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San Pedro (Echinopsis Pachanoi)

 4.5/5 (93)



    Fantastico San Pedro
    La talea è arrivata ben imballata ed in ottima salute, dopo quasi un mese ha radicato e si è stabilizzata nel terreno.


    A gentle but powerful healing psychedelic experience
    I ordered 1 cacti of medium size 25-30cm and removed the vax and removed only the green layer without the white as in the description in the link i will post below. Than I mixed it and added 3 liters of water and cooked it on low temperature for about 2,5-3 hours until it was a very concentrated green liquid 1-1,5 dl. I fasted for 6 hours. I drank the tea inside my apartment and the taste was bitter but I liked it the I sat and meditated and listened to peyote and san pedro Icaros. It came up veeery slowly. After almost an hour I felt the first bodily signs and something in the stomach and my heartbet was going up and after 3 hours an alertness was increased and I started doing Yoga with a focus and attention that I dont have otherwise. I had almost no nausea and I had no stomach pain due to this method of preparing without rthe white pulp. After 4,5 hours after have som emotional ups and downs I felt that I had eaten too little. After I had eating I was 5 hours in the trip and now it was peaking and I felt increasing stimulant effects with increased energy and stamina and simultanously increased psychedelic effects. I decided to go out in the nature and went out and the effects just increased and it started raining and I just enjoyed the nature and went in the forest and up in the mountains near the lake. The visual effects was not so strong but noticable with saturated colours and mindfulness of the fractals in nature. Ecstatic feelings and euphoria that I have not experieced on other psychedelics. It felt like a natural MDMA with psychedelic effects. I hade lot of energy but not in the forced way like stimulants and I was dancing and did some spontanous yoga movements and it felt so healing. After 8-9 hours when it was dark I decided to go home but was not tired yet even if the effects starting to subside. I was in an ecstatic mode and fell asleep after 11-12 hours. This was what i would rate somewhere between a mild and average trip. It was a very external trip compared to psilocybin and Dmt and not so intense but very healing and I recomend to do it in the nature. One of my best trips ever and the after effects the days after and the healing process was surprising. Next time I will take a larger dose.


    Ottimo prodotto!
    Spedizione veloce e imballaggio adeguato, talea in ottime condizioni! Consigliatissimo!


    Gute Ware
    schöne Kakteen, bei 15 cm eine milde psychedelische Wirkung zu verspüren


    let it grow
    I didn't eat it yet - i've put the dried side of the cactus into cactus soil and now I am waiting for it to grow. Maybe - someday when it' s bigger - some of it will be eaten...


    Ejemplar sano
    Cactus en buen estado


    Lovely little thing.
    Looks awesome on my windowsill. I wanted to eat these but now I’m going to grow them


    Ça bouture
    Une belle bouture qui a bien repris, il suffit de respecter le processus habituation et la progressivité de la démarche, et c'est parti.


    Increíble producto
    Listo para consumir!!!! ;). No sabía si el cactus lo podría consumir directamente y me arriesgue, lo seque durante dos días, lo hice polvo y lo consumimos entre 3 colegas, un tripazo increíble, de los mejores que he tenido, 2 DIAS DE TRIPI Y ALUCINACIONES SIN PARAR, recomiendo 100%

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