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Graines de Kanna (10 graines)

 4.5/5 (19)

    Wächst bei mir sehr langsam, aber ok.


    Sehr gut!
    3/10 sind gekeimt und ließen rasch zu, dass man Stecklinge nehmen kann. Getestet wurde zwar noch nicht aber die Pflanze gedeiht.


    Good quality seeds
    7 germinated, but only 2 survived. I would have liked Zamnesia to add instructions, like using a humidity dome during germination and understanding that this is a winter plant. By the way, you only need one surviving plant - taking cuttings is easy. Good seeds, but lacks information how to optimize your growth.


    Drei von zehn, immerhin!
    ... das größte Problem ist, daß die Sämlinge wirklich winzig sind. Deshalb hab ich auch nach dem zweiten Wassertausch damit aufgehört. Zu gefährlich! Auch für geschickte Gärtnerinnenhände. Und dann noch nach dem Wasserbad sicher in die Erde bringen, ist für jede Kannahebamme die größte Herausforderung. Viel Glück! Vier Punkte für den Geiz von 10 Samen!


    good germination rate
    more than the 70% made it, for this price super recomended :)


    Looks good so far!
    7 out of 10 germinated in a month so far with the takeaway TEK. I washed the seeds for a short time before to wash away the natural germination inhibitors that these contain. 3 out of 7 are showing their first true leaves. 1 sadly fell over, but I don't even have room for more than 2..


    Happy to be allowed to have natural drugs in my garden
    I haven't started with the germination process to grow them but just the only thing to know that I will have legal natural drugs growing in my garden makes me very happy.


    Semi germinati tutti completamente


    Sprout after 7 days
    Sprout after 7 days! Now it's all up to me to take care of the plant, which is supposedly easy! I did it like this: I took clean water, and drowned the seeds on a plate, changed the water every day (each 24 hour), be careful when you are pouring out the old water, these seeds are tiiiiiny! Then I got myself some sand and soil, mixed it together - 1 soil, 2 sand. It's suppose to be more sand as the water is suppose to go through and drip out from the pot. Otherwise it can cause root rot. Then I planted the seed by gently pressing it in the soil (barely, the seed was still on top) then I gave it 2 drops of water (only 2 drops!!) And then I put plastic foil over the pot and let it sit, 2 days after, a sprout was visible. Thanks Zamnesia!


    7 out of 10 germinated
    I received ten seeds from which 8 were intact and whole. Of those seven germinated in one week.


    All of them germinated
    Very healthy seeds but I killed some my plants probably because of overwatering. I hope the others will keep growing!


    Sehr gut !
    Anfangs war ich skeptisch ob der Anbau was wird, da ich im Internet gelesen habe, dass sie erst nach langer Zeit keimen und zudem Tagsüber eine andere Themperatur wie in der Nacht brauchen. Zudem meinten die, dass nur sehr frische Samen keimen. Ich habe es Trotzdem alles bei Zimmertemperatur keimen lassen und es hat super funktioniert. 7/10 sind in einer kurzen Zeit gekeimt und wachsen gut !


    Good germination, but then...
    Well, they actually send you more than 10 seeds. I received about 12-13 seeds and 11 out of them germinated. But now, their growth seems to be stopped, maybe it's my fault.


    Super Samen
    Super Samen, hätte nie gedacht das wirklich jeder etwas wird!


    I kept them in a glass of water for five days and changed the water every day. When they germinated I planted them in Cactus soil and ten out of ten seeds grew up to plants.


    good germination
    70% germinate made sûre soil stages humid away from direct night and warm atmosphère..

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