Kit De Culture Zamnesia (Zamnesia's Choice) 1200 ml


Partez en voyage psychédélique avec le Kit de Culture de champignons magiques Zamnesia's Choice ! Pour le mystère, nous prendrons au hasard une variété cubensis dans nos kits de culture de champignons pour facilement cultiver plusieurs cycles ! Le Kit De Culture Zamnesia (Zamnesia's Choice) a 1200 ml de mycélium totalement peuplé. Il suffit d'avoir de la patience !

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Manuel Kit de Culture Zamnesia

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Kit De Culture Zamnesia (Zamnesia's Choice) 1200 ml - Fiche Technique
Volume 1200ML
Marque Zamnesia

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Avis (142)

    Og dyrke svampe kunne simpelthen ikke være nemmere modtog 2 pes amazonia kit og høstede første gang Præsis 14 dage efter start og fik ca 205gram friske svampe pr kit!


    Great product
    The grow kit produced more mushrooms than expected so I am - once again - a happy customer.


    You need some luck
    I have already received two of these. One did not produce flushes at all in perfect growing conditions (still waiting). The other one is now producing its third flush.


    They’re amazing
    It’s the second time that i buy this product, booth of times i’m 100% satisfied, I had several flush, and every trip was perfect, really suggested. I suggest to everyone to use a boiled water


    Kit thuis gekregen, onmiddellijk instructies gevolgd, Na 3 weken enkel 2 kleine paddo te zien aan zijkant binnenin? Jammer maar helaas,..


    Horrible experience with zamnesia
    Very bad. Very bad service. I ordered truffles of 3 types, none with effects, then say it is because of storage that happens this. ( if shipping takes 7 days it's not because of the customer that goes wrong ) I ordered a mushroom kit and customer support stopped responding to my emails while I was following the process, it ended up in nothing. Contaminated kit and into the trash, as by email they said to do things they don't say in the growing guide. In the guide it says to open the bag only after the first pins appear, by email they say I should have opened it to improve oxygenation. And not a single person is following the emails, hence the confusion and lack of resolution. I initially bought two packages of truffles, to resolve the situation customer support said they would offer me a type of truffle of my choice. Being that I spent money on two and two days prepared to take them and nothing, it's unfortunate. I want my money back since time is not possible.


    Best Choice
    Chosen Mckennaii God like! Simply the Best for god close experience! Promised!


    Dankeschön Zamnesia
    Habe die box mit einem Gutschein gewonnen. Nach ein paar Tagen waren die Pes Amazonian da und hab die Box auch gleich gestartet. Nach ein bisschen Geduld konnte ich eine richtig schöne Ernte erzielen hab mich richtig gefreut da ich sie nichts bezahlt habe. Zamnesias growkits sind sehr zu empfehlen.


    Amazonian dove
    Nella scatola c è scritto amazonian Adesso dopo che sono cresciuti non hanno per niente l aspetto degli amazonian che ci sono sul sito Oltrepassando la gettata è risultata solo di funghi piccolissimi e pochini tra l altro. Mi dispiace un botto avevo un piu bel rapporto con questo sito prima


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Kit De Culture Zamnesia (Zamnesia's Choice) 1200 ml
Kit De Culture Zamnesia (Zamnesia's Choice) 1200 ml