre un bonne douille on ne peut pas avoir d'hallucinations je dit pas que cela est impossible bien entendu peut être que je n'ai pas assez d'expérience avec les douilles aussi

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Questions (1)
simon thouet 2013-09-10 00:32:59

Est-ce que ce sont des extrait standardisé.


This product is not standardized. However, it is subject to regular checks and high requirements. We're therefore happy to announce that the quality is similar and feedback received shows that many of our customers agree.

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Salvia Extract 10x
Salvia Extract 10x