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Teinture Blue Lotus 15X (10 Ml)

 4/5 (41)

    Buon prodotto
    Prodotto efficace,peccato il prezzo sia un po eccessivo per la quantità proposta.


    Please read this review
    I have read some very mixed reviews about this product and was not sure whether to waste my time with it due to this. Well I am very glad I did! This is a very subtle product and it will most probably work better Vaped however it was taken in wine at about 10 drops a glass for 2 glasses over about 3 hours. The effects were subtle as I said yet very pleasing and one can understand why it is called and afrod... Of course people think this meand it will make one want to have sex (this is a bad understanding) what it seems to do is open the blood vessels making among other things the skin more sensitive to touch and increases relaxation. Hence if combined with the right mood etc..... It is a little like turning the main lights off and lighting candles if it were. The other effect was a very peaceful sleep. Definately a nice product at these quantities the effect are nothing out of this world yet very pleasing.


    Entspannt sehr gut
    Ich nutze es als Einschlafhilfe!Ich muß bedeutend mehr Tropfen nehmen, aber dann wirkt es sehr entspannend!Hilft mir das Grübeln einzustellen und los zu lassen!


    Se truk pue l amoniaque Ce produit n est vraiment pas naturelle et avec 12 à 20 goutes Aucun effet Juste un goût très fort et desagreable De L ARNAQUE ! Si seulement je pouvais réclamer un remboursement


    pas d'éffet.
    je n'ai pas eu d'éffet avec le doble de la dose 20goutes.


    Wirkung erst bei vielen Tropfen spürbar


    Quite weak, but nice effects
    The extract is quite weak. With the suggested dosage of 6-10 drops I feel basically nothing, maybe a bit more tired. When taking 25 drops sublingually I had quite a pleasant, albeit subtle experience; calming, grounding, and heart-opening. So far didn't quite manage to repeat that experience, maybe even higher dosages are required for a more consistent effects. With the subtle effects in mind it's quite expensive.


    Produit testé
    Pratique à consommer


    No effect
    Zero effect on me.... :-(


    I took up to 25 drops but had zero effects
    For me it had no effects, maybe it is different for somebody else. Would not order it again

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