Kratom Maeng Da


Kratom Maeng Da peut être traduit en anglais par 'Pimped Kratom'. C'est le plus puissant des Kratom disponibles et il est déjà actif avec une dose d'un gramme. Les principaux effets sont une sensation d'euphorie et d'énergie inépuisable. Disponible en sachets de 10 grammes, déchiqueté ou en poudre.

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Avis (79)

    Nice high
    Made a tea of 4gr and tried this for the first time and I got a nice chilling high. Muscles relaxed and will to chill and close my eyes. It reminded me a bit of the high you can get from a strong anxiolytic. I enjoyed it. I stayed like this for around 3h, coming slowly out of it during the last half hour but even when my head was clear, my body stayed very relaxed.


    trouver le dosage
    J'ai peu d'expérience du Kkatom et sans doute nais je pas trouve le bon dosage , 1 gramme comme indiqué et le temps d'infusion, car les effets sont très très doux pour ce qui est annoncé comme le plus puissant des hratoms; je vais pousser en quantité.


    Surprisingly effective. I made tea (with the lemon as recommended ) with 5 grams of shredded Maeng Da. I also added some Jasmine green tea to help with the taste. After about 15 minutes, I was buzzing (in a nice way) and had an extremely productive Saturday. I got a shit load done, and I did it all with a positive attitude. Thanks for introducing me to this very interesting plant. I'd say I got about 6-7 hours out of it btw. Would recommend. Follow Zamnesia tea recipe (these guys know their shit) and definite take on an empty stomach for maximum and quickest effect. Gave a few bags to some friends as a gift and they had a grand old time of it too!!


    waste of money
    This kratom did nothing at 4g... total waste...


    Really great stuff, 1g mixed in coffe in the morning and the energy lasted about 4hours.


    Didnt work for me
    I made a tea out of this, and even ate the shredded material after the tea, to increase the high. JUst slight giggling happened, but could be due to joints and funny company, not neccessarily from the kratom.


    Am ersten Tag hatte ich mich langsam heran getastet und 4x 0.5g konsumiert. Kein Effekt. Am Zweiten Tag innerhalb von 2 Stunden 3x2g. Kein Effekt.. sehr ärgerlich bei 65kg Körpergewicht.


    Is that it?
    Purchased a bag of this a couple months ago. First i tried to make some tea using only 1g, no effect whatsoever. I tried using more and more but the most I got was a small, almost unnoticeable energy rush for like 20 mins and after that nothing. Maybe I just got a bad batch or something, I think I'll try buying it again and use larger doses since I suspect the mistake was on my part for not really following instructions and just winging it with the preparation method lol.


    Da manga
    Get your spirit up. And stimulant. Only bad side. You must drink water all the time


    Good for energy
    I found this lifted my mood n gave me focus and energy but I've only tried at small doses. Does help pain from what I can tell so far

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Vidéo (1)
  • Vidéo: Comment Consommer : Kratom
    Comment Consommer : Kratom

    Le Kratom est consommé depuis longtemps comme remède naturel traditionnel. Nous avons donc pensé qu’il serait bien de préparer une bonne petite vidéo informative détaillant tout ce qu’il faut savoir sur cette plante complexe – dont ses origines, ses effets et comment la consommer.

Kratom Maeng Da
Kratom Maeng Da
Kratom Maeng Da
Kratom Maeng Da