Empreinte de spores Psilocybe Cubensis B+


Empreinte de spores qualité laboratoire de Psilocybe Cubensis B+, une variété très populaire à cause de ses magnifiques et grosses parties fructifères. Devenez chercheur, faites vos seringues de spores ou cultivez vos champignons hallucinogènes. Produites par l'un des meilleurs et plus fiables experts en champignons. Conserver au frais, au sec, à l'obscurité et au propre.

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    Great Spores
    The spores are super well packed in heavy-duty foil. I expanded some into agar and some direct to a syringe and to grain. So far I haven't seen any colonization, but I know that I need a few more days. I'm a Zamnesia's old customer I have been shopping in this shop for almost 5 years and I highly recommend it. They are super helpful and professional! I wish they would expand their product offers this is my feedback to the team. Good job!!!


    good & infuriating
    Great product - had no problems. This company is %100 legit and accountable. Sadly they don't provide any easy method for professional Courier delivery and there staff speak bugger all English which becomes infuriating.


    Fast and discrete delivery
    The spores were perfect to do syringes from. They came in heavy duty aluminum foil which is nice to scratch.


    Got my package in 15-16 days after I have send my cash envelope which is pretty fast considering that I am really far from The Netherlands.B+ is great beginner strain,the mycelium developed well despite the far from great conditions.Inoculated 4 rye jars,one got contaminated,one stopped the development at about 70%,two were 100% colonized,I wanted to birth them in the form of cakes but ended up casing them and after about 1 week saw the 1st pins.It took them like 4-5 more days before harvest.Managed to get 2 flushes and total dried amount close to 20gr.


    i ordered print but i got syringe...still good but i could made at least 10 more syringes if i would got print.


    Cubensis B+ Sporen
    Sehr gute Sporen Qualität. Es wurden bereits mehrere Sporenspritzen hergestellt und kontaminationsfrei zum keimen gebracht. Es fehlt nur noch eine schöne Ernte.

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Empreinte de spores Psilocybe Cubensis B+
Empreinte de spores Psilocybe Cubensis B+