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Torche Bolivienne 'Monstreuse' (Plant Pénis)

 5/5 (24)

    Beautiful Specimen
    Came in perfect condition, ready to root.


    Bien reçus et apparement sain
    Je l’ai rempoter apparement il s’y plaît ..... encore merci zamnesia pour la qualité


    Be prepared to enter the abyss
    Background: Height 1.81m, weight 78-80kg at present, Preparation, follow this and you can't go wrong... 2 X type A (large cuttings) arrived very healthy and green/turquoise, cut into slices, freeze overnight, then thaw out, remove skin from them, cut out the circle in the middle of each slice, cut all slices into chunks, blend with 3 litres water, I added one full bottle of lemon juice to the mixture, bring to a SUB BOIL eg don't let it bubble, the goo will dissipate, cook for a few hours until the liquid becomes around 1.5 litres constantly stirring and don't let it bubble, strained through a t-shirt then filtered through a funnel with cotton balls in (I was skeptical this might remove the mescaline but it certainly did not and makes the sediment much less and easier to drink) finally boil down to 1 litre and then you're done The experience... Well words cannot quantify what I felt, every bit as immersive an experience as Ayahuasca, this stuff is not to be taken lightly, certainly worth the effort, a word of advice is to wait until the effects start becoming pronounced and then slope off to bed and then the fun begins! It was like I had slipped into another dimension and was communicating with a sentient intelligence that offered me the divinity and wisdom of the universe, only in an unexplainable form of communication that the human brain simply isn't able to format properly, I could understand the universe in its entirety, I would advise against thinking this is a party drug that you will be able to socialise on, if you want the true magic this has to offer, one large cutting per person prepared as I said above and go to bed on it, visuals are so unimportant compared to the VISIONS Have fun guys and respect the magic


    Awesome penis
    Very healthy and firm penis. Didn't go soft, still up as we speak. It looks amazing and delicious, and has a few warts. Waiting for warts to grow into full sized penisses before I attempt to eat one.


    Way to beautiful!


    Best bang for your buck
    Definitely the best choice for mescaline cacti. Consistent strength, easy to dose and the lack of spines on this one just makes prep a lot easier


    Healthy penis
    The cactus arrived very quick as with all my previous orders from Zamnesia. The cutting was healthy and started to root about a week after being put in soil. I can not speak about it's potency. Maybe in a future review.


    Nice cactus
    Beautiful monstrose cactus arrived in good shape. Rooted quite quickly.


    Nice cut
    Hello, beautiful plant,good health. Quick delivery. I am very happy with it. Zamnesia, Where are they coming from?


    Very healthy and beautifull cutting!!!
    Very healthy and adorable cutting, it is the same with the picture and more beautiful ,amazing colors the skin of the cacti, very hard cutting, all the cacti that I have bought from Zamnesia have excellent condition!!!

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