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Royal Domina (Royal Queen Seeds) féminisée

 4.5/5 (4)

    bad luck for me
    Two years of growing 1 seeds at time for me. They germinate but for some different reasons i always had "tiny or retarded (?)" plants. Last year I had to use uv lamps because it's wasn't ready at all at the end of summer. Except that, the plant seems to be (very) resistant against usual problems (nutriment déficiences, insects et other parasites) btw But at the end, beautiful blue/grey flowers, delicious smell and taste and a very relaxing effect on me. If you're luck enough, it's a pretty good strain (that's why i still grow it).

    J. C.

    FAST! FAT!

    T. M.

    Big buds
    Everything went perfectly. Good germination, growth, and some nice big buds.

    L. V.

    quick delivery, 5/5 germinated

    F. S.
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