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Banisteriopsis caapi (50 grammes)

 4.5/5 (65)

    Not a single effect.
    It was disapointing. It took a long time to prepare the drink and it did nothing. I had really high expectations.


    Good Service
    I had shipping problems. The order got lost in space and time, but they answered quickly to my mails and I was happy they sent my order again. Big recommendation


    Ayahuasca was a mild effect
    I needed more i think


    Prodotto ben impacchettato che funziona seguendo le istruzioni!!


    Seguito passo,passo i consigli di cottura ed il risultato è stato favoloso! Zamnesia for ever!!!


    Pas encore testé mais rapide!!
    Pas encore testé mais la livraison est hyper efficace et discrete.


    Aucun soucis de mon côté pour ma première préparation, le trip à été dur mais réparateur !


    Bon à fumer
    Super plante a fumer avec du tabac. le bon mélange pour faire de l'ayahuasca : Chacruna / Chaliponga / Banisteriopsis Très bon mélange à fumer aussi tout les jours comme des cigarettes les novices commencer à tester un le soir pour voir les effet de l'éveil spirituel par les plantes.


    I purchased 50 g of this product along with 50g of Chacruna Psychotria viridis to prepare some ayahuasca brew. After drinking it, I didn't experience anything besides throwing up. Some ayahuasca brewers advise to follow a 2 to 1 ratio: 2 doses of Banisteriopsis Caapi for 1 of Chacruna. If I were to order these again, I would definitely take that into account.


    Micro lumière
    Donne force , reduit les douleurs chroniques et seule , apporte la lumière dans le rêve avec couleurs .


    Réellement sacrée !
    La préparation du caapi est longue , Le breuvage obtenu se boit facilement , 50g mon suffit à atteindre la trance et couplé à une extraction aqueuse de Mimosa Hostilis un état chamanique charger en vision géométrique .


    Schnelle und sichere Lieferung
    Super schnelle Lieferung mit Absender in Deutschland.


    Notes about my first journey
    I used 50g of shredded banisteriopsis caapi ourinhos vine and 50g of chacruna leaves (“the light”). I could not find for sale anywhere in the UK the “distilled white vinegar” mentioned in online fora. Malt vinegar is widely available, but it’s not reported as safe or unsafe, so I did not take the risk. I covered the plant material in still mountain spring water with 1 tablespoon of organic white vinegar per litre. White vinegar doesn’t contain the dangerous thyramine. At 8:30 I started simmering them on the electric hob in 2 separate steel pots with lids on to save water and electricity, stirring occasionally. Only after the first 3-hour stage I read online that one should never use a lid, as the amount of extracted alkaloids in the brew relies on a constant renewal of the solvent mass, water in this case. For optimal extraction, it is important to let water evaporate from the pots and top up as needed. This means that no lid should be used and the brews should be kept bubbling lightly all through the nine+ hours. Energy efficiency takes a back seat here. Weight being equivalent, the shredded vine has lower volume than the whole light leaves, so I used an 18cm diameter pot for the vine and a larger pot for the leaves. The former consumed 1L of water per 90 minutes of simmering while the latter consumed 1,5L, owing to the larger evaporation surface. By the beginning of stage 2 the 5L spring water I purchased had already gone up in steam, so I had to resort to tap water. Total water usage by the end of the 9 hours was 6L for the vine and 9L for the light. At 7pm, after about 10 hour of work at the hob, I ended up with about 100ml+100ml of brew in 2 separate glass jars. After letting them cool down I stored them overnight in the fridge. After a night sitting in the fridge, both brews (reduced to around 100ml each) had a dark layer of sediment at the bottom. I warmed them up by bain marie in a cooking pot and set the stage for the trip. At 8:50 in the morning I started to drink the vine brew, sip by sip for about 15 minutes. I also had one nibble of fresh ginger root to try and help with the nausea. The brews have a foul taste, but not unbearable. The organic white wine vinegar I added to acidify the water may have worsened the taste, but worst still, may have increased the chance of purging. After the vine was all drunk I started to drink the admixture, also slowly. After I was finished, the drunk-like dizziness became apparent and growing in strength. I nibbled more ginger root while practising strict economy of motion, but at around 9:30 I had to fight the first strong urge to purge, by focussing on deep breathing with mouth open (with hindsight, that was probably a mistake, breathe in through the nose only, otherwise the aerophagy may increase the chance of purging). I was truly close to puking (I felt the stuff coming up my throat) and somehow managed to heroically keep it down. A combination of willpower and luck, I reckon. Owing to the strong dizziness, it's less risky and more rewarding to keep the eyes closed. Visuals appeared only with eyes closed but were not very vivid or colourful. During the first part of the trip I used online icaros as a soft background music to ease myself into the trip, but then I switched music off and focused on the experience. After winning the purge I felt safe and began following the ever changing visions. The onset of visuals started after about 50 minutes. I felt I was in a state of life review that unfolded through visuals (no spoken words), but there was no clear or coherent message or teaching. All the visions were rather short and morphing into something else. I found myself smiling often, maybe in the attempt to chase away the occasional unpleasant or ugly visual/demon. With the avoided puke behind me, I felt safe and willing to continue, but “la purga” ambushed me viciously about 90 minutes into the trip. I was immersed in the visions with my guard down and was not expecting it at all. The urge got hold of me out of the blue in a matter of seconds, while I was perfectly still with my eyes shut, laying on the pillow backrest. By the time I realised what was happening I was already offloading all the precious brew into the bucket next to me. No food was expelled, only the liquids and the ginger bits. I was shocked, but not angry or resentful. After the nasty purge, the trip continued for a couple more hours, noticeably losing intensity until I was left to ponder the experience laying in bed for a couple more hours. Interestingly, I did not fall asleep, despite being a bit tired and still drowsy and hungry. After the purge, I had an apple and, around 14:30, I cooked some safe vegan food. By then the dizziness was gone. The experience left me with many more questions than answers.


    very nice


    Quick delivery and fine product ! cheers!


    Best service
    Fast efficient delivery, good quality products


    Spedizione velocissima, arrivata in una settimana.


    perfecta para infusion


    nice product
    very useful for what I needed it for, arrived quickly !


    Best product
    To get proper amount for person its not so easy depend on your weight. Diet and other things. But for start 50g banisteriopsis and 50G psyotria its enough for first test with ayahuasca. Me myself until I cook it propely take me to cook 3 diferent brews at fourth time I leran perfectly. Don't Blame zamnesia if not work, cause if will its only your fault, like I said first 3 times I done it wrong at 4 time was alright. best way is boil 4hours 3xbatch so totally 12 hours minium.


    Received my order for really fast after Bank transfert in France. I boiled 50gram of caapi and in an other pot 20gram of mimosas adding water and lemon juiceevery 3 h for a total off 11h on really low heat (no bubbles). took half of each brew and effect starts to appear after 40 min then i decided to take the other half. I relaxed and enjoyed the vision and mind peace for an hour before i vomit... but after vomit the effect were almost gone... so i think it s good to make more for after vomiting wich seems to be normal.i took only half in case i puke but i didnt wait enough thinking i wont =). hope my review can help. be carefull still. Give respect to the plants! It s not good to do party but to enjoy mother nature and heal yourself. Thanks


    ELF's rulez!!!
    Greetz from CZE!!! Excellent work, awesome shop!!!


    Plant of knoledge


    1 word


    Très belle expérience, merci :)


    very good trip
    thank you,very good trip and fast delivery


    Prodotti di gran qualita'
    Comprero' sempre qui da loro


    As always perfect
    Great service


    I love it
    since I have a pretty clean system (no alc or other dirt) I consume all this Aya-related products in small homöopathic doses (I cook 20 cups of tea with one package and even reboil it between 2 and 4 times with great (soft) effects. Of course I doesnt "send you to the moon" but together with ambitious self reflecting work it leads to great long term effects, in a nut shell: get back to better contact with your basic self. I can highly recommend ... ref. ZAMNESIA service, mailing: couldnt be better. Very satisfied. Keep it up, guys!


    Another excellent product from the good people at Zamnesia!


    great taste


    J'ai fait mon ayahuasca moi-même à l'aide des produits achetés sur ce site, et je suis très satisfait.


    Good results
    Any times it's required I use ayahuasca. Life is stressful, and often I need something to attach me back to nature, inner peace. Ayahuasca help me a lot to put away my negative thoughts, to shut down my overactive innervoice. To recenter myself. It may not have expected effects in term of hallucinations, but it cure, it's real I did remarked that experience is more happy when you enjoy the moment: sing, claps your hands, love life


    I am eternally grateful
    I experienced the most healing in my whole life and came to understanding many things and continue to feel the effects in my everyday life. Thank you to the team at zamnesia for the value you have added to my life.


    Great product
    Beautiful Herb. Will see her again soon.


    excelente .
    muy buena , gracias


    Ho preparato dell' aya seguendo la ricetta tradizionale, utilizzando 50g di caapi e 25g di viridis, è stata una bella esperienza ma le dosi probabilmente sono state un po' basse, consigliatissimo comunque!!


    I used 25g BANISTERIOPSIS CAAPI mixed with 10g CHALIPONGA and 25 g Psychotria viridis. I cooked them three times in a slow cooker for about 4 hours, each time I drained the liquid in a diferent container. Finaly I boiled all quantity down to at about half a liter. I used 300mg moclobemide an hour before ingesting the liquid. I drank 100 ml once and another 100 ml later. It was very intese experience. I tried different combinations before. Some were to strong others were weak. The one described before worked best for me. I vizualized strongly the intention before ingesting the ayahuasca and I received the requested spiritual experience. It was like riding a dragon. Thank you Zamnesia


    Strong natural mystic..zamnesia the top of the pops :)


    Pleasant experience
    I tried ayahusca 3 times already, because i am interested in it's spiritual effect, and they say, peoples need 5-7 sessions for a breakout experience. I write you how I prepared it, because the instruction of site is quiet poor. I started with a light dose, because I don't have any exerience in psychedelics. I cooked 25 g P. Vidiris ,a little vinegear with 750 ml of water for 90 minutes in a very low temperature. I filtered it by a cloth and I repeated this step once more. ( Of course with the same vidiris). I mixed both of the brevage and I put 25 g of B. Caapi and I cooked for 40 min. in a very low temperature. I filtered it again and I waited that it cool a bit. I drank 125 ml ( half cup) of Ayahuasca and I took 2 times more. It tastes awful, but I didn't trow up! First trip came after 3 hours and second trip after 5 hours! Eventhought I did fast that day and I was after a one week long fast, I lead a sober lifestyle, the effect was short and not too intense. So, 25 g is very light. Next time I prepered from 50 g of both. It was stronger, but unforunetly I vomited in 1 hour, I could not drink more, so my trip was not deep either. My frend, who is experienced in psychedelic took all the reste of tea at the same time (400 ml) and vomited in 10 minutes... Then for him, zero effect. It has to be taken for small portions. Third time was the best, the brevage of 50 g, I could keep it in my stomag and I had long, intense trip for 3 hours. but i wouldn't say a life changing experience. ( As I have heard from others) More a very deep meditation. I was warm and my heart beat very quickly, but I felt well. I think I will try few times more, and hoprfully I could get a beakout experience. Who is expérienced , can take a stronger dose, at least 100-150 g of both. And the leaf of P. vidiris we can ground, then we can cook it with a little water. ( 1 litre at the time.)


    For the new guys who need a hand
    Ordered 2 ayahuasca products and cooked them together. Had a very intense trip all though I would try again. Cook for 6-9 hours (9 hours is the sweet spot if you take this serious) at either medium or high heat. Make sure you always have water don't want to burn it hahaha. I used some vinegar which you don't have to. Apparently some ginger can help with nausea (would recommend it). All in all good product. Keep it up zamnesia love your products


    I try to use this 50 g of capi with chacruna but i notice only a light effect...i think you will need at leat 150 g of both herbs to get a full Ayahuasca trip.


    Alles Super
    Das Produkt ist klasse. Werde noch an der Koch Zeit rumexperimentieren aber für das eŕste mal Klasse. Zamnesia alles super gelaufen. Besten Dank


    Ich kombinierte 25 gramm B.Caapi mit 25 gramm P.Viridis. Beides habe ich in separaten Töpfen 4 Stunden köcheln lassen. B.Caapi nahm ich zuerst ein. P.Vidris ca. 20 Minuten später. Bei meinem ersten mal war ich mit der Dosierung und der Kochzeit am unteren Ende. Es hat sich gelohnt. Ich kann sagen, dass die Dauer und die Intensität für das erste mal genau richtig waren. Es war ein sehr starker Trip der mir wirklich die Augen geöffnet hat. Werde beim nächsten mal einige Dinge verändern um die Dauer des Trips zu verlängern. Danke.


    Healing Journey
    It worked very good - thank you!


    Freebase DMT potentiator
    Didn't buy this to make Ayahuasca but to potentiate freebase DMT and it works! Used a bong : Caapi at the bottom, sprinkled some DMT cristals on top of that and topped the bowl with some white lotus, this made for a pretty smooth smoke, clearded it in one go and off i went, blast off. Lasts alot longer than a freebase trip because of the MAOI properties, time to make some changa!


    Done the job
    Boiled using traditional methods, 100g of caapi, 50g phy vid, 20g chaliponga. Served 3 Wow. First experience, have perchased more. Good materials, thankyou Zammy! X


    It's great I can now finally order this. have already tried it and everything went smoothly, ordering again


    Excelente producto!


    Useful for self-knowledge
    a) Thanks for the Zamnesia team ! Fast service, fast and relevant answers to questions... b) Preparation : 3g peganum harmala (MAOI) + 15 g banisteriopsis caapi (MAOI) + 10 g mimosa hostilis (DMT) or--(I get the same results-- 5g mimosa hostilis + 7g chaliponga (DMT), all grounded to a fine powder. Plus mint and vinegar. I boil it, to get about one litre. I use the dregs for a second boil. It takes two hours. It makes for two sessions. For the first session I drink a half litre plus all the dregs (with water, until it’s all down). c) Apart from the spectacular visuals, I really don’t need plants to have these effects. But it got me ‘’stuck’’ with my mind and becoming very clear about what I think regarding things, what is important or obvious in my personal Weltanschauung…. It is a healthy reminder. Overall I’ve come to enjoy this, it’s like a meditation (and some physical effects—body is floppy). P.S. added bonus, since I have to fast till sunset, I feel fit as a fiddle the next day—I see that when I’m doing my morning pull-ups (no, I’m not ripped, it’s just for … pleasure).

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