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Banisteriopsis caapi (50 grammes)

Banisteriopsis caapi (50 grammes)

Banisteriopsis caapi est une vigne sacrée de la jungle amazonienne, c'est l'ingrédient principal de l'Ayahuasca. Les composés actifs de cette vigne sont l'harmine et l'harmaline. Pour être active, Banisteriopsis caapi doit être mélangée avec une plante contenant du DMT. Zamnesia a réduit en poudre et déchiqueté Banisteriopsis caapi, dans des paquets de 50 grammes.

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Banisteriopsis caapi : Ingrédient principal de l'Ayahuasca


    Par le 13/Avr/2018 :

    Titre : Ayahuasca
    Commentaire : I used 25g BANISTERIOPSIS CAAPI mixed with 10g CHALIPONGA and 25 g Psychotria viridis. I cooked them three times in a slow cooker for about 4 hours, each time I drained the liquid in a diferent container. Finaly I boiled all quantity down to at about half a liter. I used 300mg moclobemide an hour before ingesting the liquid. I drank 100 ml once and another 100 ml later. It was very intese experience. I tried different combinations before. Some were to strong others were weak. The one described before worked best for me. I vizualized strongly the intention before ingesting the ayahuasca and I received the requested spiritual experience. It was like riding a dragon. Thank you Zamnesia

    Par le 13/Fév/2018 :

    Titre : love
    Commentaire : Strong natural mystic..zamnesia the top of the pops :)

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    Par le 08/Déc/2017 :

    Titre : Pleasant experience
    Commentaire : I tried ayahusca 3 times already, because i am interested in it's spiritual effect, and they say, peoples need 5-7 sessions for a breakout experience. I write you how I prepared it, because the instruction of site is quiet poor. I started with a light dose, because I don't have any exerience in psychedelics. I cooked 25 g P. Vidiris ,a little vinegear with 750 ml of water for 90 minutes in a very low temperature. I filtered it by a cloth and I repeated this step once more. ( Of course with the same vidiris). I mixed both of the brevage and I put 25 g of B. Caapi and I cooked for 40 min. in a very low temperature. I filtered it again and I waited that it cool a bit. I drank 125 ml ( half cup) of Ayahuasca and I took 2 times more. It tastes awful, but I didn't trow up! First trip came after 3 hours and second trip after 5 hours! Eventhought I did fast that day and I was after a one week long fast, I lead a sober lifestyle, the effect was short and not too intense. So, 25 g is very light. Next time I prepered from 50 g of both. It was stronger, but unforunetly I vomited in 1 hour, I could not drink more, so my trip was not deep either. My frend, who is experienced in psychedelic took all the reste of tea at the same time (400 ml) and vomited in 10 minutes... Then for him, zero effect. It has to be taken for small portions. Third time was the best, the brevage of 50 g, I could keep it in my stomag and I had long, intense trip for 3 hours. but i wouldn't say a life changing experience. ( As I have heard from others) More a very deep meditation. I was warm and my heart beat very quickly, but I felt well. I think I will try few times more, and hoprfully I could get a beakout experience. Who is expérienced , can take a stronger dose, at least 100-150 g of both. And the leaf of P. vidiris we can ground, then we can cook it with a little water. ( 1 litre at the time.)

    Par le 08/Déc/2017 :

    Titre : For the new guys who need a hand
    Commentaire : Ordered 2 ayahuasca products and cooked them together. Had a very intense trip all though I would try again. Cook for 6-9 hours (9 hours is the sweet spot if you take this serious) at either medium or high heat. Make sure you always have water don't want to burn it hahaha. I used some vinegar which you don't have to. Apparently some ginger can help with nausea (would recommend it). All in all good product. Keep it up zamnesia love your products

    Par le 15/Nov/2017 :

    Titre : Ayahuasca
    Commentaire : I try to use this 50 g of capi with chacruna but i notice only a light effect...i think you will need at leat 150 g of both herbs to get a full Ayahuasca trip.

    Par le 14/Oct/2017 :

    Titre : Alles Super
    Commentaire : Das Produkt ist klasse. Werde noch an der Koch Zeit rumexperimentieren aber für das eŕste mal Klasse. Zamnesia alles super gelaufen. Besten Dank

    Par le 25/Sept/2017 :

    Titre : Augenöffnend
    Commentaire : Ich kombinierte 25 gramm B.Caapi mit 25 gramm P.Viridis. Beides habe ich in separaten Töpfen 4 Stunden köcheln lassen. B.Caapi nahm ich zuerst ein. P.Vidris ca. 20 Minuten später. Bei meinem ersten mal war ich mit der Dosierung und der Kochzeit am unteren Ende. Es hat sich gelohnt. Ich kann sagen, dass die Dauer und die Intensität für das erste mal genau richtig waren. Es war ein sehr starker Trip der mir wirklich die Augen geöffnet hat. Werde beim nächsten mal einige Dinge verändern um die Dauer des Trips zu verlängern. Danke.

    Par le 11/Sept/2017 :

    Titre : Healing Journey
    Commentaire : It worked very good - thank you!

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