Peyote (Lophophora williamsii) 20 graines


Avec nos graines de Lophophora williamsii (Peyotl) fraîchement récoltées de haute qualité, cultivez votre propre cactus Peyotl chez vous. Comparé à des plants de cactus Peyotl déjà développés, cultiver votre propre Peyotl peut être plus économique car la culture est assez peu coûteuse. Voir vos graines de Peyotl devenir des plants matures en fleur peut être un passe-temps fascinant à lui seul !

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En savoir plus

Graines De Lophophora williamsii (Peyotl) Fraîchement Récoltées Pour Un Succès De Culture Maximum

Nos graines de Lophophora williamsii (Peyotl) de haute qualité sont toujours fraîchement récoltées pour garantir une germination des graines et un succès de culture maximum. Il y a aussi de fortes chances pour que vous trouviez des graines en plus avec votre commande, vous aurez donc toujours un bon nombre de jeunes pousses de lophophora williamsii.

Manuel graines de Peyotl

Cultiver lophophora williamsii ou tout autre cactus n’est pas difficile si vous couvrez bien certaines bases. Pour faciliter les choses dès le départ et garantir un succès maximum en faisant pousser vos propres cactus et plantes grasses à partir de la graine, nous fournissons aussi des instructions de culture détaillées et faciles.

Lophophora williamsii (Peyotl) est originaire du Mexique et du sud des États-Unis, ce qui signifie qu’il aime les conditions très sèches et inondées de soleil. Le Peyotl pousse mieux dans un sol très minéral. Un mélange de 50 % de sable, 25 % de gravier et 25 % de terreau normal est le meilleur type de milieu de culture pour cette espèce de cactus.

Quand vous cultivez du Peytol, assurez-vous d’avoir une température minimale de 10°C et beaucoup de lumière directe du soleil et votre cactus Peytol s’épanouira. Le peytol poussera sous forme d’un cactus vert pale avec une forme globulaire et des fleurs roses/blanches.

Contenu : Paquet avec 20 Graines de Peyotl (Lophophora williamsii)

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Avis (39)

    Multiple purchases
    From my first 20 seed, I had a 60% germination rate. One later bit the dust, due to the way the seedling germinated onto a piece of perlite. So I changed up my game a bit, got sharp sand from garden Center. Washed it many times, and filtered and graded it. Perlite, in my experience is bloody annoying. When misting it blows around like tumble weed, so you end up misting from such a distance! So I put 50% perlite and sieved soil in my tub. Water it with rain water or bottled water. I now use bottled water entirely because there’s no need to sterilise whereas rain water can develop algae in your tubs, which will kill them off. And boiling rain water is such a waste of life... Anyway! Now your mix is burning your hand, leave to cool for a couple minutes. Then get some sand, with very small gravel chipping from the sharp sand. mix again with sieved soil. Cover all the perlite in about half a cm of this mix. Spray it down! If you don’t spray it down now, your seed will not sit how you want them to. Don’t soak the shit out of it, just mist. Then pop your seed on, and ever so lightly dust with dry washed sterilised sand, like putting a fine layer of icing sugar on a cake. This is to retain moisture around the seed. Do not bury! This method has made for much healthier looking loph’s, and seemingly improved many factors of the grow. Like having a seedling stick to a piece of perlite and it gradually tipping and having a shitty time. I also use dry sand to feather in tipping plants as this covers the root. Again don’t bury your plants!


    thumbs up
    Cacti growth guide at zamnesia is really good. Now I have 60 cacti growing in my greenhouse. I hope to plant them into one big pot in a spiral formation when they are bigger to transplant. I recommend to get more seed than you need because cacti seeds are tricky to bloom at first.


    I cant wait for the cacti to start growing! ...but they do take their time


    Medie Possibilità
    La metà sono venuti su, gli altri no.


    Hard to germinate
    Primo acquisto pessimo: di 40 semi ne ha germinato solo uno, in vaschette di plastica della frutta chiuse con cellophane e con terriccio universale 50% perlite 50%. Alla seconda volta che li ho acquistati, mettendoli in un Terriccio per piante grasse 50% perlite 50%, piccola serra in plastica, ne sono germinati solo 8.


    Hard to germinate
    The first time I ordered 20 seeds only two of them germinated (along with 18 of 20 San Pedro seeds!) I ordered another 40 and only 6 of them germinated.


    25% germinated
    I bought 3 packets of seeds because I knew the majority of seeds wouldn't germinate. Out of 60 seeds 14 peyotes came to life.


    The seeds arrived destroyed!
    Only 5 seeds arrived in optimal condition, all the others were broken. I was really excited about make my own peyotes but now I'm only frustrated. This is a shame because zamnesia is an amazing website! I hope mine was matter of bad luck and that any other costumer will have to be as angry as me


    Be patient
    After I ordered the seeds, it took me a almost a year before I finally sowed them. Analysis paralysis, I guess, as I thought I needed to create the perfect soil mix and never got round to it. Eventually I put plain vermiculite in a pot, watered and drained it well and put the seeds on top with a cover of saran wrap. The first seedling sprouted after exactly one week. Now, one month after sowing, I have six little ones soaking up spring sunlight. Very happy with the process!


    great buy
    7 of the seeds have germinated after 4 weeks so germination still in progress, moreover these puppies can sometimes germinate a whole year later as nature makes their germination sporadic on purpose. Thank you Zamnesia!

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Peyote (Lophophora williamsii) 20 graines
Peyote (Lophophora williamsii) 20 graines