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Honey Peach Auto CBD (Sweet Seeds) Féminisée

 4.5/5 (19)

    Also die Keimrate in der Erde in einen Anziehbehältnis sind 3/4 Gekeimt und 2 davon kann ich nach 6 Tagen umtopfen und einer ist gerade erst gekeimt ob noch kommt fraglich.

    M. M.

    healthy, big plant
    Needs at least 10 weeks from germination to harvest and grows very nicely

    A. S.

    Ich bin entzückt
    Wahnsinn!!! Macht richtig Spaß ihnen zuzusehen beim Wachsen und das kann man wöchentlich nehmen .

    H. S.

    Easy to handle
    Don't have a green thumb, but this is easy. Fast germination, fast growth and lots of roots. Keep bigger pots ready from the start, it won't take long.

    G. T.

    Alle gekeimt
    Schon der 2 Grow mit Honey Peach. Unkomplizierter Strain und nach 8 Wochen alles fertig einfach nur gut!

    J. W.

    Schnelles Anwachsen und ...
    ... gutes Weiterwachsen :) Nun die Hoffnung wie immer: gute Ernte ;)

    G. R.

    going well so far
    This is my first grow after 18 years. I only planted one Seed after soaking it in water for 12 hours. It germinated fine and is growing well. Will try to update after harvest. I reveived a pack of 3+1, so that was a nice suprise.

    R. G.

    Doen het goed buiten ondanks koud, nat weer.
    Snel ontkiemt en groeien redelijk ondanks dat dit voorjaar extreem nat en koud is. Ben benieuwd naar de smaak!

    S. V.

    Einfach lecker
    Bin über mein Magazin auf die Sorte aufmerksam geworden. War ein unkomplizierter Grow und gab einen Ertrag von 51 g trocken ohne irgendeine Technik angewandt zu haben, Bin voll zufrieden, leckere und angenehme Sorte. Gab sogar einen extra Samen gratis dazu, danke dafür.

    D. S.

    Fast and Strong Buds. Amaizing strain
    Very nice strain. Fat cola on top. In the end bloomphace buds turn purple. Everytime again.

    D. H.

    3+1 free seeds. They all germinated. Good looking babies. As for thé smoke Ill have to wait a few more weeks.

    O. E.

    All seeds have germinated
    I will update when harvest comes around.

    A. O.

    All germinated OK
    As usual, very prompt delivery. All of the seeds germinated but two of them failed to progress from then. The rest are doing fine growing in 25 litre pots of Biobizz Allmix, I feed with biobizz feed too. I will add a real review after harvest and processing into oil.

    G. A.

    Easy germination Planted it in a pot with monsterbud mix added. And the sun did the rest! Smells delicious Can't wait to smoke this

    I. R.

    Germinated fine after a few days straight into the big pot, can't wait until it is to flowering stage to smell the lovely fruity buds. Got a extra seed 4 in total so really happy about that. Will give another review once it is finished, can't wait.

    A. W.

    Sex appeal could be better
    All seeds germinated without a problem, together with Sweet Seeds' Red Poison. But apart from the germination I have to say the structure of the plant is 'fluffy'. Everything except fat buds. The stems were very light and would hang over. It just didn't look like a Cannabis plant should look. This goes for both strains I grew. I continued the process and I ended up with about 15g of each plant. A lot of milky trichomes and the smoke is awesome. It's just a pain in the *** to put these buds in the grinder without having to struggle not to add too much stem because of the 'rosemary' look of the buds. Great taste, great high but a terrible look of the buds.

    D. L.
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