Cet hallucinogène à l'herbe de Happy Caps est à base de graines Hawaiian baby woodrose (HBW) seeds (Argyreia nervosa), avec un trait de caféine pour un effet énergisant supplémentaire.

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En savoir plus

HBW est un lierre montant et vivace qui possède de larges feuilles en forme de coeur et des fleurs blanches en forme de trompette. Originaire d'Inde, elle pousse désormais à travers le monde, dont Hawaïi. Ses larges graines se développent en capsules et contiennent la substance hallucinogène LSA.

Un pack de Trip-e contient 4 capsules


Prenez 1 capsule, 45 minutes avant l'effet désiré.


Les ingrédients actifs du Trip-E sont (quantité par capsule):

  • Hawaiian baby woodrose (150 mg, ingrédients actifs parmi lesquels l'acide amine D-lysergic et autres sont des composants).
  • Cafeine (20 mg)
  • Stéarate Magnésium
  • Dioxide de Calcium
  • Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (capsule végétarienne)
Trip-E - Fiche Technique
Nombre de capsules 4
Avis (218)

    trip e
    I felt weird and just wanted to close my eyes. After eating something I felt better. I like other happy caps much more than that one.


    Interesting effect in first time using this..
    I took 1 pill on empty stomach (serveral hrs after dinner), waited 3 hrs and nothing, no effect, I decided to take another pill so waited another 1/2 hours still no effects I gave up, I smoke some weed and went to bed to sleep 1am. I woke up at 3am and couldn't move my body at all!! I felt so weird.. never ever felt like a stranger in my own room! I stared at my walls for 45 min while being so awake. So weird to be sleepy and awake because your mind/body is HIGH on caffeine!!!! I just wanted to relax and have a good time but couldn't due weird effects. I'm not sure why I felt so bad, I just felt so awake but wanted to sleep and my body felt so heavy. My stomach was upset due dinner, so it was a mixed feeling and I ended up withthrowing up and still couldn't sleep after that at 5 am. Till 8 am in morning I still felt no happy high, no relaxing, no calmness, no pain relief, no trip, no magic moments and most of all I got no sleep! Rest of the day I felt horrible, I was really excited for this. I don't recommend this pills at all. My friend had slight same experience and I hope truffels give better effects because this experience made me very disappointed and bit scared seen the good reviews. I still got 2 caps left, I will try again but on daytime and not in evening and perhaps it will work better ..


    Bon remplacement à la graine classique, MAIS....
    J'avais acheté des graines LSA il y a quelque temps de ça, format classique qu'on trouve aussi ici. J'avais eu l'une des pires expérience psycho entre une montée hyper douloureuse (courbature, vomissement, etc) et le fait d'avoir absolument AUCUN effet avec les graines. Je me suis donc tournée vers ces gélules. Ils conseillent 1 pilule mais tout comme les truffes j'augmente un peu plus la dose, j'en ai donc pris 2, retour de l’expérience....Tout de même positif ! Alors, la montée j'ai eu la même chose, petit vomissement (à jeun) mais après 1 heure ça a été une grosse euphorie. J'étais vraiment bien ! Et ça à durée trèèèèèèèès longtemps. J'ai pris la dose à 14h, début du trip à 15h jusqu'à 18h (au plus haut) puis petite redescente où j'étais + libre de ma parole et de mes ça..jusqu'à facilement 1 heure du matin. Donc le trip à facilement durée une bonne dizaine d'heure de mon côté. PAR CONTRE ! GROS POINT NOIR, il est indiqué noir sur blanc qu'il y a 4 gélules dans un sachet, j'en ai reçu que 3 ! et un commentaire précédent à mis en avant le même problème ! Une étoile en moins à cause de cela


    À éviter.
    J'ai des problèmes de santé à cause de ces pilules. Je sais pas ce qui est dedans, mais ça m'a flingué la santé, j'ai des douleurs intercostales comme si j'avais des problèmes cardiaques depuis 3 mois, j'ai des douleurs à la mâchoire, des paresthésies, j'ai même fait un accident ischémique transitoire (un mini AVC). Ce qui m'a valu un séjour aux urgences.


    Good stuff, definitely worth it if you're willing to take 1/2 2 hours worth of nausea as a launch to what to me feels like a very natural trip. For me it's important to really take my time to let it kick in and let my body absorb it, might be a good tip for beginners. Spend some time letting your body accept the drug.


    Very nice mind-opening experience! don't escape the sensation!
    I took one pill with a friend, around 7 pm. i prepared for that having just a small salad for lunch. After about 30 minutes we started to feel a little nausea, that was just the beginning. i accepted the nausea and i started to focus on the feelings of my body , feeling the effects. My friend instead was on his phone trying to distract himself from the nausea and that's one of the reason why (i think) he didn't feel any effects at all. after 20 minutes i started to feel the need of moving and i started moving as a cat , i was jumping around climbing on walls and so on. i felt really free and just the act of moving myself gave me a GREAT pleasure. i was very surprised of every sensation i was feeling. After that some more friends came to my house, but they could not understand what i was feeling and they started doing the bad things, dumb people do to tripping people (hope you understand what i mean). but i didn't care at all about them i was totally in my experience and i was feeling the harmony around me. Then, when they left, i established a deep connection with the fire in my fireplace, and i started meditating in front of it. i had some vision of what i think was a past life in a cave on the mountains meditating by the fire. the day after i still felt really free in my mind, feeling the harmony and happiness of the universe and i was in a very good mood. i will definitely try them again. if i can suggest something, don't try to escape the feelings either good or bad. i noticed that a some friends who didn't feel anything out of it were really distracted after taking the pills by being on their phone or sleeping or drinking alcool. Just feel what the hack is going on in your body respect your brain and the substance. Thank you Zamnesia, Peace.


    Experiencia de unidad
    Crea una experiencia de unidad con el mundo sin sentirte un ser individual. Todo cobra sentido por unos momentos.


    Weird dull kind of high but nice
    I got really nauseous 40 minutes after I took it but after I let out a burp and lied down it always got better I don't think you really feel that much of a bodily effect but you notice yourself just act more funny and get giggly It's the only one that really worked for me until now


    Great experience!
    an amazing product that I highly recommend! 3 hours trip, have a good mindset before and play some music!! you can meditate also!


    Viable Psychedelic with interesting effects
    i took one of the four pills and started to feel first effects 45 after ingestion. Mild euphoria and a strange body high. I didnt eat anything 3 hours prior to the experience, so i had no problems with stomach aches or something like that. After a while the psychedelic stuff started to kick in, thoughts became increasingly psychedelic and overall weird while my vision looked a lot sharper than usual. It looked like i was experiencing reality in 4k and a billion fps. No fractals or other crazy visuals tho, so its a very mild visual experience. I was able to control the trip and my mindset a lot! Even though its a mild experience and it wont give you the full on acid-like vibes its still a nice thing to do to recollect your thoughts and calm your mind. I would highly recommend anyone to start with one pill, if that isnt enough for you then do two after. This isnt like other psychedelics at all it feels very different and it takes some time to get used to. So please don't take multiple pills at once for the first time :D

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Questions (2)
Stephanie 2013-08-06 14:40:44

Combien de temps dure le trip? Où doit-on conserver le paquet et combien de temps peut-on le conserver?


When consumed, you will start noticing the effect after about 30 minutes. From 45 minutes, you will notice its full effect, which will last for a about 3 hours. From then it will start to lessen, but you will be able to sense it's effects for a total of 5 to 6 hours. Please note though that you will feel a portion of the initial effect for the rest of the day.

didier fillion 2013-04-09 17:17:42

il y a combien de capsule ?


Each packet contains 2,2grams in 4 (vega)capsules.

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