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Diesel (Dinafem) féminisée

 4.5/5 (3)

    Bisher drei mal gepflanzt auf 11L Erde bei 400W. Genetik stabil, Ertrag etwas überdurchschnittlich, Blütedauer einmal 80 Tage, einmal 88 Tage, einmal 104 Tage. Geschmack: Hervorragend Der typische NYC Diesel nimmt dir die Luft, wirklich gut! Am besten im Bluberry Blunt

    C. P.

    was soll man sagen , voll der stinker :) guter Ertrag , dicke Headbudds , extremes Aroma , mittelmäßiger Turn , ganz ok zum Clonen da schnell wurzelt habe mich allerdings vertan , wollte Sour Diesel ...

    N. S.

    dinfem diesel
    Great to grow, likes a strong soil as she gets very hungry (which is good!). she finished flowering in 8 and 1/2 weeks. which is fantastic for such a beautiful plant. She stays bushy, but when 12/12 comes her arms reach out and grab the light which means she really packs on weight. She yeilds well due to the fact her buds keep swelling immensely from beginning to finish. Im keeping her as a mother plant and will grow her every chance i get :) This smoke is fantastic!!! Ive had issues with anxiety in the past and well all i can say is this is your "feeling of wellbeing smoke". its a great, positive, uplifting high and just makes you feel happy.... by far the most unusual smoke ive had and very very medicinal... One thing though - the high is ONLY good if you are active, be it body or mind, that is smoking this while lying in bed - bad idea.... if you dont do stuff the high gets a little edgy.... but for day to day stuff, cleaning, work, anything , this is a PERFECT smoke. After my first smoke of this i ended up decorating the spare room and moving my office into it lol!! (GOOD FOR ANXIETY/ DEPRESSION/ MOTIVATION)

    D. S.
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