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Nutrition Pour Cactus

 4.5/5 (42)

    ja der dünger ist ganz schön angenehm


    Interesting fertilizer. Really strong!!!
    Powder gives power and strength. Good for all Peyotes! Cacti explode wonderfully like big balloons. A flat measuring spoon of fertilizer per liter of distilled water gives an E.C. value of 1.6. You can even grow your weed with it. Amazing! :-)


    Good nutrients!
    My Peyote, San Pedro & succulents are very happy with this product.


    Pas encore utiliser
    Livraison rapide


    Todo bien
    Mis cactus parecen bastante felices de momento.


    Very useful
    With the instruction this plant nutrition is designed specially for this type of plants. I haven't used it so fare.


    Dit "dank je wel" doe ik namens mijn cactussen en succulenten. Ik zie dat ze het héél fijn vinden ;-)


    Still haven’t tryed
    Didn’t try it yet because i only realised very late that this was a chemical fertilizer and i would like to find a organic solution instead.


    Prodotto che fa Miracoli
    Questo nutrimento per cactus va miscelato in acqua in piccolissime dosi (perciò vi durerà un sacco) e i piccoli Peyote sembrano apprezzare, rinvigorisce il colore e l'aspetto, sembra che li renda davvero felici! Zamnesia una garanzia


    New growth
    Works good. noticeable growth after couple weeks


    Very good
    The cactus loves this !


    it works pretty well :)
    I start germinating echinopsis macrogona and they are all waking up :) I pshit the soil after planting it. I hope it gonna grow more and more. I use it for my ginseng ficus, and it still alive so.


    Seems everything is working
    good price quality ratio


    Jonge cacti kunnen de ondersteuning goed gebruiken! Pas op dat je niet teveel gebruikt, dit doet meer kwaad dan goed.


    De momento parece que todo va genial con mi pequeño Peyote, por lo que recomiendo este fertilizante :) .


    Bon produit!
    Ne vous attendez pas à des résultats exceptionnels mais mes cactus ont l'air d'aimer...


    Super Dünger ist wie kraftwasser für die Kakteen


    lo proverò l'estate che verrà (covid permettendo)


    Avec cet engrais mes cactus que je cultive depuis des années pètent le feu.


    Mysteriously good
    These cacti are so full of love, beauty and bliss that one easily falls in love with them and want to show them respect by growing them. I bought a couple of these trichos to watch them grow and hopefully see them flower one day. When you receive them it is better to give them a small week to adjust themselveq to their new environment. One month in dry cactus earth for rooting, than slowly start watering them in the bottom scale your pot stands in , so their roots grow downwards reaching for the water. They love nutrients. I use it every other watering and the results instantly show. If you do it too frequently they get this Schwarzenneger steroïd look, pumped up, a bit dangerous to get sunburnt as the skin is too tense by the pressure. The plant can take a couple of months before growing vertically as it grows girth at first. The pachanoi I bought is in it's second year now and it will easily double its size this year. These nutrients definetely benefit the plant. Although it is not mentionned what the ingredients are, pretty mysterious, I am convinced it does what it has to do. All my non tricho cacti get their fair share of this nutritient too and they seem to love it as half of them already flowered beautifully.


    Très bon produit
    Mais cactus adore


    Produit essentiel pour cactus
    Bon mélange pour nourrir vos cactus. À ne pas abuser surtout sur les cactus à mescaline car vous pourriez endommager l’équilibre de la plante.


    Ottimo prodotto
    Le mie piante grasse sono migliorate decisamente in statura e sembrano anche “più verdi” dopo l’aggiunta di questo nutrimento, questo dopo due sole somministrazioni. Consigliato!


    Fast good results
    Fast delivery and fast results


    Cactus Nutrient
    Produit bien reçu. Dilué dans de l'eau, il n'y a plus qu'à voir si cela fera effet. J'espère que le produit sera le bon petit coup de pouce dont mes cactus ont besoin ! Comme d'habitude, service client au top, livraison discrète et soignée.


    Just started
    I have just received it and can only state that the delivery was fast. I trust that it will do my cacti well.


    Happy you sell this
    I am happy you sell this specifically for these types of cacti


    works like a charm
    makes your cacti feel beter and grow faster!


    Still to try it out
    As I have just started the growing I still haven't used the nutrients. However, I have full confidence that this will assist me in my coming gardening skills :)


    Goede voeding
    Heb de cactus voeding nu 1 maal gegeven en heb binnen de twee weken duidelijk verschil bij m'n mescalin cactussen, de bovenste kop heeft een groeispurt genomen, verdikt en nog frisser groen, en ik die men m'n planten praat zie duidelijk dat ze zich nog beter in hun vel voelen. Namaste


    From a tiny little pickle to a massive beast of a cactus
    I had my cactus outside for summer and took it in recently. It looked a bit shriveled and unhealthy. I watered it once with the nutrient and 1 week later it looked better then ever before. Very happy

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