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Kratom Maeng Da (10 grammes)

Kratom Maeng Da (10 grammes)
Kratom Maeng Da peut être traduit en anglais par 'Pimped Kratom'. C'est le plus puissant des Kratom disponibles et il est déjà actif avec une dose d'un gramme. Les principaux effets sont une sensation d'euphorie et d'énergie inépuisable. Disponible en sachets de 10 grammes, déchiqueté ou en poudre.

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    Par Christine P. le 11/Mai/2015 :

    Titre : Unfortunately not for me
    Avis : I read some of the reviews here and thought I'd give it a try. But unfortunately I didn't feel anything so far. I might give it another try with a higher dosage... I tried the stuff in a beverage, as indicated on the package, but that was rather yucky. Will see if I actually try it again...or just stick with the other stuff that actually works for me.

    Par Sven W. :

    Le client a noté le produit mais n'a pas laissé d'avis, ou son avis est en cours de modération.

    Par Patrick I. :

    Le client a noté le produit mais n'a pas laissé d'avis, ou son avis est en cours de modération.

    Par Stephanus A. :

    Le client a noté le produit mais n'a pas laissé d'avis, ou son avis est en cours de modération.

    Par Stefan K. le 11/Sept/2014 :

    Titre : Kratom Maeng Da
    Avis : Die Wirkung war deutlich über meinen Erwartungen. Eintritt nach ca. 20 Minuten. Ich lag auf meinem Bett im Dunkeln. Stark angeregtes, ganz klares Denken, dass sich trotzdem sehr entspannend anfühlte. Immer mit einer positiven Note. Das Grundgefühl dabei war äusserst angenehm, sehr wohlwollend. Wahrscheinlich die intensivste Euphorie, die ich bis jetzt geniessen durfte. Leider dauerte sie nur rund eine Stunde. Hoffentlich bald wieder lieferbar.

    Par Matteo T. le 24/Juil/2014 :

    Titre : Try this out, you won't regreat
    Avis : I was skeptical about this Kratom thing. I bought the powder, not the leaves (I suggest the powder) and since I was not convinced I went for 10 g in one single shot. I used honey: took a small plate, put honey in, put kratom, honey again, and made a blend. I put the kratom-honey on bread. This approach saves you from the terrible, orrible flavour of kratom. After less than a hour I start feeling a bit dizzy, in 10 mins I went to bed because I could not stay before the PC no more. And in bed I started to feel really, really well. I can describe the experience as a very long time spent in total wellness. Every problem I have: vanished; a perfect beatitude. I tried to think of some really big problem I have, and all of them seemed to me something I could work out. Many ideas about how to realize some good projects I have, like go on holidays, come to my mind. There were really nothing that could break all of those positive and happy feelings. I spent about six hours in bed, after that I had to move out, but really, don't try to do that if the effect is still onging. I had nausea and hangover-like effects, so I had a cup of coffee: soon after I had to run to the bath to empty my stomach. There was still kratom in it... definetly, the dosage was way too high for me. After that I have to take car to cover a one km journey: don't do that, way too risky. I did it beacuse it was just 1 km of straight way, no turns. I can say that the effect lasted something like 12 hours and more. The perfect approach is a quiet place, alone, with a bed very near to you :) I felt very pleasent feelings when my cat jumped on me fishing for cuddles. I suppose hunging your girlfriend can be a better choice :) A part from the vomit and the last part of the experience (out of home, driving, having to deal with other people), it was really, really stunning. I do suggest to start with a low dosage, but this Kratom thing worth a try. I had no expectations, so it was a big surprise to me. I think the resin should be the better way to assume kratom, since the powder is really a mess, even with honey. A really good way to spend some free time in the happiest and most peaceful way you can imagine. I consider Kratom really powerful, no visuals or similar, is another kind of experience, nothing in common with LSD, shrooms, salvia , hemp and so on. I think it is much more like opiods in the effects, but the chemistry is completely different, just the effects are similar, this is a strong point in favor of a kratom experiment. Try this out, start with a low dosage, and increase it until you find the one fits you best. Five stars, not less.

    Par Tommi S. le 05/Fév/2014 :

    Titre : focus and pain relif
    Avis : i have adult add and this really worked for me i feel clarity when i take 1-2 grams and my back pain is gone 3-4 grams . so i belive this is good for me :)

    Par Laurent C. le 06/Jan/2014 :

    Titre : relaxes and reduces pain
    Avis : After a tick bite i got Lime's symptoms like fatigue, pain in the joints so i tried many natural things that reduces the auto-immune response, like Cat's Claw, and over time this works. But there is always some pain left that never goes away and painkillers are just health killers so i avoid them. Now i tried this strong Kratom and from the first gram i used the pain reduced a lot, was almost gone and muscles became less tensed in a way i didn't feel in a long time. When i use this kratom I have more joy doing things, stay mentally relaxed but at the same time remain very clear and awake! So im using this herb every time the pain is disturbing my day!

    Par Steven E. :

    Le client a noté le produit mais n'a pas laissé d'avis, ou son avis est en cours de modération.

    Par ermenegilda M. le 31/Oct/2013 :

    Titre : yum
    Avis : l'assunzione dell'intero pacchetto (ho ingerito il prdotto puro, senza farne un té o altro) ha provocato una sensazione di rilassatezza per diverse ore, senza che tuttavia si manifestassero sintomi di spossatezza o torpore. nonostante la distensione, l'attenzione rimane comunque vigile ed è possibile concentrarsi su ciò a cui ci si sta dedicando.

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