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Kit de culture de champignons magiques en extérieur (Azurescens)

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    It's growin and growing on 2 places now outdoors . The Kit was clean and quite white. One place is still covered with carton due to a more rainy spot. The other one with already earth cover on top i expect to pop out within the next 4-6 weeks.


    Incredibly strong Zamnesia-mycelium
    Of it, with enough time, i make about ten places. I'm in love with Zamnesia!


    Comes coloised.
    I was surprised when i received my kit as it was already starting to colonise. However, its doing well and the mycellium is spreading slowly but steadily on the straw. It will be a long haul before we see any mushrooms though, but so far so good.


    Never doubt when it comes from
    As a loyal customer I can swear I have never had any bad experience ordering with zamnesia. The manuals are clear and easy to follow and the quality is top notch! Even on FB groups I'm always advocating for zamnesia


    Ça va le faire !!!
    Pour l'instant j'ai suivi les instructions à la lettre, après 1 mois dont 2 en incubateur à 22 degrés. Le mycelium s'est répendu sur les copeaux de hêtre. Un coin à déjà été trouvé à l'extérieur. Decomposeur de bois ? A côté d'un tas de bois impeccable. Il aura de quoi se nourrir. Il y a toujours des débris d'ecorse qui alimentent le sol.


    Bon SAV
    Le premier kit recu etait en mauvais etat, il n'a jamais pris, mais apres quelques echanges avec le SAV, il a ete remplacé par un kit qui semble bien se rependre dans les copeau de bois. Ne pas hesiter a s'y prendre a l'avance, a cause de ce genre d'incident.


    Sempre cortesi
    Avevo ordinato questo kit,c era stato un errore e mi sono stati rimandati,tutto e' stato fatto come spiegato,per i risultati aspetteremo,la quinta stella la mettero' a risultati raggiunti,grazie amici di Zamnesia per la vostra cortesia.


    Tutto ok , procede
    Arrivato il Kit l'ho tenuto nel frigo per tre giorni per avere tempo nel prepararlo, ho usato trucioli di faggio e ora dopo 20 giorni, vedo che la massa del fungo sta crescendo non vedo l'ora di metterlo a dimora.


    Kit de culture en extérieur
    J’ai acheté trois kits rien du tout pourtant j’ai suivi à la lettre les instructions. J’ai contacté le site pour savoir si il y a eu un souci de lot, aucune réponse ça fais des semaines. Autant vous dire les presque 100€ dans le ...!


    Completamente poblado!!
    Me sorprendió lo bien poblado que llegó el micelio, muy bien envasado, en breve lo empezaré a hacer crecer en un envase más grande!, muy contento con la compra!


    It Finally Happened
    After some patience it finally happened! I got my own mushroom field in my own garden in the Netherlands. After planting it and following the instructions i waited 1,5 years. And today after a heavy rainfall and the weather starting to change into autumn i looked at the spot and it was filled with little mushies. Thank you zamnesia, i must say i had little faith in the beginning. But i did a lot of research on the internet, and it is a great way to cultivate magic mushrooms outdoors. I actually bought a second kit in between and planted it on top of the other batch just in case. I don't think it was necessary in the end though.. on every spot i planted them there are pin heads. The most do come out on the spot where i planted an extra on top. But i don't think you need this much if you are gonna use it recreational use. I hope this is helpfull for the community. Safe travels y'all


    Tevreden klant !
    Snelle levering !Alles verwerkt volgens handleiding . Ging prima ! Steekt nu in de grond en ben in blijde verwachting. Al de voorbereiding is goed gelukt dus verwacht ik zeker resultaat! Alleen wat geduld hebben nu !


    Wonderful as usual
    Delivered fast and packaged with love; it just now well colonized the woodchips and it's ready to be freed in the nature and see if it will bring joyful fruiting in the autumn


    Growing nicely
    I bought only 1 kit in order to try. My beech wood chips are a little big, could not find smaller, so I was worried about the colonization. I added 6 spoon fulls of sterilized oat bran to the 1 litre box and the mycelium is growing very well, colonizing the whole box in about 2 weeks. I need to transfer it to the bigger carton box soon, and wait for the colonization before putting it in the garden. The spring has been quite cold, so it is actually good to keep the mycelium inside where I can have a better temperature for it. Waiting forward to the autumn!


    extraordinary quality
    I inoculated my sterilized beech woodchips only a week ago and they are almost all white, brimming with fresh, vigorous mycelium already. The blog contents were very useful in getting these good results. Also, the delivery was super fast and discreet. I wish Zamnesia sold spawn for other edible mushrooms too (Stropharia rugosoannulata, Boletus edulis, Morchella rotunda etc.).


    Top kit
    Ik heb er drie gekocht en ze kunnen bijna de grond in! Super blij mee! Ze zullen het hier goed doen met het warme weer.


    goede eerste stap
    Ik kreeg mijn doosje snel en correct geleverd. Meteen precies zoals helder beschreven aan de gang gegaan. Na een maand had ik een mooie wit gevulde doos mycelium. Ik heb het weer verdeeld en nu zit het in de koude grond en is het geduld hebben. Tot nu toe ben ik zeer tevreden over wat ik opgestuurd heb gekregen.


    Micelio forte
    Ho acquistato 2 kit e messi in incubazione con faggio. Tutto sembra procedere bene, il micelio è forte e si diffonde bene. Aspettiamo la fine dell'anno per valutare la fruttificazione.


    Conservation doubt
    Good night, I received this kit this week but I am not going to receive the beech woodchips in a few weeks. Where or in which temperature/conditions should I conserve the mycelium until I receive the beech woodchips? Thanks


    Beautiful mycelium!
    Very fast delivery and extremely healty mycelium!


    Génial, efficace, vivement les récoltes !
    Ayant de grandes ambitions pour mon jardin, j'en ai acheté 3...! Chaque kit a très vite et très bien colonisé mes copeaux de hêtre stérilisés. J'ai suivi la procédure à la lettre, tout fonctionne comme prévu. Maintenant il n'y a plus qu'à attendre l'hiver prochain...


    Levendig broed
    Bestelling was zeer vlot in huis, goed verpakt. Op beukensnip gezet en na 3 weken op de cv in een open zak in doos kon ik al opschalen. Zeer tevreden met met deze aankoop. Goed produkt en snel in huis!


    posso solo consigliare!! non rimane che aspettare settembre


    Wächst super auf Holzschnipsel
    Wachsen super auf Buchen Holzschnipsel, bin gespannt wie es sich draußen verhält


    Awesome bit of kit
    If your interested in outdoor grows and gorilla grows this is the perfect starter kit to kick things off.


    En incubation
    Le kit a été envoyé dans les délais et après une semaine passée au frigo en attendant que je me procure les copeaux de hêtre, j’ai réalisé la manipulation. Tout semble se passer à la perfection pour le moment :)


    I am very thankful
    This Mycelium is running perfekt! It is growing on wood like crazy. Than you very sincerely!


    Mycelium groeit goed
    Snelle levering groeit goed heb net de liter broed gemengd met 4 liter houtsnippers nu weer wachten gebruik en HEPA filter van een stofzuiger zak om mijn gaten af te dichten.


    Very healthy mycelium
    I worked with 2L instead of 1, a mix of wood chips and hay. Perfect!


    tre bon mycelium.
    le mycelium a bien colonise mes coupeaux de hetre , je vien de passer a la 2 EME etape , et tout semble bien mais pour le champignions je les ai pas goute encore ;) il faut patienter encore un peu de temp. Bravo Zamnesia , vous faites un excellent travail


    Même en le faisant un peu à l'arrache, ça marche, le mycélium est costaud et colonise vite son milieu.


    One way to go is by putting it to grain and then chips. Faster growth > more mycelium :)


    Très beau mycélium, bonne colonisation de mes copeaux de hêtre en quelques jours... *****


    Mycelium goeden kwaliteit
    groeit nu verder in een filter box van een liter met beuken hout(dieren winkel). hierna weer verdelen over twee filter boxen. in de lente buiten verder laten groeien. ben benieuwd


    Easy to colonize
    After one week the woodchips was already colonized and after 1 month I did as in the description and planted it in the forest in spot i found and covered it with a layer of wet soil. It has been there for 2 months now and I am waiting for the autumn to come with rain and colder temperatures to see if it will start growing mushrooms. Too earlly to speak about results but with a prayer and expressing some gratitude to nature it may start to grow. N.L


    rapid growth
    Already after one week the woods chips were all completely colonized by the mycelium. Healthy stuff!


    Il micelio dopo 1 mese si è espanso come previsto in tutta la scatola piena di truccioli ora non resta che aspettare che cresca qualcosa non appena arriva l' autunno.


    zamnesia outdoor cultivation kit
    So It´s still innoculating hasn´t been a month yet and It looks promising. The Woodchips are becoming whiter seems to be working so far thanks guys.


    È buono, ma solo all'inizio
    Ho deciso di mettere una sola stella non solo perché il prodotto lascia un po' a desiderare, in sostanza è buono, tuttavia non è così semplice da coltivare come viene mostrato nella guida. Soprattutto perché possono sussistere dubbi e difficoltà a cui non ho avuto ancora risposta da parte del team di Zamnesia. Il mio micelio pare vivo, ma è diventato inattivo a causa del troppo nutrimento che gli è stato dato (trucioli di legno) ed ora si diffonde lentamente senza che io possa intervenire per sanarlo.


    The instructionsv ery clear i prepated 4 spawn boxes in differet ways, best result grain in the presure cooker with grain, now zfter a mont the outdoor conditions will help the result, i will most def order again, thanks zamnesia


    Hello to Zamnesia team! After 20 days in wood chunks, inoculation is doing impressively well. Too early to get some final result but for now it’s all ok, it will go soon into the soil so we will see!


    A no show
    Unfortunately I don’t have any shrooms from this product


    Good kit
    Product well received and well packaged. Innoculation is running well. Too early to speak about results.


    Works indoors!
    I tried to make this work indoors, since the ground is still very much frozen and autumn is far away. I followed the steps and buried the box in a big flower box, that I poked holes in the bottom, by the window and added lots of water. Later on I built a makeshift greenhouse with plastic foil to preserve the moist and BAM. Just yesterday I noticed 3 little heads sticking up from the soil. The following months will be intresting as I still have no idea what the flushes will be like.


    On track!
    Received the kit a few weeks ago. Boiled the wood chips a while, cooled them to 23 degrees in a plastic container, dropped in the mycelium and mixed. Used a bit more of the chips than in the manual; hoping for a bigger starter. Seems to work out well; can see the wood being colonised now. All seems to go according to plan. Fairly straight forward this all. Will keep you posted after the next steps!


    Let it grow


    Worked well but not sure if I grew the correct shrooms...
    After buying this kit early 2018 and following the instructions, I had a very good yield of shrooms this fall (Oct and Nov). I was able to harvest 4 batches resulting in about 30 gr of dried produce, enough for 15-20 trips. All shrooms I've harvested looked very much like psilocybe azurescens but there's a small problem: THEY'RE NOT BLUE and they don't bruise blue or bluish. So, currently I'm not fully sure if I got the right shrooms as their most characteristic feature is not present. This makes me a bit anxious to try these shroomies.


    Top service and product
    I bought the azuresence Kit in the spring. However when the shipment arrived it was the wrong product, i recieved an assortment of truffels, i was a bit dissapointed and confronted costumer service with the predicament, and in less than a week i recieved my azuresence grow Kit and godt to keep the truffels.. Outstanding service in my book. I followed the instruktions provided and the mycellium grew as expected. Aftner the propagation periode i buried the mycellium and covered the whole shabang with a thin layer of soil. Now this summer has been unusally warm and sunny for my neck of the Woods, and it hasnt exactly been what i hoped for, mushrooms wise, so ive had to water my patch once a week, minmum. Nevertheless when the weather returned to somewhat normal, i. e. rainy, a white layer of mycellium apeared on top of the soil, so i take it that the mycellium survived the somewhat unusual summer. All that remains is to wait it out, another month or so, and hopefully ill be rewarded with a nice batch of azuresence, if not, it will be my own damned fault. Couldnt be happier.. well i could.. but time will tell. However ill keep you updated on the progress...


    I love Zamnesia
    All of my expierience with Zamnesia never disappointed me and the mycelium is growing very well


    i fuckt it
    hi, ik heb vorig jaar 2 setjes meegenomen naar spanje om ze daar bij een vriend te plaatsen, daar aangekomen konden we nergens houtsnippers van beuk vinden (was allemaal den bij gemengd), we wisten dat dennesnippers waarschijnlijk niet goed waren door hun zuurtegraad en hars. dus zijn we dan via via aan kastanjesnippers geraakt en hebben het maar daarmee gebrobeert, dit is echter na een maandje beginnen alle kleuren uitslaan en we hebben het moeten weggooien (stonk ook) we hebben alles steriel aangepakt maar toch.... nu heb ik ondertussen geleerd en beukenhout heeft blijkbaar van nature een antiseptische werking... dus dit verklaart waarom het belangrijk is dat je beuk neemt, dacht dit effe mee te delen met de community, wel jammer nu wil ik dit jaar opnieuw proberen maar zijn ze waarschijnlijk niet meer verkrijgbaar xc zamnesia please bring back these kits!!!!

    Vous ne pouvez pas laisser d’avis car vous n’avez pas acheté ce produit