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Snow Bud (Dutch Passion) féminisée

 4.00/5 (2)

    Weell but aware to fungi

    D. R.

    Snow Bud is super !
    i grew snow bud this year i got a plant of 3 m high and a yield of over 900 gr ....., this completley blew my mind when i did the weigh dry, i have to say this plant is very sensitive to bud rot, utter care must be taken while being in the bloom period, once taken care the yield is UNBELIEVEABLE, hands down for this plant. the high feels more like a body high then a mind high but it sattisfies in both way even while laying on the couch doing nothing this plant is perfect to smoke ! this plant is going back on my list for over 2 years when i want to grow it again, next year i want to try something else :D i got plenty, to smoke from so ! let it grow let it grow i cannot take it anymore, let it grow let it grooooow take this weed and slam the door !

    D. H.
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