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Kit De Culture Zamnesia (Zamnesia's Choice) 1200 ml

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    Nice Trip, Good Customer Service
    Started the Prozess 4 weeks ago and have today my first try by harvesting the biggest shroom and eat Its Trashure Coast and i had nice dreamlike closed eye visions i took 1hour till it began and lasted 2hours Due to the short lasting of the trip i will try higher doses step by step untill i reach the level i got on guided trip long time ago with open eye haluzinations Due to low light and venting i got not pleasuring yield optical wise Venting is Important The first box i got was cracked and contaminated but i got it replaced by a very nice customer service


    Super trip
    Bien reçu en temps et en heure et facile à cultiver, trip très euphorique et court environ 4h. Pour 1 gramme de produit sec. Trés chouette.


    Was pleased to receive mazatapec kit. The flushes have produced few mushrooms, but I am also learning from trial and error as a first time grower. Hope for better results in the future.


    Buy SUPAGRO instead
    I've been buying kits through Zamnesia for years now, have had my bit of trial by error with earlier kits. I've been buying SUPAGRO kits earlier, and have had no problem. But these Zamnesia grow kits are not okay, nowhere in the guide did it say that you should cold shock your kits, so I assumed that these were done differently but they're not you need to cold shock em 12 hours in the fridge for the first flush. The guide tells you to soak em in water and then just put em up, nothing with the fridge. not cool. Then there's the oxygen holes, they come sealed, you can open and wave the bag every day for oxygen intake but it's super unintuitive, after a month, i punched holes through the bag myself and now a few started growing. I would not recommend buying Zamnesia growkits before they fixed their manual.


    Riesige shrooms!
    Ich hatte erst Angst als nach drei Wochen noch nichts zu sehen war aber als erste Pins rauskamen hat es eine Woche gedauert bis ich die ersten Pilze ernten konnte. Der größte war fast 40 g schwer (nass). Immer wieder Zamnesia!!


    Are you kiding?
    4 boxes / 4 was broken ..150 e for mushs Ans this IS the answer . Hi Mathias, thank you for sending this through! We're sorry to see this. The good news is that this doesn't have to be a problem for growing the mushrooms. The plastic box is there mostly for blocking water. Could you try to fix it with (adhesive) tape and start the growing process according to the instructions? We will of course offer you a solution if the grow kits turns out to be defective after all. Let me know if you would try this for us! Kind regards, Joëlle Zamnesia Support 150 e and I have to put tape on 4 non stérile boxes ????!!!!!!


    Amazing products
    In the meantime I ordered 2 of the surprise boxes. 1sz time I got treasure coast, 2nd was golden teacher. Its amazing, the first box is on its 5th flush now! And there's still no end in sight. The second flush is a bit newer and the first pins are popping up now. I so tried some of the TCs and it's just perfect. Will always buy again


    récolte très petite sur maza
    reçu des Mazapatec, 1er flush 80gr mouillé, 2eme 32gr, 3 ème 3 champi, 4eme en cours, 3 champi aussi... un peu déçu des boite zamnesia, la première est arrivé contaminée mais j'ai droit à un avoir, et celle-ci est très peu rentable, peu être parce que c'est un vieux stock vu la date sur la boite. Si la prochaine boite n'est pas plus productive que ça je ne pense plus recommander, mais plutôt faire moi même. Sinon effets sympa, mais moins fort que des truffes : Introspection profonde sans effets secondaires et facilement gérable, bien pour débutants souhaitant ce reconnecté à soit même, mais ne pas s'attendre à quelque chose de fou. Par contre le goût... je crois bien que c'est les pires !


    j'ai testé deux kits, un a produit et l'autre non... manque de chance peut être.


    Gave them optimal care, only produced a quarter flush. I went in for a second round after harvest and got nothing.


    Old Kits - Contaminated and No Flushes
    Just as another person mentioned. Seems like this is just a way for them to get rid of old contaminated kits. I received Maz and Cambodian. Been almost 3 weeks now and neither has flushed despite using prime conditions. Cambodian has a chemical spoilt like smell, and Maz was contaminated. Contacted support, initially they were replying on the same business day - sent them all the details and its been 8 days no response. Hopefully my bank will help me out. Nothing else to say, just be careful when buying these kits - was really looking forward to these.


    Seems like an option for expired kits.
    I bought 4 of these 02/03, received 3 from late December and a last one from 12/01 (which is fine). Two of these were infected and rotted, the other two haven't produced any flush yet.


    Ok kit's
    The zamnesia kits came one growing good and the other was moldy,the good thing is that zamnesia save me a new one so I am satisfied all in all recommend for the price !


    Dopo appena due settimane hanno cominciato a spuntare le prime cappelle e dopo un altra settimana il substrato è strapieno di così tanti funghi che quasi non so cosa farmene! Consigliatissimo l'uso del tappetino riscaldante, con lo scorso kit non avevo ancora il tappetino e ho raccolto solo due funghi, stavolta invece è andata decisamente meglio.


    Super effet je suis ravie et je vais recommandé


    snelle levering
    Ik heb het als cadeau gekocht in de drukke kerstmaand. Maar het bestelde werd toch snel geleverd. De krijger van het cadeau was er blij mee. Geen idee of hij er al wat mee gedaan heeft.


    Petite récolte
    La livraison a été très rapide ! Des mazatapec. Par contre je suis déçue par la première récolte. Seulement 40 gr frais alors que les conditions étaient au top et que j'ai bien suivi toutes les instructions. Les champis poussaient sur les côtés. J'attends de voir la suite et le trip.


    Schnelle Lieferung und ein Top Produkt gekriegt (Bei mir waren's die "Cambodians"). Sind jetzt bei der 2. Charge und alles funktioniert einfach und Problemlos. Bei Fragen ist der Kundensupport spitze! Gerne wieder.


    3 semaine et toujours rien meme pas un bouton qui sort ...
    3 semaine et toujours rien meme pas un bouton qui sort ... trés décu malgres avoir suivis toute les consignes , hygrometie et temperature je n'ai absolument rien ...


    Stanno crescendo...
    Dopo sole due settimane, in pieno inverno, stanno iniziando a crescere...


    just great
    this kit was abit slow at first, once it got going though was very quick had a total of 16grams dry on first flush waiting on second flush which pins are now forming a week later all in all 5/5


    Très satisfait
    Pour ma part j'ai reçu un kit d'Amazonian. Première récolte 2 bonnes semaines plus tard. J'ai attendu les premiers déchirements des voiles pour récolter 150 grammes frais. Pour un premier kit et une première récolte, j'étais ravi. Testés quelques jours plus tard avec 4 grammes secs, les effets sont bien là, c'était top. J'en suis maintenant au second flush qui commence déjà à pointer seulement 5 jours après avoir retrempé le pain pendant 12h au réfrigérateur; ça promet ! Au final je suis très satisfait de ce kit même si apparemment le rendement pourrait être encore supérieur. Mais il paraît que c'est à partir du second flush que cette variété commence à beaucoup donner; à suivre donc, mais vu la direction que prend mon kit, je suis confiant !


    Il kit è una bomba! La prima gettata l'ho raccolta tra la terza e la quarta settimana. Ho ottenuto circa 120 gr di funghi freschi. Ora ci prepariamo per le prossime gettate! Consiglio vivamente a chi non ha mai coltivato funghi. Parlando invece dell'effetto: con una dose di 30 grammi gli ho sentiti alla grande. Sarebbe poco più della dose normale. Io peso 65 kg. TEAM ZAMNESIA TOP!


    Excellent as always
    I love all your grow boxes! Best quality you can get.


    I was worry, how this will grow with me with no experinces at all. It was easy first flush after about 3 weeks from arrival. I followed instructions from Zamnesia and get superb results. At the moment, 2nd flus is growing and in few days will be next harvest. Srooms are after drying perfect, tasty and works with magic. I can only reccomend and for next wave I do thing about bigger one....:-)


    Super mais fragile aux contaminations
    Nous avons eu des Golden Teacher ainsi que des Mazatapec mais ces derniers se sont révélés très sensibles aux contaminations lors de la pousse (bien qu’on ai respecté tout le protocole sanitaire). Les trip sont excellent ! Fou rire et hallucinations


    tres bien
    tres bon kit en 3 semaines tout a pousse tres rapide


    A really nice surprise!
    I’ll admit that I wasn't sure about the fruits in this kit because it got somewhat of mixed reviews, but i receive one in a gift card from the store and gave it a try. Im still in the second flush but its working wonderfully!! A lot of fruits in the first flush and really fast growing. The strain they send me was the mckenaii. Really satisfied!


    Me llegaeon el micelio de las amazonian, segui los pados todo bien en 2 semanas ya estaban creciendo preciosas, pero parami sorpresa empezo el micelio a ponerse verde no puede ni ptobarlas mi clima o algo que hice mal las hecho a petder. Pero bueno las trufas si me molaron


    Jamais déçu chez Zamnesia.
    Cela fait plusieurs fois que je commande des champignons et c' est toujours magique si vous savez être minutieux. Je récolte environ 50 gr de produit sec par boîte. J' utilise une petite serre chauffée à 25° et à 80% d' humidité.


    psy life


    Super Super
    Anche la terza gettata di funghi è stata eccezzionale! Top del Top! Grazie zamnesia


    Good product, may be you will have bigger harvest, cause the mycelium is also on the side of the box. But you have to do the vertical cake


    7 flushes!!!
    Very happy, got 7 flushes and trying to get an 8th, but I think the kit is getting too old now. It seems like the strain is Cambodia and feels 7/10 for strength. Have a mound of dried shrooms now.


    rien ne pousse
    voila que jai recu un kit de treasure coast j'ai fait le dunk le 03.09.2020 et laisse avec 99%dhumidite et entre 23 et 25 ° c et toujour rien n'a pousser ,j'avoue que je suis assez decu ayant grande confiance en zmanesia et ayant lu que cette varieté etait rapide mais la ca fait tres long conrdialement


    Does the job
    The zamnesia's choice kits have always provided me with very weak fruits. They grow ok (although they seem to be slightly less and take more time to fruit). It's an average product, too expensive for the quality (I assume that the oldest kits are the ones chosen by zamnesia). I will not buy the zamnesia's choice option anymore until the price drops to a reasonable value. With that said, it works and zamnesia has never let me down.


    Je commande souvent chez zamnesia et jamais de problème... Pour la 1ere fois j'essaye les champignons et malheureusement rien ne pousse!! Un peu déçu...


    a crack on the box
    there was a crack in the side of the box (probably not the fault of zamnesia, rather the delivery company) that didn't affect its ability to be used too much, but might be the reason I was only able to barely do 2 cycles. water entered the substrate through the crack and drowned the bottom...


    Une livraison rapide, des consigne d'utilisation simples à assimiler pour tout debutant et un produit très satisfaisant!


    Would recommend,
    Ordered 3 grow kits of zamnesia's choice. They arrived extremely quickly, but 2 out of 3 went bad instantly. Might have been due to the intense heat that day. Still waiting for the last to pop


    Kit champi
    Kit mystère bien arrive comme toujours.. Il est lancé pour 12h de trempage.. J ai déjà fait 1 kit mc kennaii sans aucun problème. Merci zamnesia au top.. Plus qu'à attendre


    Conforme et facile. Très bonne documentation


    Probleme contamination
    J'ai reçu un kit de mazatapec seul probleme il a subi une contamination, zamnesia ma renvoyé un second kit (ils sont trés pro) des treasures Coast qui eux (aprés avoir suivi les instructions a la lettre et aprés moulte precautions d'hygiene) ma raporté 1 flush attaqué par du cobweb (du dactylium que j'ai combattu avec du bicarbonate) les vendeurs de Zam étant honnete mon offert le kit de mon choix (des McKenaii) qui se porte trés bien. Merci Zam


    Very very good, I bought 2 mistery box they send me 1 mckennai 1 amazonian. Good quality and fast grow. First flush 300 g circa, dried 36 g. Certainly I'll buy other boxes/species as soon as possible. Thanks Zamnesia!


    Super kit et service client au top !
    Je n'ai vraiment pas été déçu ! Livraison rapide et soignée, instructions claires ! J'ai eu un soucis avec mon premier kit et le service client a été au top du début à la fin avec des réponses à mes questions ultra rapides. Malheureusement, il a été contaminé mais ils m'en ont de suite renvoyé un, et je n'ai rien payé, même pas les frais de port. Maintenant j'en suis à mon 2e kit avec 4 flushs bien remplis ! Une fois qu'on connaît bien le produit, on peut devenir un maître des champotes !


    Fast delivery & all good


    Slow start - low yield so far
    I think I may have waited too long after arrival to soak the box. I started a few days after arrival and have had the bag open for about two weeks, caring for the humidity. Only now some sideshrooms are starting to form, so it's unfortunately not meeting my expectations (based on having a growkit a few years ago from a different website). I will do a second flush and if I think of it I will post the results here.


    fast and discreet delivery! im still growing them, though its my first time


    Prima esperienza
    Purtroppo dopo 3 settimane (oggi sono al 22g) non è uscito nulla dal substrato, dopo i primi giorni ho contattato l'assistenza che mi ha seguito fino ad oggi, dove hanno deciso di rimborsare, personalmente ero preparato alla possibilità di un prodotto difettoso, quindi concludo che purtroppo la prima esperienza non è andata a buon fine, ma comunque zamnesia dimostra la sua affidabilità rimborsano completamente, credo che più avanti proverò con un altro kit. Saluti


    1 Love Zamnesia Bless Them
    I absolutley love Zamnesia. Amazing herbs and mushrooms. The super silver haze was absoluty fantastic, Super fast, growing very sweet taste, perfect happy clean energized high with a slight psychsdelic toutch. Exceptional products and amazing support. God bless zamnesiTa.

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