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Bud Bomb 2000 Gold Plated

 5/5 (5)

    Bud Bomb 2000 Gold plated
    La fumée est douce et bien refroidi on peut prendre de bonnes bouffées avant ça ne chauffe de trop excellent produit facile d'usage

    R. S.

    Fumée douce
    excellent produit, la fumée aspirée est très douce et n’arrache pas la gorge. je recommande ce produit !

    E. Q.

    Heel tevreden
    Beetje zoeken in het begin, maar eens je 't wat onder de knie hebt is het echt een topproduct. Heel tevreden van m'n aankoop.

    J. J.

    Cool and classy
    It's indeed really handy, it works pretty good

    R. H.

    Excellent pipe!
    I got both the Bud Bomb 2000 and the Amazed Red Eye. I'm writing the same review on both of them, as while being both great and similar enough pipes, they are slightly different, with different results in smoke experience. Both are smallish in size, with the Bud Bomb being a bit bigger and with a bigger chamber as well. They are all metal and quite massive, which helps cooling the smoke. As for the smoke experience, I'm an ex smoker, and the one giving me a more similar experience to a joint is the Amazed Red Eye, so I do prefer that, but if you prefer a more bong like experience that fits your pocket, then the Bud Bomb might be your choice, or if you usually share your smoke with your friends, you also might want the Bud Bomb for its bigger chamber. Keep them clean! I find them easy to clean by soaking them in ethanol overnight and then scrub with an old toothbrush, again also better than most other pipes I tried until I got this.

    J. D.
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