Empreinte de spores Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher


Empreinte de spore qualité laboratoire de Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher : continuez vos recherches, faites des seringues de spores ou cultivez vos champignons (consultez la législation locale avant). Créé par des experts en champignon, dans des conditions de laboratoire et sans contamination. Se conserve jusqu'à 2 ans au sec, frais, propre et à l'obscurité avant de perdre de sa vitalité.

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    On agar completly contaminated
    I had tried to cultivate the spores in the Petri dish on agar substrate. All completely contaminated. The Petri dishes had previously been in a box for 3-4 days. After the spores were added, there was mold everywhere. The same with an other spore syringe.

    M. S.

    Bonne réception et emballage parfait de l’empreinte mise en culture sur agar voir la suite…

    B. F.

    Put the spores in 6 agar plates gently. Only one got contaminated but that may be my own fault. I got two different agar plates and 3 of them were cheap Anyway three plates show up mycelium lines in two weeks. Now they are ready for liquid solution and soon in monotub.

    J. R.

    Teacher sporeprint
    Good quality, even If a little expansive

    J. S.

    It got zero contamination which is awesome and it produces some incredible shrooms with many flushes

    J. E.

    Small print but you get a lot from it!
    The spore print arrived in mint conditions and it looked very "thick", I managed to fill 5 agar plates and 2 spore syringes with it, and I still got a little bit of spores left. I totally recommend YOU to get your spore prints from Zamnesia!

    G. P.

    In cold storage.
    I have not yet used these spores. I am awaiting a couple of items to be able to move forward. Thanks for speedy delivery though.

    A. O.

    Goed,snel en vriendelijk personeel/klantenservice. Product ook goed en mooi.

    B. W.

    Infected print
    Experience since 2012 Of continuous grow. Got no spores atm, so ordered.here. 35 jars were done, all infected. All. With infection i never seen before. May be i made mistake, but draw conclusions yourself. Not recommending,waste of time and resources for nothing. Thanks alot zamnesia. /sarcasm.my first and last order here.

    T. J.

    On agar
    Filled 3 agardishes and they all germinated 100% free of contaminaties: I prepare in front of a hepafilter. Because the temperatuur in summer is to high for further growing i store the plates cool till autum. So far so good.

    J. M.
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Empreinte de spores Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher
Empreinte de spores Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher
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