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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'mexican'

 4.5/5 (294)

    Not too sure
    The kit arrived in good conditions but I harvested only 7 mushrooms. The box probably got contaminated because of how I handle it, even if I was very careful. So thats why I give it 4 stars. I might try another one and be very careful while using it but if still gives me no mushrooms, I will give up on this brand.


    Best kit so far, good first flush and was really fast!


    Le sac fourni n'a pas de filtre ni le couvercle du kit, résulta a l'emplacement des trou du couvercle ,la contamination et visible après seulement 5 jours,je n'avais jamais acheter cette marque,je la déconseille. C'est aussi mon premier échec ,j'ai déjà


    Its good
    I would give 4.5 stars but i cant give half. It took about 10 days untill first pins poped out. After this i wanted to wait 7 days like it is in manual, but after 4th day they started to become over-mature so i harvested them on 5th day. Dried weight is 24g. I tired to make second flush but when first pins appeared i saw a mold, right now second flush is fully developed but when i open my bag it smells bad so i guess im gonna throw the kit. I guess i did something not right and thats why mold appeared but i tried to follow the instructions. Anyway, i got a sporeprint from my first flush and i hope it will not be contaminated. Cheers and thanks! Oh btw, great shipping and camouflage is a big plus!




    3 Flushes ?
    On the 3rd Flush right now, only 1 decent mushroom is showing. Half of the grow kit never grew mushrooms and I expected first & second flush to yield more. Still around 20g dry mushroom after 2 flushes. They are extremely potent - though I am a first time user.


    Good service, first flush was not very good but I dont think I had the conditions right, second flush underway, hoping for a better yield as was only growing in one corner of the box, this I had the lighting all wrong. Zamnesia staff very helpful.


    Très bien + service client au top
    J'ai commandé 2 kits Mexican, l'un à bien poussé pour me donner 28g sec, l'autre dans les mêmes conditions n'a jamais poussé. J'en ai fait part au service client (au top, merci à eux) qui m'a envoyé un kit de remplacement après avoir répondu à un questionnaire. Le nouveau kit pousse très bien et devrait me donner une récolte plus que satisfaisante.


    don't work
    my kit don't work after 2 weeks only 5 mushroom...


    my first flush took only 13 days!!!!

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