Cet hallucinogène à l'herbe de Happy Caps est à base de graines Hawaiian baby woodrose (HBW) seeds (Argyreia nervosa), avec un trait de caféine pour un effet énergisant supplémentaire.

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En savoir plus

HBW est un lierre montant et vivace qui possède de larges feuilles en forme de coeur et des fleurs blanches en forme de trompette. Originaire d'Inde, elle pousse désormais à travers le monde, dont Hawaïi. Ses larges graines se développent en capsules et contiennent la substance hallucinogène LSA.

Un pack de Trip-e contient 4 capsules


Prenez 1 capsule, 45 minutes avant l'effet désiré.


Les ingrédients actifs du Trip-E sont (quantité par capsule):

  • Hawaiian baby woodrose (150 mg, ingrédients actifs parmi lesquels l'acide amine D-lysergic et autres sont des composants).
  • Cafeine (20 mg)
  • Stéarate Magnésium
  • Dioxide de Calcium
  • Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (capsule végétarienne)
Trip-E - Fiche Technique
Nombre de capsules 4
Avis (178)

    Ma quanto devo aspettare??!
    Ho effettuato l'ordine il 9 Ottobre, il 12 è stato spedito e oggi siamo al 20. Il pacco risulta in consegna da 2 giorni, sono due giorni che attendo il corriere ma niente. Sinceramente mi è passata la voglia di provarle.


    Buone abbastanza
    Fin'ora ho provato solo una capsula. L'effetto è stato piacevole, a momenti euforico ed a momenti spirituale. Qualche lieve disturbo nella fase iniziale della digestione. Per questo sarebbe meglio l'assunzione a stomaco completamente vuoto per almeno 4 ore prima e senza alcun'altra interazione con altre sostanze ;)


    Can kick in late
    Man sollte echt davor nichts essen für eine längere Zeit oder es kann sein, wie es bei mir war dass es echt spät anfängt zu wirken. Es hat bei mir 5 stunden gedauert lol. Ich hab nach 2 Stunden angefangen etwas zu fuehlen. Konnte es nicht ganz einordnen. Dann nach 3 Stunden ein kleines bisschen mehr.. dann nach 4 stunden etwas mehr und dachte ok.. das ist es also.. naja etwas komisch.. etwas interessant .. aber fuehlt sich jetzt net so toll an. Dann auf einmal 30 min speater... fuehlte ich mehr intensiver und mehr wahrnehmungsveraendernd und ich dachte wow ok.. aber ich hatte diese auch teilweise unwohlen gefuehlen. Aber das lag auch allgmein an meiner verfassung. Ich dachte, ja das gefeallt mir nicht ganz so gut diese erfahrung und dann hat es sehr stark angefangen und wurde dann extrem stark!!! Hab dann getrippt fuer mehrere stunden. Starkes high.. pupillen wurden riesig lol.. mein koerper hat wie geflogen aber wollte meistens im bett liegen bleiben. Ich wurde emotional.. musste weinen was so nach 4.35 stunden angefangen hat einzutreten. Hat auf jeden fall einige sachen aufgeloest und heilung hat stattgefunden. Interessante wahrnehmung vom gefuehl her.. auf jeden fall dieses verbundene , empathische.. aber es waren wahre gefuehle. Ego probleme konnte ich besser aufloesen. Wahrheiten die etwas verborgener waren oder die ich schon gewusst habe aber einfach nicht SO stark in meinem koerper fuehlbar waren sind dann stark zum vorschein gekommen. Wahrheiten wo diese Gesellschaften dieser Welt zum groessen Teil nicht wahrhaben moechte und zu schwach ist wirklich komplett mit dem Herzen zu sehen und zu fuehlen. Und wo viele einen fuer verrueckt erklearen wuerden. Was wirklich sehr traurig ist. Die Beziehung zu Tieren und deren Seele, wer sie wirklich sind. Es ist wirklich nicht schoen sich mit Gefuehlen ausernander zu setzen wo so das ganze Leben unterdrueckt worden sind und falsch beeinflusst worden sind die dann am Schluss auch der eigenen Seele schadet aber das ist nicht das schlimmste, sondern wie es Tieren schadet. Und wo man weiss man steht ziemlich alleine da mit einem extremen apathischen Widerstand in dieser Welt wenn es darum geht. Das ist kein schoenes Gefuehl. Naja man muss trotzdem stark sein und die richtige Beziehung zu anderen Leben und zu sich selbst haben und heilen. :)


    Muy bueno.
    Está super rico. Te da un buen viaje solo con media cápsula. Ahora quiero probarlas todas!! (L)


    Wish I never took it.
    Now this is a adventure of a life time. I was with 5 friends, we each took one, and that's where it all started... The begining hit quite hard, i was smoking a bit of weed and then it hit. I had a lot of bellyache, I puked so many times, I felt so terrible in the begining, I couldn't stand it. So I went home, called one of my friends and he brought me home, feeling very sick and everything. Then I went in my bed, and that's where it started really, when you lie down, you don't have any bellyache anymore. I started by watching videos on youtube online, I watched random videos, I wasn't thinking straight at all, I started laughing at all the videos I saw, for no reason really. I did that for 4h. Then I decided I would try and sleep, well that was impossible. I could not stop thinking, about everything and anything. Impossible to calm myself down, it was just so intense. I was scared at one moment, very scared but then I just thought of something else and it all went fine. It's very complicated to explain what happened, it was so intense. Always follow the dosage. Do not underestamite these pills, they might take 2h to take effect but it does hit hard. I had not eaten a lot in the day either. I don't really recommended it but only one of my friends had gotten effects in the evening and he felt the same way. I will never do this again.


    Nice long trip, I took 1


    A real inner trip
    I’ve read many comments saying that this specific cap felt more like an MDMA trip rather than an LSA-like... As for me, I have to disagree. I took a pill around 11:30am, on an empty stomach. I prepared an infusion with ginger and honey to prevent nausea, which, unfortunately, was the first symptom to show up. However, I remained calm, put on some nice music, breathed deeply and drank my thing and it remained totally manageable. Then, around 45 minutes after taking the cap, I started to feel sleepy. I lied down on the bed, music in my ears, and that’s when it started to really begin. The description says that the effects increase, reach their paroxysm, and then decrease little by little. That is exactly what happened to me. After the sleepy effect, the music became much more intense and I realised I wasn’t falling asleep at all. I kept my eyes closed during the whole trip, but that’s up to you; to me, auditory and sensory enhancement were more than enough and I didn’t feel like I needed to see what was around me to trip far, far away. That’s what happened: a true voyage, but inside my mind. Some old memories came back insanely vividly, enhanced by the music. I was conscious enough to manage my playlists and what I was listening to, even to stop a minute to drink a bit, but it didn’t make the experience any less intense. It was almost like vivid dreaming. I didn’t want it to end, I was reliving some of the best moments of my life, which made me a bit nostalgic because I knew it was all in my mind. As I mentioned, my hearing and touching senses became much more sensitive: I heard music like I’ve never heard it before, and I kept on caressing my inner arms and my legs because the feeling of my fingers brushing against my skin made me shiver in such a pleasant way. Then, around 3pm, the effects started to lessen, and I could feel my conscience slowly coming back to normal, so “waking up” wasn’t painful or sudden, simply a bit sad because it could have lasted for days and I wouldn’t have mind at all. When it was all over, I felt a bit nauseous still, but nothing too bad. I waited for it to be better and ate a bit so I wouldn’t feel sick. It worked, and until I went to bed, around midnight, I was simply feeling deeply good and rested, as if I was still dissociating a bit but in a good way. Now the only downsides are, of course, the nausea, but this one is quite inevitable. But mostly, I think the caffeine isn’t necessary in this pill. As I tripped all the way laying down, even in comfortable positions, I woke up with sore muscles and joints pain, a slight headache and a dry mouth, and it lasted all day long as my body didn’t process the energy the caffeine is supposed to provide. However, that’s my personal experience and it might definitely work differently on you all. Overall: an amazing product that I highly recommend. Just make sure to be prepared for 3 solid hours of complete trip, and count a couple more hours, one before and one after, for your body to process the substances. Try to get in a good mindset, too, because when I saw the pill was starting to dig up in my subconscious, I was lucky enough to be able to control where it was going. If you’re prone to psychosis, trauma, ptsd or such, please be careful. As a bonus, here’s a bit of the things I listened to and made the trip a true wonder: My Sleeping Karma, God is an Astronaut, the Naphtaline album from Ez3kiel, some Portishead, Pink Floyd, and of course Erik Satie. Thank you Zamnesia, can’t wait to try again! Next time will probably be shared with my boyfriend. Have fun, psychonauts!


    [ENGLISH IS NOT MY MOTHER TONGUE] I don’t even know how to start : it was INCREDIBLE I’m a 5,5´ - 120lbs girl, first trip on Happy caps : i took 2pills (yea kinda crazy haha), count 2/3hours to really feel the high, the trip was awesome i really traveled inside my own mind, i recommend you to watch the Youtube channel : TEDed the graphics are really dope I been in a lot of different stages and states of mind, never felt bad, sometimes a little bit of nausea but the weird part it was quite enjoyable, hard to find sleep, i woke up still high (only 3h of sleep lol) I RECOMMEND, thanks Zamnesia :)


    Weiterzuempfehlen schreibe das währenddessen ich drauf bin xD
    Wollte schon vor ne Zeit trip e ausprobieren ... habe zuerst 1ne genommen und nach ca 1h hab ich ein bisschen was gemerkt und hab mir die zweite geschmissen. Dann 45min später hats mich schon ein bisschen weggehauen joah war schon ziemlich gut. Joah dachte es wird nicht mehr stärker und schmiss mir doch ne dritte Kurze Zeit später hats mich komplett weggeschallert.( Denke 2 hätten auch gereicht ) bin noch mitten drin und es ist geil ... Anfangs hatte ich ganze Zeit magengrummeln aber das legt sich mitder zeit ... wirklich leute nimmt nur 2 die Dinger ziehen ganz schön nach ... bin jz noch mitten drin mit 3 intus. Fühle mich gut :D gucke Videos ... krieg vllt nur Hälfte mit weil mich die ganze zeit wegghaut xD weird zu erklären. Im großen und ganzen würde trip e weiterempfehlen aber nimmt wirklich .MAX nur 2 Vorallem wenn ihr noch keine erfahrung mit so was habt ;)


    Pretty intense trip, had with some weed and it spaced me out for a couple of hours. The effect is quite enjoyable tho I wouldn't advise to mix with anything if taking for first time and not more than one at the time.

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Questions (2)
Stephanie 2013-08-06 14:40:44

Combien de temps dure le trip? Où doit-on conserver le paquet et combien de temps peut-on le conserver?


When consumed, you will start noticing the effect after about 30 minutes. From 45 minutes, you will notice its full effect, which will last for a about 3 hours. From then it will start to lessen, but you will be able to sense it's effects for a total of 5 to 6 hours. Please note though that you will feel a portion of the initial effect for the rest of the day.

didier fillion 2013-04-09 17:17:42

il y a combien de capsule ?


Each packet contains 2,2grams in 4 (vega)capsules.

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