Salvia 80x Extrait


Attachez vos ceintures ! C’est la version pour votre cerveau de l’Accélérateur de Particules. Cet extrait de Salvia n’est que pour les psychonautes les plus expérimentés.

AVERTISSEMENT : Extrêmement fort, uniquement pour ceux qui savent ce qu’ils font.

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    Buona m..
    Prodotto speciale non per tutti...ho provato effetti simili con quella meno potente


    Milder than I expected but very smooth and efficient. Will shop again. Thank you guys!


    someon is waiting for me
    i smoked this... someone is waithing for me, but this reality came back like waves of clothes. no hallucination, my brain shut down and i come back slowly. very hard to smoke.


    If this doesn't smack you into another universe, you're doing it wrong!
    Already had 2 instant-out-of-this-world trips and still have half the bag left. Don't use too little, I took 0.1-0.15 grams each time. Be sure to use a torch lighter and not a regular lighter so everything is evenly burned, and to inhale all the smoke and to keep it in for at least 15 seconds. Upon exhaling I always repeat the proces with whatever is not fully burned, to make sure I have the full effect. Be sure to do this within a minute of exhaling from the first toke, if you want the full mental jackpot of salvia. Even before exhaling the second toke, I'm already folding in on myself along with the couch, sent to another place where I am constantly folding in on myself in a fractal spiral while trying to make sense of who, what, where, when or how I even am. Had to realise I was not the couch before I could breathe again. Because what even is breathing when you are a piece of furniture? Do not use when you are not in mentally stable place and I would suggest not combining with other psychedelics as salvia 80x extract hits on an entirely different level than anything I have ever used before. Best used as a solo experience, with someone nearby to keep an eye on you, but don't try to interact or care about what they think, just enjoy the ride and make all the weird noises your mind tells you to make without wondering what other people might think. Best to warn your sitter about possible weird behaviour if they are not experienced with salvia, becausecyou might seem psychotic to them lol.




    non fa assolutamente nulla
    Soldi buttati via altro che esperienza psichedelica!


    quand je lit les commentaire je ne comprend pas car 4 miettes dans un splif a 3 nous étions tous a coté de nos chaussure mdr


    It works
    It works and it is salvia. So good job guys.


    Maravilloso viaje para los más atrevidos
    Me derrumbé por completo en una enorme felicidad. Todo se conecta con todo. Los amigos, los seres queridos, el amor, el sexo, el universo, todo está dentro de nosotros. Entendí que todo estaba conectado con todo y que el traspaso después de la muerte era algo a lo que no hay que tener miedo. Posteriormente desarrolle alucinaciones extracromáticas en las que todo se dividía en partes alargadas como si la realidad estuviera dividida en trozos de plastilina de colores. Termino todo con una sensación muy feliz y satisfactoria, pero hay que tenerle mucho respeto y ser cosciente de que hay que tener un cuidador e ir subiendo la dosis poco a poco y en un entorno adecuado.


    Good quality
    Good quality 100% reccomend

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Salvia 80x Extrait
Salvia 80x Extrait