Empreinte de spores Psilocybe Cubensis Mexico


Empreinte de spores Psilocybe Cubensis Mexico : une des variétés les plus communes et populaires. Les tribus indigènes en Amérique du Sud l'appellent "Chair des Dieux" et vous pouvez faire pousser vos propres champignons avec ces empreintes, mais attention aux lois locales. Produites en laboratoire, sans contaminants. Conserver au sec, frais et à l'obscurité.

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    No contaminants yet.
    Took couple of days to start showing growth. It takes i bit longer then i expected to start growing the white fluff :) but I only used half of the print. I hope it gets to fruit soon.


    Les spores sont là, ils ont pris sur le substrat, aucun problème à signaler.


    Hello fellow mushroom heads
    I bought Hawaiian and Mexican. They both arrived on thick foil with a dense spore print on them! ( odd only a few reviews) but any who. I have both growing on sorghum, corn, liquid culture (honey water, raw sugar water, pasta water and pasta water with a pinch of raw sugar) and when my Agar arrives ill put it on an oatmeal agar, and malt agar( maybe malt yeast agar)( idk I live life in the edge). I have no fruits, no trip reports, or contaminations to report yet... So :/ sorry. But I trusted Zamnesia and used bitcoin. And they followed through with spores a gift magazine to follow! I am happy and if i need to buy again i will, hopefully though what i have is enough! (Lol) though all mushrooms are different, and each trip just as magical. I plan to use these for micro dosing. I've read about the great benefits of subthresh and i will try! Good luck and happy growing


    Well done delivery !
    Fast delivery of goods ! Well packaged. Now it will take time to see what grows of it. So no info on that for now, that is why rate is not full. When i have a good batch, i will comment on that and rate again.


    Superschnelle Lieferung! Top Produkt!
    Ware wurde sehr schnell und sehr diskret geliefert. Der Sporenabdruck war sauber verpackt und frei von Kontaminanten. Werde nur noch bei Zamnesia bestellen. Vielen Dank!!!

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Empreinte de spores Psilocybe Cubensis Mexico
Empreinte de spores Psilocybe Cubensis Mexico