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Seringue De Spores Mondo Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher

 4/5 (76)

    They seem to be sterile and well
    Seems to have no contam and healthy. Will buy again from here surely.


    Teures Wasser
    Leider hat nichts gekeimt. Bei 25 C im dunklen ist nach 14 Tagen nichts passiert. Schade, manchmal hat man Pech.


    No germination
    The spore syringe showed visible spore clusters in the solution. Properly sterilized rye berrys showed not contamination from the spore syringe. The germination took a bit longer than usual, unclear whether this is due to not optimal grow conditions or spore quality. Overall a quality product, nicely packed.


    Bonne qualité


    Golden teacher
    Alles wie beschrieben, alles top




    Fast shipping good spores
    Tested on 4 rice bags, all successful!


    Broken syringe...
    The syringe was broken and I lost most of the liquid outside the jars. And there was almost no spores visible in the syringe as usual... I love zamnesia but there syringes are just terrible. The only reason I bought it in the first place was to supplement the spore print from before.


    Golden teacher


    no contamination, fast shipping


    Not used for now.
    Article looking good but stored in the fridge for now.


    Cubensis et golden teacher
    Je parle de mon expérience. Le délai d apparition des têtes d épingle est plus long pour moi cela met 2 mois ...parfois rien ne pousse . Peut être est ce une erreur de culture de ma part . Par contre quand ça pousse il y en a beaucoup.


    Everything perfect for now
    Im from germany and i recived the product in like 3 days it is amazing i put them in fridge and il see the next month will i get something out of it :)


    Great products works well


    Disappointed/ No innoculation
    I used the syringe (20 ml) for 4 smaller jars to get started. There were no spores visible in the syringe. After 4 weeks I had no results. No innoculation happened. Might try my luck with a grow kit next time. D.L.


    19 maart 2 sporenspuiten ontvangen maar vanwege tijdgebrek in de koelkast gedaan. Op 10 april beide spuiten flink geschud en de inhoud verdeeld over 4 glazen potten met Rogge. Op 19 april was en het mycelium voldoende gegroeid om alle potten op te schudden. Geen enkele contaminatie te bespeuren. Uitstekende sporenspuiten dus . So far So good. Begin volgende week meng ik ze individueel met horsepoo en maak 4 bakken (shoeboxes) klaar voor verdere kweek.


    Impeccable service, but very bad product
    First syringe came without a syringe plunger and I am certain it got contamed. I contaced support and received a new one for free. With the new syringe, absolutely nothing grew for 1 month. The service was perfect. Friendly, helpful employees and a free replacement, but sadly, the product didn't live anywhere up to its expectations. Maybe I just had bad luck twice. Who knows.


    Gutes Produkt
    Kam noch nicht zum Einsatz.


    Good quality!
    Fast delivery of goods across borders and discreet packaging of the shipment. Quality product in perfetc cleanliness and great results. I recommend Zamnesia and its products!


    Fast shipping and good quality
    The mycellium grew fast


    Fonctionne correctement, prend plus de temps à germer et coloniser que les b+ mais tout bon...


    Deze doet het bij mij minder goed dan B+, maar ik weet niet of dit ook door de sporenspuit komt.
    Deze doet het bij mij minder goed dan B+, maar ik weet niet of dit ook door de sporenspuit komt.


    Sehr Enttäuschend!!
    1 von 3 Sporenspritzen hatte nur die gewünschten Sporen, sehr enttäuschend fürs Geld, die anderen 2 wurden lediglich mit Wasser aufgezogen!!! Nicht weiter zu empfehlen...sehr schade !


    Fast delivery, colonisation started in 5 days


    Not enough spores
    I usually make my own syringes, but was lazy and ordered a GT and Hawaiian syringe. I shook it thoroughly and followed my main protocol. Due to the low amount of visible spores I injected half a syringe into a 400ml jar, absolutely nothing grew. While on the same batch, in another jar, i also used a left over syringe of my own, thought I left that too long jn the fridge (1,5 months) which grew beautifully. A syringe is supposed to inoculate 10 jars. Better spend your money on a grow kit, it gives harvest plus you can make your own spore prints and turn those into syringes.


    Spore Syringe Contained contamination
    I ordered 2 syringes one Golden Teacher and one B+ In the First days little Signs of mycelium growth were there but fast Afterwards it Turned Green/Gray a contamination were growing in the mycelium i desinfected the syringes and heated Them with a Lighter Up the contamination didnt grew anywhere Else than Some centimeters belle the Point i injected The B+ Syringe is complete Clean White and healthy mycelium in 3x 1l Jars while in the other 3x 1L golden teachers Just contaminations are growing


    é ok
    non contiene tante tante spore...




    nicht sehr viele Sporen, aber funktioniert alles
    Wie im Titel schon gesagt, waren nicht sehr viele Sporen in der Spritze, wie ich es von einer 20CC Spritze erwartet hätte, jedoch ist es ausreichend gewesen. Alle meine beimpften Gläser zeigen Mycelium und haben keine Verunreinigungen nach circa einem Monat. Wachstum ist nicht der schnellste, aber immerhin überall sichtbar.


    Sirina vecchia e contaminata
    Non appena aperta la siringa ho notato che che alcune spore erano germinate e che era iniziata un coltura liquida nella siringa. Inoltre i barattoli che ho inoculato si sono contaminati dove sono scese le spore. Altri barattoli inoculati allo stesso modo con altre siringhe non sono contaminati.


    Nichts gewachsen :-(
    Da waren keine Sporen zu sehen und es hat sich auch absolut nichts entwickelt. Schade um das Geld :-(


    attente de fruit !
    seringue complete les premiere on été difficile pour le mycelium de ce developper mais c'etait de m'a fautes la mes pains sont en periode d'incubation !


    Ganz toller Mist
    Ich weiß nicht was da falsch gelaufen ist. In der Spritze war lediglich Wasser keine Sporen. Muss man nicht verstehen , ich finde es schei….e .Kann ich nur einen Stern für geben , lieber wären mir 0 Sterne weil Wasser habe ich selber genug im Wasserhahn.....


    Magnifique !!
    Quelques cl suffisent a inoculer un max de bocaux. Je passe en fruitaison bientôt !


    PF TEK Jars
    This is growing insanely, you just need to be careful with contamination, follow best practices and inoculation should be fine.


    3 tandas
    Primera tanda utilizando metodo pftek despues de 3 semanas ya ha colonizado perfectamente. Segunda y tercera tanda contaminadas (aunque es probable que no se hiciese correctamente del todo el proceso de esterilización del sustrato).


    Idéal pour une innoculation sans contaminants
    Parfait pour l'innoculation de mon substrat préalablement stérélisé par vapeur d'eau chaude. J'ai remarqué qu'un excès de pulvérisation d'eau provoque l'apparition de moisissure. Pour une colonisation du mycélium blanc sans apparition de moisissure il faut pulvériser l'eau qu'une seul fois. Mon mycélium colonise bien mon substrat après avoir rectifié le nombre de pulvérisation d'eau à une seule pulvérisation.


    Bought sterile rye so as not to make mistakes, everything well disinfected and instructions well followed. First contamination visible after 2 weeks. Everything just thrown away. I think it was bad liquid spores.


    Perfect for 1st grow
    This is my 1st grow so I cannot really compare to other products out there. But I can say that the spore syringe is clean, I've got 0 contam in any of my 10 inoculated Jars. Now, everything is sitting in a monotub and hopefully will be fruiting soon. If you're thinking about growing, go for it. It's fairly simple and cheap, but please, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Ps:the jar colonisation was quite slow but apparently it's to be expected with GT (also my 1st grow so everything is not perfect from my side).


    Arrived very fast and is working charms
    All cakes are growing beautiful mych. Easy and great for a first-timer like me too, No problem whatsoever


    as a first timer I used it with the uncle bens tek. 2 out of 10 bags got a contamination (prolly my own fault) so Im happy with the result


    Quick, Perfect & Descrete
    Super good MS and the syringe is super high quality that can be later sterilized and re-used. I inoculated 24 pf tek plastic containers so far they are almost all fully colonized without any contamination! Good Job Guys!


    0% contaminasion very goood


    bon suivi
    Très content des services Zamnézia les kit de culture et les seringues sont parfaitement emballés, aucun problemes de contaminations.. Promesse tenu


    Great growth, really good visible spores in the syringe fluid.
    The order is very tidy and well put together in one small box along with my other items to get me up and running. The spores inoculated within 3/4 days. I was impressed to spot a good cluster of black spores floating in the syringe which is a very good sign and means there are ample spores. Keep an eye out on yours and for later inoculation, Syringes should always show floating spores according to my research (in the case of white spore strains then this doesn't apply). This one showed, gave it a good shake and all went smoothly since!


    nearly zero
    inject in 5 differents jars with different substrat 1 growth = poor spore density = bad conditions stockage before send just shit... don't buy there, the conditions gived to have some reparation by SAV are just unreachable, even with you're staff that doesn't work. like a scam?


    Good Grow
    These were successful for both uncleben's tek and rye tek. Good starting species.


    Good stuff
    Everything is very professional as usual.


    I ordered this syrige for my first grow atempt. Came out very well. I still got pins, but they get bigger very fast. There were some problems with other stuff in my order, but Zamnezia team was very considerate, helpful and everything went out just fine. Thank you for this experience



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